5 Proven Ways To Become A Popular Video Maker On TikTok

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Although TikTok originally started as an application for publishing funny videos and lip syncs, and its main audience was children and teenagers, now the platform is one of the most popular places to show their talents and attract a larger audience. This did not happen instantly, several years have passed for the development of the network in the right direction, and in 2024 we can say that hosting has become one of the best places to promote video creativity.

Yes, it is not the most popular video hosting on the Internet, but it occupies a leading position in the list of the most visited resources over the past few years. The application has simple and intuitive control, and you don’t need to spend a lot of time searching for interesting content – algorithms will do everything for you and offer those clips that may interest you. As a creator, this is an opportunity for you to become more visible in the media sphere, create a loyal community and enlist the support of thousands of people.

Becoming a famous maker is a real success, but not everyone manages to achieve great results. There is no universal recipe for achieving popularity, but in this article we have collected the 5 best ways to attract an audience that will help you when promoting the page. Keep reading!

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1. Create an attractive profile

If you think that TikTok is very different from other social networks and account registration is an optional item, then you are mistaken. Of course, the site has focused on the video format, but nevertheless, you can use the “about yourself” section to give information about your videos, tell about the topic of the page and give useful information to visitors.

In addition, you need to think about the nickname in advance. It can be anything, but we recommend using a nickname or a funny name to be remembered by most users. Do not abuse punctuation marks and doubling of letters – this can complicate the search for your account. Choose a simple but bright page name, in this case the chance of becoming remembered will increase several times. Don’t forget about the avatar, use a good portrait or create an interesting photo with a transparent background – this is one of the main trends of recent years. Your page should be ready before you post the first videos and start attracting viewers.

2. Use the services of promotion companies

If you are an ambitious beginner who wants to get a piece of fame as quickly and efficiently as possible, then you may not be happy with the prospect of getting the desired number of subscribers for several months. That’s how much you will have to spend when using organic promotion methods. But we have good news – you can simplify and speed up this process by using third-party help and buy followers on TikTok. You will save a lot of time and will be able to direct efforts to create videos, instead of looking for working ways to attract an audience.

Using this method, you not only increase your audience, but also the activity on the page. Your videos become more visible to algorithms, and a large number of likes and comments from new viewers contribute to the promotion of videos on the pages “for you”. In a word, this boost will allow you to create the ground for further development and will help in creating a positive first impression, and in the eyes of potential followers you will look presentable and attractive.

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3. Participate in meme trends and make remixes

As we said earlier, there were a lot of different entertainment videos on the site, the authors of which were young people. This trend has remained, but the older generation has replaced the youth, who also likes to joke, but on other topics.

Making people laugh is a great way to get a lot of views. If you feel that this is possible and you love memes, use this as an opportunity to become more popular. Are you not sure that you can publish high-quality funny sketches? Well, there are a huge number of opportunities on the site to create remixes. You can use duets or create parodies of popular clips – such content often goes viral. Try it in your feed of posts, maybe it will become your “highlight” that will attract new viewers.

4. Jump in on challenges

Challenges are the heart of a popular youth platform. Such content is more likely to get into the top and wins the attention of millions of users. It can be dancing, synchronization, lip syncs, tricks or poetry competitions. In short, you have many opportunities to show your talent in any field of activity.

To declare your participation in the challenge, shoot a suitable video and write a thematic hashtag. This way the algorithms will understand that your video needs to be placed on a separate page. We advise you not to copy clips of other creators, but to create an interesting interpretation of the existing trend. It’s effective!

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5. Collaborate with influencers who have larger fanbases

Do you think that collaboration with popular makers is possible only for money? This is an erroneous opinion. Yes, there are bloggers who are willing to create content for a fee, but you can find a novice creator who will agree to cooperate. You will exchange the audience with each other and get a profit.

How to do it? Study accounts that have at least 1000 subscribers and publish videos on similar topics. Choose those who enter into a dialogue and are ready to discuss the details of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Do not contact celebrities, the probability of failure is high. The best solution is to start creating joint videos with an ambitious newcomer, and later increase bids and offer collaborations to more popular makers. This is a great opportunity to become known in the thematic community and get a certain number of new viewers who are initially interested in your niche.