What are the Benefits of All-Natural Fresh Dog Treats?

All-Natural Fresh Dog Treats are treats that are made from 100% farm-raised veggies, fruits, and meat. As opposed to the artificial dog treats, where manufacturers use preservatives to prolong their shelf life; these treats don’t have any chemicals in them. Here are a few benefits of using them to reward your dog.

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They’re Rich in Nutrients

All-natural fresh dog treats are made with delicious and healthy all-natural ingredients. They’re processed in hygienic environments at optimal conditions to maintain their nutrient contents.

A healthy diet for your dog should include an ideal mix of proteins, fibers, carbohydrates, and fats. Some dog breeds, such as Goldendoodles, Basset hounds, and Cocker spaniels, among others, are more likely to put on weight.

Hence, owners should be extra careful about what they feed their furry companions. We Love Doodles states that the best diet for doodles, and any dog for that matter, should be free of additives that lead to rapid weight gain.

These treats are also jam-packed with vitamins and proteins and free from the high calories that can be harmful to your dog. Most dog owners prefer them to the non-organic alternatives since they’re not only full of flavor but also come with an enticing aroma that your dog will certainly like.

Dog owners also majorly like these rewards since they’re made from single products and are free of hormones that can cause hyperactivity in your pet dog when ingested. To confirm if the treat is made from the high quality ingredients, pay special attention to the package.

It should indicate the type of meat that has been used, for example, lamb, beef, or chicken. The artificial, unnatural ones will, in most cases, just mention ‘meat and animal derivatives as the ingredients.

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Free of Unnatural Additives

These are prepared with whole fresh ingredients. They’re free from unnatural additives which are common in artificial treats to enhance colors and flavor without minding the dog’s health.

Besides, they have balanced nutrient content to supply the dog with the vital vitamins and enzymes that its body could be craving. For preservation, the all-natural fresh treats are majorly preserved using tocopherols. These are antioxidants that are derived from vegetables, and they primarily consist of vitamins E and C.

On the other hand, artificial ones are preserved in chemicals like ethoxyquin and butylatedhydroyanilose, which can lead to the development of troublesome tumors for your dog.

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Improved Dental Health

The American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS) estimates that around 80 percent of dogs and cats that are three years old and above suffer from different degrees of periodontal disease. A buildup of plaque and tartar in your dog’s teeth can open roots for other worrying oral complications like periodontal disease and givingities, among others.

If not treated early, the bacteria responsible for these diseases may enter the dog’s bloodstream and cause even more life threatening complications to the pet like liver and heart diseases. You can avoid these problems and save your dog from possible oral pain by ensuring that you only reward them with the organic fresh dog bites.

These treats wouldn’t promote tooth decay since they don’t contain any unnatural sugars and chemical ingredients. They’re also filled with vital minerals like phosphorus and calcium that will help develop stronger and healthier teeth.

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Better Immune Response

All-natural human-grade dog food bits that are made from fresh naturally occurring ingredients can boost your dog’s immune response significantly. Usually, they’re made with high quality proteins that maintain the immune system powerhouses like immune system cells and the antibodies.

The proteins naturally occurring in these foods also help build stronger muscles for the dogs and improve their overall health. On the contrary, artificial treats are usually subjected to higher temperatures and mixed with chemicals during preparation, something that destroys the essential vitamins and enzymes that the pet may need.

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Better Skin and Coat Health

Skin problems like dry coats, itchiness, and rashes can be very bothersome. In most cases, these symptoms are attached to allergic reactions. If you have no idea how to spot an allergic reaction in dogs, you can read this article on Sparkous.com.

Another primary cause of poor skin health in dogs is the excessive fillers available in the processed, dry dog treats. To ensure that your dog’s skin remains healthy, it would be better to avoid these treats.

A better alternative for these unhealthy processed treats is the all-natural human-grade feeds like the ones from Tailbangers. They’re not only fresh but also rich in nutrients and vital fatty acid combinations that will hydrate the coats and make the skins super soft and healthy.

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Easier Weight Management

Obesity isn’t something you that want to imagine that you’re dog can suffer from. Apart from limiting the movements in your dog, excess weight can also cause hypertension, maligned immune system, and respiratory problems, among others.

To manage these problems, you’ll be forced to put your furry friend on a special diet that limits it from certain types of foods. To avoid such kinds of complications, it would be better to stick to the corn-free and all-natural fresh treats for the pet.

There are plenty of fresh all-natural healthy foods that you can use to show affection to your pet. They’re not only free of the harmful filler contents but also come with secondary nutritional benefits that your dog could be lacking.

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Easier to Digest

While the dog’s system is designed to accommodate different kinds of foods, the additives and fillers usually stuffed in artificial ones may not go easy on them. Apart from developing worrying allergic reactions, they may also cause a whole lot of gastrointestinal complications.

On the other hand, if you reward your dog with natural dog treats, it will be easy to digest. These treats would also be gentle on its stomach and even ensure that the dog produce lesser waste.

Finally, these organic ones can also help manage the effects of allergic reactions and lessen inflammation. The high-quality fresh ingredients used in making them ensures that it’s easy for the body enzymes to break them down for easy absorption into the bloodstream.

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The Bottom Line

While dog treats come with plenty of nutritional benefits, when shopping for them, you must be keen on the dietary contents on the treat you’re buying. Check the packages for nutritional information, and if you need clarification, reach out to a certified vet to enlighten you on the best way to serve the treats to the dogs.