Are Lace Front Wigs Expensive?

So, lace front wigs – what do we know about them? Nowadays, in the era of countless aesthetic changes on the human body in every aspect, together with better and super innovative, but also expensive solutions emerging every day * they mean a lot. Let’s say it’s time to forget the classic, old school wigs from the last century. The ones that can’t even be attached to the head properly, with an unnatural parting and a strange consistency, as there are currently at least a dozen various and rather effective methods of extensions offered. Clip-in, tape-in, its majesty keratin, micro rings… With the help of a professional, and sometimes even on your own, it’s absolutely feasible to transform your too short, thin strands into a real lion’s mane of the desired color and length – and all that much easier than ever before.

But again, all these methods bring certain concerns with them. Will the clips be noticeable if I tie my hair up? Is the tape visible in that case as well? Is there a chance that my wig or extension will just fall off, because, well, I can’t afford such an embarrassing moment? True, not all of these options are so safe and without any flaws. But if any of them are even close to perfect, it’s definitely a miracle called lace front wig. So be prepared to learn more about them, and also get an answer to the question of whether they’re worth the money given for them and if they’re really too expensive.

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First of all… what are lace front wigs exactly and how do they functionate?

First thing first – let’s break everything down into smaller pieces in order to better understand the concept of such an extension type.

Just as the name suggests, this kind of wig is special in its characteristics when it comes to the material from which it’s made. This includes ‘lace’, which actually doesn’t have as many points of contact at all with real lace from which sexy lingerie or dresses are made. It’s usually a base made of soft, transparent and very thin sheer material, which with its consistency resembles real lace, but is actually even thinner. It coats the coronal part of the wig, while a longer piece is left outside on the front, which enables you to set your hairline perfectly.

Such pieces are usually made of real hair so that the result itself looks as natural as possible, and there are several other similar variants that differ in some aspects – for example, the full-lace ones, completely covered with lace on the inside, and not just in the front. In addition to looking inconspicuous and authentic, they’re also rather practical, simple to maintain and can be styled as if they were your real hair. Without any possibility of them falling off or anything unforeseen happening to them, as it was the case with those before.

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What’s the price of these pieces?

These could be said to be often cheaper than full-lace pieces, but more expensive than classic, already made wigs that cannot be adjusted, unlike these for which this adjustment feature is actually the most useful one. Prices of the more quality units generally range from $100 to $500, but those made from natural hair will always be at least $100 more expensive. Also, if the quality and durability isn’t the primary factor for you, the market also offers some cheaper versions. Those who check will even notice that there are even some pieces between $65 and $90.

Some other factors on which the prices depend, apart from the presence and quantity of lace invested in creating the piece, are the length, density, quality and sometimes the color of the wig, since vivid and unusual colors are generally more costly.

So, is this too much money to put aside for a simple wig?

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The answer is definitely – no. Why not?

Let’s see some of the main reasons why it’s worth each and every cent spent:

  1. Invisible hairline. You know how irritating and pointless the unnatural transition between the line of the forehead and the hair looks. This is actually the main thing that makes most wigs look unnatural and awkward, as well as not set well enough. With a piece like this, there’s no such kind of fear, since it can be adjusted in an extremely convenient way. You won’t have to worry about something moving or falling off – you can absolutely relax. And, well, hardly anyone will be able to know that it isn’t naturally yours, unless you mention it yourself, right? And, more than an attractive feature, you will admit, it’s definitely worth some extra bucks.
  2. Great opportunity to hide imperfections. Maybe you also belong to the group of those women who have a certain type of problem when it comes to hair. It can be sparse and thin hair, hair loss, and even scalp diseases such as alopecia, for example. In some of these cases, extensions are not a valid solution due to complications and specific factors, but such a wig is therefore absolutely safe. Not only does it cover all the shortcomings, without exception, but it also contributes to greater self-confidence among the girls and women who use them.
  3. And, well, so simple to maintain. Just remember all the care products you have to buy on a monthly and annual basis – shampoos, conditioners, masks, gels, leave-ins. Well scheduled appointments with the hairdresser. Straighteners, curling irons, rollers and other things for the shape. So much money goes into all this that you’d probably cringe and be shocked when it all comes together. This way, with one wig, you get a single type of hairstyle, but the one that you maintain just like you did before the process. It doesn’t require any special treatments, so it pays off to give more money than to give less, and then be forced to buy a bunch of things in addition.
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Well… what do you think? Worth it or not? We say – absolutely yes! Although it might look like a high-priced variant, we believe that even a single look at it in the store will make you change your mind. Money has never had a better purpose when it comes to wigs and extensions, but it still depends on you whether you’ll give it a chance. We hope you will!