Agent Carter Season 3

Airing on the ABC Network, Agent Carter is one of the shows to have met with an abrupt ending. The show focuses on the life of its main protagonist, Peggy Carter, who is formally called Agent Carter.  A character that has been depicted in the Marvel Universe gaining enough attention.

A Peek Into The Storyline

Peggy Carter’s first appearance was in the 1941’s comic book issue for Captain America. She was battling her way all through season 1 that made her struggles visible from working as a top-notch secretary yet never being deemed as an agent.

Carter’s impeccable record was put to test when Howard Stark found himself entangled in a weapon blame game that could make matters worse. Carter rose to work as a double agent clearing the name of Howard Stark in the process while betraying her fellow agents and the U.S. government.

A covert SSR agent, trying to get over a huge loss in her personal life and mourning the death of Steve Rogers to be precise, Peggy’s life took a tumultuous turn. Peggy dealt with the complications on her own and the ending of season 1 showcased the valiant agent that she was and how subdued she became living a routine office life.

Season 2 takes us to Los Angeles and brings on new elements into the context. The aftermath of the Second World War incidents saw new threats relating to atomic aging looming large where Peggy heads on a perilous journey for an assignment including the scrutinizing of a mysterious homicide angle.


Casting Choices We Can Expect

Canceling the show midway has left enough room for a sequel of Agent Carter. Peggy has journeyed a long way in the Cinematic Universe of Marvel and the second season’s ending has only led to the growing suspicions surrounding the future of Peggy and her love interest. Agent Carter has been brilliantly portrayed by Hayley Atwell who, in a fan fest in the year of 2017 laid to rest some ongoing rumors concerning season 3 if it was made.

The divulged details specify the future plot context of the show which included showcasing Peggy’s & Jarvis’s family’s relationship to exploring the English upbringing of Peggy. Peggy’s family and kin would be at the center of the spotlight.

A large part would feature her brother Michael Carter and his effect on Peggy’s life. This confirms the casting that could have influenced season 3 given there still is enormous source material and facts to delve deep into.


When Can We Expect The Release

Agent Carter has been credited with giving a boost to other major female narratives coming to the fore. Though the show had been nixed after a run of two seasons, a sequel would act as the perfect homage in bridging the gaps, and Marvel’s diversified line-up can see a season 3 to be in the run-up.

Summing It Up

The future of a sequel to the Agent Carter series rests on Netflix. The streaming platform has several Marvel shows up and running and picking it up right from the beginning could very well be on the cards. Haley Atwell remains promiscuous in reprising the role of Peggy Carter any day.