10 Best Motorcycle Cleaner Products in 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Do you feel ashamed or guilty when you take a look at your motorbike and discover it has a dirty and awful look? You do not have to be bothered about that anymore as this review on the best motorcycle cleaner has got you covered.

If you are also fed up with causing one damage or the other to your bike’s electrical system because you make use of high-pressure systems then this review on the best motorcycle cleaner provides you with a better way or options to select from.

A Complete Buying Guide on Finding The Best Motorcycle Cleaner

If looking for a good bike cleaner is what has brought you to this page then you are actually at the right place. There are lots of motorcycle cleaner products and each boasts of enhancing the look of your bike and to make sure you are not cajoled into purchasing a product that would not offer you the results you want, look at the best motorcycle cleaner products that we have reviewed just for you.

1. Wet or Waterless Car Wash Wax

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This review is getting opened officially with the Wet or Waterless car wash kit from the reputable Aero Cosmetics company and you can trust this brand as they have dedicated over thirty years to the manufacture of high quality and premium products that would not only stand the test of time but would also meet up with the requirements of customers. This is considered to be a multi-functional product as it can be used as wax after wet washing or as a waterless wash wax.

Safety is also another essential feature of this product as it doesn’t contain ammonia or alcohol but is water-based and also biodegradable. This is one product that would make motorbikes glow in just a few minutes and it also comes with a cleaning towel that can also be used in achieving that desired wash result. This is, however, the best choice of spray that you can settle for as necks would turn on the street when you drive by thanks to the sparkle that it brings.

Key Features:

  1. This is an eco-friendly product
  2. It also features a long-lasting formula that delivers exceptional cleaning results
  3. It is also formulated to create an anti-static ultraviolet protection coating
  4. Can be worked with easily yet delivers high-quality results

2. Meguiar’s Motorcycle Care Kit

Looking at the shiny red bloodletters and the black design that is boldly written on the container of this product, you can easily tell that this is one product that means business. The EZ Clean is one product with a very clever design and this is, however, a complete wash kit as it comes with seven powerful cleaning products which also includes liquid leather and wax cleaner. This is one product that customers would buy even if its price is doubled.

All the seven powerful products that it comes with is formulated to deliver an exceptional and impressive wash performance so you motorcycle would have this clean and sparkling look and what’s more, it also comes with a towel with incorporates a microfiber technology that makes it perform more than any other wash towel. Its towel is designed to prevent swirling and that is just one of the benefits that it brings.

Key Features:

  1. Features a user-friendly packaging
  2. This is a complete wash kit that comes with seven powerful wash products
  3. Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  4. Non-toxic and safe to wash with
  5. This product has a suitable pH balance

3. Maxima 70-749203-3PK Chain Wax

This is a three-pack kind of product that features a chain wax, multi-purpose lube and also a chain cleaner and this is also one product that an average biker rider needs to have in his gear so as to ensure that his bike always has a shiny and attractive look. Its chain cleaner has a special function of ensuring that your bike chains are washed clean without causing any form of damage to your bike.

However, its multi-purpose lube is one that has gone on to win the hearts of several customers on the market as it features this form of thickness and is also easy to apply which makes washing with it quite convenient and easy. There were complaints regarding its smell but you win in some cases and you also lose in other cases so every product cannot be perfect.

Unlike other chain wax, this one is very easy to apply and would also spray grease all over your bike.

Washing with this bike cleaner offers a win-win situation for everyone that makes use of it.

Key Features:

  1. Features an anti-corrosive and anti-rust formula
  2. This cleaner is also formulated to produce incredible results especially when tackling grime
  3. This is an affordable three pack product

4. S100 12000C Motorcycle Detailing Kit

The S100 has offered this impressively formulated detailing kit. This is, however, its first spray off and rinse off detailing kit specifically for use on motorcycles and from all reviews and even its formulation, we are here to tell you that this is also one product that you shouldn’t miss out on. If you decide to embark on a road trip and need to carry along a powerful detailing kit then this is one bike detailing kit that would meet every one of your needs and requirements.

The reason why this detailing kit would be able to meet up with all of your needs is that it comes with some powerful products such as detail and wax, finish restorer, corrosion protectant, total cycle cleaner, a sponge and a drying towel. Utilizing all of these products when cleaning up your bike simply means you are going to obtain that sparkling and shinning look that you have been longing for your bike to have.

Key Features:

  1. Would get rid of bug residue, spots and dust
  2. Comes with all essential cleaning products including a sponge and towel
  3. Also comes in a handy storage case for portability and easy transportation
  4. Has corrosion protectant seals that prevent against rust

5. Bike Brite MC44R Motorcycle Spray Wash Cleaner

If you are in search of a simple cleaner for your bike which comes with no extra baggage then this product right here is simply the best choice for you. You can count on this motorcycle cleaner to clean all areas of your bike and it would leave that sparkling and shiny appearance or result. This is a non-acidic, biodegradable and also a correct pH level kind of product that promises to keep your bike and all of its part free from corrosion and rust.

Washing with this bike wash is however a simple process as all that is required is to place this product inside of a bottle, spray all around your bike then wash off using a hose. If you want to save more time then you are recommended to make use of a microfiber towel so you can wipe your bike clean in lesser minutes. This bike cleaner guarantees great results when used and you can also count on this cleaner to degrease and clean O-rings and bearings.

Key Features:

  1. Cleans rubber, vinyl and tires too
  2. Fights against corrosion and rust
  3. Can be used on O-rings and bearings

6. Skidmore’s Biker Edition Leather Cream

If you ply the road regularly with your motorbike then you should have a bike cleaner readily at hand to give your bike a well-detailed wash. If you have made use of good bike cleaners on your bike then its time to make use of something better using the Skidmore leather cream and bikers have absolutely nothing to worry about as this bike cleaner is one with a chemical-free and non toxic formulation that would not only leave your bike smelling nice but would also revitalize your bike looks.

There is an advantage that comes with settling for this product and what we are trying to say is this bike cleaner is designed to be multi-functional. What this means is you can clean your jacket and also clean your bike using this leather cream from Skidmore and even though this Skidmore leather cream cleaner is a little bit on the high side, there is a flood of supporters who are dying to have it based on how effective and powerful it is.

Key Features:

  1. Non-toxic and one hundred percent natural formulation
  2. Delivers outstanding results when used
  3. Has a multi-functional standard or value

7. Muc Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner

The Muc Off Nano Technology bike cleaner is definitely one bike cleaner product you should be on the lookout for and making use of this cleaner is quite simple. After use, you can spray this cleaner on your bike and allow it to stay on for a few minutes and when you return, you would be surprised at how brand new your bike would look. What this actually means is with this cleaner, your bike would be made brand new with less or minimal effort.

Customers who have tried this product on their bikes refer to it as a “magic in the bottle” and safety is also another necessary feature of this bike cleaner as it doesn’t contain acids, CFC’s solvents but is a biodegradable product.

To the surprise of many, this bike cleaner is also compatible with matte finishes and carbon fiber and users are also rest assured that it would not damage rotors, brake pads, cables or even damage seals.

Key Features:

  1. Formulated to break down microscopic dirt
  2. Biodegradable certified product
  3. Designed to protect matte finishes and carbon fiber
  4. Can be used on all surfaces and parts of your bike

8. Star brite Ultimate Bike Guard

If you want a trusted and reliable bike cleaner then look no further than the Star Brite Ultimate bike guard which is well formulated in the United States Of America to protect your bike from getting attacked from ultraviolet damage and dirt and it is able to achieve this thanks to its insulating PTEF polymer barrier.

Even though it was specified on the label of this product that this is a bike cleaner, it can also be used in cleaning up vehicles too.

Keeping your bike protected during the summer period from harmful ultraviolet rays is also made easy using the Star Brite Ultimate bike guard and with this bike cleaner, the shine on your bike would be enhanced. This isn’t just formulated to tackle new problems that your bike might be having but it would also take care of lingering problems your bike has been having.

However, this is one tip for everyone who makes use of this cleaner in cleaning their bike helmets, please ensure you do not spray a large amount of this cleaner on your helmet visors

Key Features:

  1. This is a waterless cleaner that would get rid of grease, bug debris, road grime as well as fingerprints
  2. Has a PTEF polymer barrier that prevents ultraviolet attacks
  3. Boost all your painted, stainless and chrome surfaces
  4. Can also be used in cleaning up vehicles

9. Simple Green Cleaner

The Simple Green cleaner is one that is as free and simple as nature itself as it features a formulation that is entirely safe for use on the environment compared to other traditional bike cleaners and this is as a result of its biodegradable formula that does not cause the production of fumes. You are also safe each time you make use of this cleaner on your bike and being non-corrosive on metals makes it a good choice for use on derailleurs and chains.

You can trust this cleaner to deliver high-class results even though the bike is used for casual or high-performance racing and one more thing, this bike cleaner has a powerful clinging formula which makes sure that even difficult to clean regions on your bike is thoroughly cleaned. This is a product that you would invest in and would have no regrets.

Key Features:

  1. This cleaner is non-flammable and non-corrosive
  2. Powerful enough for degreasing purposes
  3. Biodegradable and non-toxic
  4. Lifts away trail and road soils

10. Chemical Guys MTO10004 Moto Line

Even though you are looking at the last bike cleaner product in this review, this isn’t the least of all of the products and this is, however, one product that you can trust to keep your bike looking in good condition. This product features a resistant to corrosion synthetic wax film dedicated to protecting paint, plastic and metals from having any form of scratch as well as protecting against oxidizing and rust.

This bike cleaner doesn’t require the use of harmful pressure washers but can be wiped clean using a microfiber towel. If you want to maintain your bike properly, ensure that you make use of this bike cleaner once every week and you can ensure that your bike would not have any grime on it. With this bike cleaner, your bike is guaranteed to shine and to sparkle. However, it would be important to note that it isn’t effective for use on suede or matte.

Key Features:

  1. Its synthetic wax polymer protects against rust and oxidation
  2. Fights against stains and scratches
  3. Can be used on plastics, paints and polished metals

Best Motorcycle Cleaner Buying Guide

If you have made up your mind on investing in a quality and reliable motorcycle cleaner then there are steps that you need to take to ensure that you do not end up with the wrong type of product. There are certain things you ought to know to make sure that you find a cleaner that would deliver desired results so here are some of those features;

  • Any motorcycle cleaner you intend settling for must be specifically designed to wash motorbikes or vehicles. Using a cleaner not suitable for use on bikes could cause serious damage to your bike’s plastic, paint or metal part.
  • Cleaners recommended by manufacturers are also products that you should be on the lookout for and this is because some bikes and some cleaners differ from the rest products on the market. You could use something not specified by the manufacturer and it could lead to the deterioration of your bike.
  • You should also try finding an all in one cleaner and what this means is finding a cleaner that acts as a degreaser and is also resistant to corrosion.

Benefits of Making Use of a Motorcycle Cleaner

A lot of people have seen the importance that comes with making use of a bike cleaner and does not intend quitting making use of these cleaners ever. To help you understand why here are reasons why you should go for a motorcycle cleaner.

  • Motorcycle cleaners are cleaners which everyone would find very easy and simple to make use of
  • They are also formulated with the right ingredients and if they are used the proper way, you are not only making your bike shine or look attractive but you are also increasing the lifespan of your bike.
  • Making use of bike cleaner spray products also makes sure you do not have to deal with bleaching anymore. They are formulated to act gently with every part of your bike yet deliver outstanding and impressive results.

Conclusion – Our Number One Product

Out of every product that we have reviewed today, we have one which is sure to catch the heart of many and this product is also one that proves to be the best choice that you can ever think of settling for. The Aero Cosmetics Wet or Waterless Car Wash Kit is the product we are talking about and it is also one that proves to be high caliber and the top-class product is it is being used by private and corporate airlines as well as the air force.

Thanks to its multi-functional design, this is one product that would stand out from the rest and the manufacturers of this product are quite confident and that is why they attached a 100% money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t live up to expectation.


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