5 FAQs To Ask Best Movers For Your House Move

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If you’re planning to have a house move real soon, chances are you might ask for assistance from movers and moving companies. However, with the many kinds of movers out there, you might easily feel confused as to which ones are reliable for your needs. What questions exactly should you ask movers to check if they’re reliable?

  • Do they have the proper license, certification, and paperwork to help facilitate your move? One of the most important questions you should ask your mover is if they’re actually able to accommodate you and your move before hiring them. This might seem automatic, but do remember to ask your movers for specific documentation and certification that local authorities might ask once you decide to move to a different region or state. A moving team with these documents in place – especially if their services precisely allow you to travel to your destination – is more reliable compared to others.
  • Are they able to accomplish the specific services you require? Granted, some movers actually provide full-service moves, such as the team in www.roadwaymoving.com. However, it’s also important to ensure that you ask your prospective team if their services including white gloves, storage, etc, will be able to accommodate the specific moving needs you have. For instance, aside from packing, unpacking, and transportation, what other services does your prospective mover offer? Would they be able to help you transport sensitive things such as heirlooms, furniture, or instruments? Would they be able to store these for you in special facilities? The more specific the solution they have to your particular need, the more reliable they are for your needs.
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  • Are they able to provide insurance for your move? We can’t predict if accidents or unfortunate incidents happen throughout the course of the move. In these situations, a moving team should be liable for any damages that happen to our objects during the move – and a reliable moving team up for that challenge should have the necessary insurance paperwork. This extra layer of security can ensure that the team you’re hiring can be entrusted with the items you currently have.
  • Are their rates reasonably accurate? When you ask for quotations regarding your particular move, it helps to ensure that your budget can actually accommodate the pricing of your prospective company. To do this, try asking them for a sample quotation based on their knowledge regarding your move. This quotation should be complete, and shouldn’t possess any “surprises” regarding on-the-spot payments and spending that will only get declared during the moving day. The more concise the quotation, the more reliable the movers.
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  • How should you contact your movers? Reliable movers don’t make it difficult for clients to contact their team, especially regarding urgent matters about the move. When looking into prospective moving teams, try asking how you should be able to contact them, and how fast their response time could get. While deciding which companies to hire, try to give them surprise calls with any questions you have regarding their service. Observe whether their customer service agents are polite and knowledgeable – it’s always those agents that know their company best that is with the more reliable moving team.

House Movers For Your Move: Get A Reliable Team!

With the above tips in mind, hopefully, you’re able to find a reliable house moving team specifically for your house needs. While a team might cost you a bit of money to hire, you’re also getting the assurance of a safe and stress-free move with their expertise and skill set.

But wait,

This is not all. These are some of the basic questions that you should ask the moving company. However, there are other aspects that you need to pay attention to. These include;

The company is a carrier or a broker

Moving companies are of three main types. Brokers, carriers and hybrids (i.e. both broker and carrier). Before you sign up with them, you should know what these categories are and which one you should go with.

1. Broker companies

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You can also hear people calling them brokerages. These companies outsource their work i.e. they will get the task from a client and will give it to another company. The other companies are their partners and they have a deal with them. But they won’t be doing the work themselves.

The benefit of using a broker is that you can get your work done at a lower price. What happens here is that the broker will post your information to his partner companies. Every company is allowed to bid for the project. Thus, there will be a competition and you will get the best results.

However, there is also some downside of using this. Your broker knows all the information, not the company. So if you do not know who will be doing the job, you will end up with a mess. Transporting to a wrong address or mismanagement of the stuff is a common problem. This will result in increasing the cost. That is why you should confirm this beforehand so that you can communicate with the field staff and guide them.

2. Carrier companies

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Carrier companies are the ones that will deal with everything on their own. You can also call them “the van lines”. They have their staff to transport things and they will be directly in contact with the client. Thus, there won’t be any doubt or misconception about anything. You will directly talk to the team who is in charge of doing the job. Thus, you will have a seamless experience.

The only downside of hiring a carrier company is the higher cost. You will have to pay a higher amount. However, this is not actually a downside. They will tell you the cost and you will have to make the decision. It is not like you don’t have a choice. Brokers can get you a lower cost but here you will pay the whole amount.

3. Hybrid companies

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As the name shows, they are a combination of both carrier and broker types of work. Although they have they have their staff to do the jobs but they hire and outsource some jobs too. For example, the job that requires special care like transporting a piano or auto shipment. This will not only require careful handling but also separate transport. Therefore, the hybrid company will outsource such jobs.

So now you know the three types of companies that you might encounter. So make your decision accordingly.