5 Important Roles and Benefits of Botanic Garden

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Botanical gardens vary in landscape architectures, designs, and plant collection. However, they are all generally associated with environmental conservation, historical and cultural presentation, and audience education. Visitors of botanic gardens are motivated to find out some incredible things about plants they did not have the opportunity to experience in their natural surroundings. After all, they have a chance to learn about them and find out some unexpected and unusual plant habits. Many botanic gardens are facilities of an incredible collection of some wild plants from other regions of the world.

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If you are still doubting whether this is something for you to try, we prepared a list of the main benefits and roles of botanic gardens and how they can positively influence us.

1. What is the main role of botanic gardens?

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The importance of the botanic garden mainly refers to the educational role. More precisely, botanic gardens provide people to see and learn about different plants. We are not even aware of how many species there are on the planet. By visiting a botanic garden, you can get more information on how you can use different plants, which of them are medicinal, which of them can be used as an ornament, and which of them can be used as food.

Plant lovers will be thrilled to see some incredible and authentic unfamiliar flower sorts. As you see, the botanic garden gives you a unique opportunity to experience all the gifts that mother nature gives us in one place. After seeing the range of incredible plants and flowers, you may decide to add some new species to your garden and make it original.

Logically, a botanical garden will provide you accurate information about different planet types. Therefore, you can expect to get a descriptive brochure or even watch some slide shows about plants. People are most excited to hear about exotic plants which can be toxic because they do not have the opportunity to see them in their local surroundings. On the other hand, there is a lot to learn about native plants, which people see daily but, surprisingly, do not know anything about them.

2. The collection and researching performance of botanic garden

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One of the most important tasks of the botanic garden is based on their scientific and researching aspect. More precisely, they need to collect different plants, study them, and after that, focus on the conservation and maintenance aspect of different species (both exotic and local). Despite that, their job is to protect species that are endangered from extinction. Therefore, The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora supports botanical gardens to be a home of different plant species.

After studying some specific plant, the botanic garden prepares a scientific work that comprehensively includes all details and information about the taxonomy, adaptation, and maintenance of that plant. It is very interesting to observe the adaptation of some exotic and wild plant species outside of their native environment. All of the information that the botanic garden collects can be used in different studies including the ecology field, medical research, agriculture, or in some industries.

3. Botanic garden promote and improve your health

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Many studies show the influence of botanic gardens on our physical and mental health. People take nature for granted, without putting into consideration how it can help improve their health both physically and mental. When it comes to mental health, numerous researches show that being surrounded by nature, plants, and flowers can positively influence your mood, memory, concentration, and focus. By walking in a natural environment you are reducing anxiety and depression levels which are referred to as mental illness. You will notice how you become more relaxed, happier, and satisfied. Plants have an incredible and significant impact on our organisms. For that reason, whenever you have enough free time, spend it in the botanic garden. You will be surprised when you see how it can positively influence you!

4. Botanic Garden protects our environment

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When we are talking about the benefits that a botanic garden gives to us, we primarily need to mention the environment. There are actually multiple positive influences on our environment. The first one is definitely the conservation of endangered plant species. This is achievable through two steps including their seed saving and through pollinators. Insects such as butterflies, honey bees, birds, and bats play a very important role in saving crops and maintaining plant life. Despite this, botanic gardens filter pollutants in the air with so much greenery, trees, and plants. Additionally, with these green spaces, the temperatures in urban areas become lower. One more benefit of the botanic garden for the environment worth mentioning is definitely protection of waters from any contaminated runoff.

Public gardens are good for the environment in multiple ways. They conserve endangered plant species through living collections as well as through seed banks, and they benefit pollinators like butterflies, honey bees, bats, and birds, which play an important role in the production of our crops and maintaining the health of other plants. As you see, the results of botanic garden existence are incredible. People do not even put into consideration how supportive and protective gardens can be for their health, environment, and the nature around them. After all, we can not make it without plants, so the minimum thing we can do for nature is to try and save it from extermination.

5. The botanic garden will introduce you to a different culture

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One more interesting benefit of the botanic garden is the cultural role it offers. More precisely, while they are the residence of many flowers and plants collected from different parts of the world, you will have a unique opportunity to feel some other culture for the moment. Additionally, most botanic gardens usually offer some cultural events including musical performances and some art exhibitions. Therefore, you will see different artwork, sculptures, and landscapes of other cultures. So, this is a perfect opportunity to gather your family or friends and experience unusual smells or breathtaking plant sights, and get connected to the other part of the world.