7 Reasons Why Bali is one of the Best Travel Destinations

This year, travel continues to soar. After some time of being cooped up, people now desire to see the world more than ever. The demand for flights comes primarily from Millenials. They want to go on trips beyond their wildest dreams alongside their family and friends. The recent emphasis on cleanliness, health, and hygiene across travel policies worldwide has also resulted in a higher demand for travel agents. There are also other tourists who prefer cruises when travelling. There are tons of commercial cruises operating. Residential cruises is also a thing now and there are two of them, one is The World and the other one still in the works is Storylines.

Keep in mind that the best time to visit Bali is April, followed by May, September, and October. Bali won’t be as crowded, and prices won’t be as high.

One of the most classic and popular travel visits is to Bali. Here are why Bali remains one of the most engaging and best travel destinations!

1. A rich art and culture scene

Balinese people are artistic and create whenever they can. In the southern part of Bali, the art scene has flourished lately. With the art market shifting to online, digital art as a medium has become an opportunity to earn. As a result, artists report having good sales.

The NFT, short for a non-fungible token, authenticates digital files using a blockchain and certifies their ownership. The royalties for NFTS attach to contracts. Every time an NFT is sold, the artist receives cryptocurrency payments. Notably, Balinese artists have also responded to the rise of the NFT. Ida Bagus Ratu Antoni Putra (also known as Monez) is among the Balinese artists bitten by the NFT bug.

“Piracy and the need to protect my work is one of the main reasons I got into NFTs,” shared the artist. Monez’s two crypto artworks are Dream Valley and Circus Clown, with the latter being inspired by the beauty of his native Bali.

Conversely, Bali’s own ARTCanguu was held this January. The ARTCanggu is a platform aimed at empowering artists through entrepreneurial start-ups. Some items displayed at the ART Canggu featured clothing and bags alongside crafts and paintings made by local artists.

Museums and galleries you can visit in Bali include the Blanco Renaissance Museum and Museum Puri Luksan. The former is dedicated to Antonio Blanco’s work, and the latter boasts a collection of the oldest art in Bali.

2. Wellness is top-notch

If you want to experience a break, Bali is the perfect place! Bali’s culture is steeped in healing, and there are plenty of local and skilled therapists around. Bali has centers for mind-body makeovers up to intense fitness retreats. Moreover, several accommodations in Bali are geared mainly towards wellness, especially in Ubud. Spas are also abundant in Bali.

The Como Shambhala Estate notably is a hit with celebrity couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. The Como Shambhala Estate offers excellent packages in holistic wellness in a soul-soothing jungle next to the Ayung River in Ubud. In the Como Shambhala Estate, you can get busy with yoga, qigong, water rafting, and hill bike challenges.

Another excellent center for wellness in Bali is Sukhavati. Sukhavati is an integrated Ayurvedic retreat and spa in Bali. It houses 15 guests and is a leafy paradise and private estate with 7 villas. It offers holistic healing that ranges from 1 to 15 days.

If you are into fitness, then Seminyak Escapes is for you. Seminyak Escapes offers 7 days of daily HIIT sessions and outdoor activities alongside yoga, meditation, spa, and other wellness activities. The package includes professional snaps of your best moments.

3. A great party scene

Bali is known for having an active nightlife scene. With Bali’s own warm weather, nightlife tends to kick in a little earlier. The nightlife in Bali caters to plenty of tourists and a wide range of customers. Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak reign as some of the best locations in Bali to enjoy the nightlife.

Nightclubs in Bali often start at midnight. Conversely, the nightlife in Bali also offers beach clubs if you prefer partying by the poolside and in a more open area. If you want to enjoy your drinks near the water and open space, you can go to the Potato Head Beach Club. The Potato Head Beach Club is also a cultural hub where you can enjoy looking at local paintings. A nightclub recommendation conversely is La Favela. La Favela opens at 10pm and features DJs.

4. A place for those who seek thrill and adrenaline

Exploring Bali is an adventure in itself. Bali’s numerous wellness centers also offer activities in physical challenges and activities to get that adrenaline pumping. In addition, there are so many locations in Bali where you can go on extreme activities such as flyboarding at Nusa Dua and cave diving in Bali’s Shark Cave or you can find hidden gems in Bali by yourself.

5. Picturesque views

Bali boasts beaches, jungle, and waterfalls, all photogenic, making a fantastic addition to Instagram. Picturesque locations in Bali include Gunung Kawi Temple, the Banyumala Twin Waterfall and Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida.

The Gunung Kawi Temple comprises a collection of ancient shrine reliefs carved into the face of a rock cliff. Before entering the temple, you must spray yourself with the holy water from an earthen vase. The Banyumala Twin Waterfall is one of the less-visited sites, but it retains its natural beauty.

6. Calming beaches and great surf

Bali beaches are clear and pristine – perfect for unwinding and relaxing from your usual days. Bali’s best beaches are located in its southern part. Since most beaches are in the south and close together, it tends to get a little busy. Famous beaches and lodgings include Crystal Bay and Seminyak.

Crystal Bay is a sheltered cove that you can access via motorbike and chartered vehicle. On the other hand, Seminyak has a western array of shops and restaurants in addition to its prized beach.

Bali is also a hugely popular surfing destination. While you can find decent surf at some of the main beaches such as Kuta and Seminyak, for the best experience, organize a surfing safari to the outer reefs.

7. A lively religious scene

Hindus and Muslims populate Bali. Some religious festivals are also held in Bali, providing an opportunity to learn about and appreciate other religions. You can watch a festival from a respectful angle. Be sure to behave yourself, too!

Bali is a unique place that entertains all the senses with its beautiful beaches, amazing local life, and wellness centers. In Bali, there is a place for everyone and their preferences. Bali’s natural beauty, engaging culture, and prolific wellness centers are the qualities why Bali remains a classic travel destination. It is for this reason that, according to Storylines, a residential ship, Bali is one of the most requested destinations for their ultimate world cruise itinerary.