Backlit Signs: Where Can You Use Them?

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Backlit signs are one of the common types of outdoor signs used by companies for a more engaging presentation of their brand. These types of signs provide a whole new level of visual appeal to conventional buildings and other business premises. It is guaranteed that it will immediately entice potential customers, offer a brand new image of your business, and give entrepreneurial leverage against your competitors.


An overview on backlit signs

Nowadays, many fabrication methods have been developed to create different variations of backlit signs. The usual types include those that include customized cloth overlays and dividing them into specialty frames. Then, these are attached on top of the LED lights which serve as the illuminating element.

Often referred to as lightbox signs, these signages can illuminate an area due to the colored lighting coming off from the lighting elements. It is an undeniable fact that light attracts the attention of the public.

The International Sign Association (ISA), the regulatory board responsible for monitoring compliance of standards associated with the signage industry, has outlined the four specific elements of design that must be present in every signage layout. These aspects must be included in the overall appearance to ensure that the signage serves its intended purposes well.

  1. Detectability: It is important to consider the signage’s detectability because its exposure would only depend on its visibility to its target audience. It is also necessary that its visual elements must outshine those of the competitors to ensure that people passing by your sign would only have their eyes focused on your signage.
  2. Color contrast: In relation to the first element, this is another aspect that must be considered as well because this will determine whether your signage is readable. This portion of the signage would require you to assess the quality of elements included. Would the images complement the words or words best represent the brand? Furthermore, the colors and placements of images should also be able to convey the right message about your business. Do the colors come off as battling out each other and leave the words unreadable? As much as possible, it is highly advised to review the layout many times to avoid any mishaps once it becomes fabricated.
  3. Legibility: This feature deals with how the words or information about the brand is presented to the public. The font style, font size, and font colors play an important role in promoting the brand. Are the font sizes too small or too large for the signage? Are the words readable from afar? Are the colors of the letters contrasting the background color of the signage? These are just some of the questions to ask about the design for reevaluation before submitting it to the fabrication company.
  4. Clarity: What do you intend to convey to the public about your business? That should be your goal in making the signage design. Emphasize the information you want people to know immediately and include the basic necessary details such as the shop name, address, and contact number. Remember the principle of keeping it short and simple. People do not have the luxury of time to read lengthy and wordy sentences, let alone in a very busy area. Following such tips would help people understand easily what they needed to know about your brand in a short time.

There’s no doubt that backlit graphics satisfy what most business owners are looking for in signage. Aside from the colored illuminating effect that surely grabs the attention of people, it also adds depth to the elements such as letters and images as well as being a source of direction for other locations and destinations.

Below are a few of the many applications that are suitable for backlit signs:

Signature storefronts

Business is an industry where the demands of the backlit signs are high. The primary reason why a storefront is established is to appeal to the customers in availing of the goods or services offered. It has been proven that backlit signages have effectively grabbed the attention of people, urging them to enter the premises and check the goods themselves. Fabric frames are the common types of backlit signage used in this setting.


Business wall spaces

Due to the emergence of online shops, physical stores have to compete with them in terms of accessibility, reachability, and affordability. This means that physical shop owners have to go the extra mile of making sure they interact with people through the use of backlit signs by attaching photos of actual products being sold on the very walls of the business establishment. However, the store can also choose to sell virtually but still offer the customers the option to visit the shop personally and ensure that the products purchased are authentic.

Likewise, backlit signs also do provide a sleek and professional look unlike relying on the traditional modes of advertising like posting posters and handing out flyers that only generate trash.

Three-dimensional or interactive displays

There are also display-type of brand marketing where the presentation of products or services are done alongside the backlit signs to apply both promotional and informational aspects in boosting business exposure. Examples are trade exhibitions of car companies that present the latest car models or local product expos that showcase the local products of each place.

Moreover, these types of displays also include backlit walls, signs, and counters. There are other more applications where the mentioned signage is best used.


Pop-Up Booths

Pop up both are also one of the avenues for displaying backlit signs. These are small temporary branches of the main business that promote the brand by personally reaching out to potential buyers. These are the best methods to test whether a certain product could be sold to the public easily or not.

For an interactive marketing style, a backlit sign is attached to the booth stand to attract buyers to try samples of the product or service and persuade them to purchase the product. Pop-up stores are more engaging because the people working there have to present the item being advertised to examine its sellability.

Outdoor or indoor events

Backlit signs are not restricted to business companies alone. They can also be utilized as mood makers for events to transform the overall atmosphere of the venue. With the different types of backlit signs available depending on the purpose, your signage needs will surely be catered.


Final thoughts

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