10 Smart Tips for Brilliant Writing

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Many people assume that writing is something that anyone can do, but the truth couldn’t be further from the truth. While good writing seems natural and effortless, bad writing immediately stands out in a negative way, reminding readers that this is actually a craft that requires serious skills. The good thing is that just like with any other craft, you can improve your abilities and learn how to convey your ideas and thoughts in an original and convincing way.

Read on to discover the best tips for amazing writing. If you are an amateur who likes to read others’ comments about their stories, you can start sharing what you love anonymously on this discourse participatory platform, where there is a large community of inspiring storytellers.

Top Smart Tips for Brilliant Writing

Readers and writers of all levels agree that brilliant writing takes practice. A bit of insider knowledge, however, can help you improve quicker and more efficiently. Follow these tips to grow as a writer. Many professional writers and avid readers stand by these rules. Read them carefully and apply them to your next writing assignment. The success will not fail to appear. More useful tips can be found on professeys.

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Don’t Use Big Words to Sound Smart

A good sign that someone is an inexperienced writer is that they try too hard to sound smart by using big words that seem taken specifically from the thesaurus to confuse readers. To sound smart, you must rely on your ideas, not on how you convey them. The more powerful your idea, the simpler your writing should be if you want a greater impact on the reader’s mind. Brilliant writing is about brilliant ideas delivered clearly and concisely.

Be Specific about What You Want to Say

Very few readers appreciate rants and ramblings on unrelated topics. If you don’t know exactly what you want to communicate, you are more likely to deviate from a topic in ways that don’t necessarily make sense for the reader. Don’t write random sentences that don’t deliver anything valuable. Ensure that your message is clear and specific and this will make your writing flow faster, easier, and more coherently.

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Write Short Sentences

Short sentences have great power to them because they’re easy to read, understand, and remember. Learn from professional writers from a service like EssayYoda who promote simple and clear writing to the detriment of convoluted text that leaves room for misinterpretation and ambiguity. Ensure that each of your sentences expresses one thought or idea. Avoid complexity just for the sake of it. If you must convey complex ideas, short sentences united in a larger paragraph can have a greater impact than a long, confusing paragraph.

Avoid the Passive Voice

In the English language, the passive voice makes a text feel clumsy. Most readers prefer the active voice, which invites action and adds vitality to your message. Important things seem to happen in a text where the active voice is most utilized while the passive voice usually makes even important things seem boring or less influential. Pay attention to your writing and ensure that the active voice sequence Subject-Verb-Object is significantly more common than the passive voice sequence Object-Verb-Subject.

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Don’t Be Redundant

One of the main things that can make a reader lose respect for your writing is repeating ideas and thoughts over and over again. Even if you care a lot about one idea, don’t fall into the trap of repeating it because your reader will feel believe you don’t trust their ability to remember what they read. In the worst-case scenario, they will be bored and give up on your text. It’s safe to say that redundancy is the enemy of brilliant writing.

Don’t Clutter Your Text with Fluff Words

Words such as “very”, “little”, and other qualifying words add nothing valuable to the meaning of your writing. These empty words clutter the sentences and distract the readers unnecessarily. Professional writers suggest that instead of using “very” to emphasize something, you should seek out a more powerful adjective that can convey exactly the meaning you’re looking for.

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Rephrase for Clarity

The top secret to brilliant writing is rewriting. After finishing up a paragraph, take a break from it and move on for a while, but make sure to return to it later to examine it with fresh eyes. Have a look at how well your sentences flow into each other and ensure that they are tied in together to express exactly what you wanted. Read the text out loud if necessary and aim for maximum clarity by rearranging, changing, or cutting sentences. If something doesn’t feel right to you, your reader will be even more inclined to believe the same.

Respect Punctuation, Spelling, and Grammar

If you want your reader to be impressed by your brilliant writing, you must earn their respect and appreciation by showing you know and can adhere to standard rules for writing. Any spelling errors distract a reader from your message and tells him you didn’t respect him enough to proofread your text accordingly or that you’re a hurried and clumsy writer.

On the other hand, impeccable punctuation, spelling, and grammar show mastery of the language and are more likely to bring you the undivided attention of your reader. If you are not fully confident in your skills as a proofreader, you can use online websites that automatically help you discover the weaknesses in your text.

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Revise and Edit

Few people can write a brilliant text on the first try. Professional writers write draft after draft and spend as much time revising and editing as they spend writing. The standard rule is to revise a text at least three times to ensure that you’ve taken it to its maximum potential. This is the process when you remove any redundant or irrelevant information so the essential ideas can stand out as they deserve. If you are dedicated to your paper and you want to do it all by yourself, you can visit this site and see some examples of essays written by professionals.

Brilliant writing has a flow to it that leaves readers entranced, inspired, and feeling as if they’ve learned something important or valuable. If you want to enhance your writing skills to reach this kind of mastery, you should follow our smart tips strictly. They’ve been tested and proved by generations of successful writers.