10 Best Automotive Clear Coat For Your Car In 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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For several years, clear coats have been in existence and what clear coats are basically paints that do not have pigments and therefore, transparent. Clear coats can be applied right on top of a color coat and they are evident or visible in most modern cars as they are added to boost the appearance of any vehicle and also to make sure that the paintwork of any car is fully protected but how can you find the best automotive clear coat?

A Complete Buying Guide On Finding The Best Automotive Clear Coat

best automotive clear coat

With a clear coat repairing minor imperfections would be made easy and it is also helpful in making sure that your vehicle is able to retain its value. Repairing and applying clear coats can be done yourself but before you would be able to do anything, you must first have a quality clear coat.

For you to get started, check out our best automotive clear coat so you can meet the best clear coat products we have on the market today.

1. USC Spray Max 2k High Gloss Clearcoat Aerosol 

best automotive clear coat

We are opening up the best automotive clear coat review with our best choice product known as the USC spray Max 2K clear coat high gloss aerosol product and this product can be bought from packs within one to six cans. It is quite a reliable product that is also easy to make use of as all it requires is the activation of its acrylic components.

This is done by shaking the can and spraying and guess what, it also comes with a uniquely designed nozzle that ensures it sprays smoothly and delivers an exceptional finish which is similar to that of a spray gun.

One thing about this product is it has a quick-drying formula that helps in producing a durable and glossy finish and you can also trust this automotive clear coat to be resistant to both chemicals and weather. It can be used on the base coats of any vehicle.

Key Features:

  1. Dries off in no time
  2. Designed to spray and flow smoothly
  3. Formulated to be resistant to chemicals and weather
  4. Comes packed with several exciting features

2. VHT BCL0125 Clear Automotive Top Coat

When considering automotive clear coat products on the market with a very high value then the Dupli Color VHT BCL0125 clear coat is one product that comes to mind and if you are in search of a clear coat product that would be perfect for color matching jobs as well as touch up jobs then this product right here is simply the best option for you.

This is one product that is formulated to offer a lot of coverage so you rest assured that you are getting a bulk amount of paint for the money you have spent in purchasing this product.

After applying spray paint on your vehicle, you can follow up using this automotive clear coat paint as it helps in complementing the spray paint and this is also the right kind of automotive clear coat paint that can be used in different types of shades whether you are working with an older model or a newer vehicle model.

You can apply this automotive clear coat paint as the last step when working on your vehicle as it guarantees to provide that glossy protection.

Thanks to its nozzle, users would experience a smooth spray or flow and it also has a quick drying time of about thirty minutes. This clear coat paint can actually be used to work on any vehicle just under an hour.

Key Features:

  1. Smooth application on vehicles
  2. Fast drying time
  3. The best option for small touch up jobs

3. Speedokote SMR-13075-K-M – Automotive Clear Coat

This is another acrylic clear coat product that we want to discuss right now and this product is actually an acrylic urethane clear coat product that is able to repel chemicals as well as ultraviolet rays so as to enhance weathering.

However, there is something outstanding about this product and that is the fact that it boasts of having an innovative resin formulation which makes it possible for it to deliver that shiny and glossy finish.

By settling for this high-quality product, what you are getting isn’t just an ordinary clear coat but an accelerator and also a gallon of clear coat that would be enough to carry out any job and this accelerator works from extra slow to fast.

It also features a medium accelerant which can be used in ambient temperatures of about 65F to 80F (Fahrenheit)

Key Features:

  1. This is an acrylic urethane automotive clear coat paint product
  2. This clear coat also features an accelerator
  3. It is capable of delivering a glossy finish

4. Dupli-Color EBSP30000 Clear Coat

Another clear coat product from the Dupli Color brand has found its way again to this detailed guide and this time we would be looking at the Dupli Color Paint Shop Finish System Clear Coat.

This is one clear coat with an impressive lacquer system and it would also interest you to know that this is one product that you can never go wrong with as it is well formulated to produce exceptional and impressive results.

You can make use of this product combined with any color supplied and a primer and is easy to use also makes it a very good choice for doing it yourself paint jobs on all motorcycles and vehicles.

This is also ready to spray kind of product which doesn’t require any form of mixing like some clear coat products do and another impressive feature of this clear coat from Dupli Color is the quick drying time that makes it possible for immediate re-coating.

You can also wet sand this clear coat when working with it and it promises to deliver a smooth and shiny finish.

Key Features:

  1. This is a pre-reduced spray meaning it would not require any form of mixing
  2. The best option for all do it yourself spray jobs on vehicles
  3. Allows for immediate re-coating

5. KBS Coatings 8504 DiamondFinish Clear Coat

The KBS DiamonFinish clear coat product is our premium pick clear coat product and it is one that can be bought either as a quart, pint or even a gallon. Despite the fact that this cleat coat product is originally formulated for automotive use, it goes way beyond that as it can also be used either in the marine field, domestic field or industrial field.

It permits spraying directly on metal as well as acid-washed metal and you can trust this product to deliver that glossy and shiny finish. It can, however, be polished twenty-four hours after application.

There is also something special about this clear coat product and that is the fact that it can be used in over-coating paintwork that already exists on your vehicle and it can be sprayed either diluting by ten percent or just straight ahead without diluting it.

When talking about a clear coat that would be able to withstand environmental conditions then this is just what you have been looking for as it promises not to peel or crack like other low-quality clear coat products do.

Key Features:

  1. Suitable for use on paintwork or bare metal
  2. Capable of providing a glossy and attractive finish
  3. Well formulated to fight back environmental conditions that might cause peeling or cracking

6. Genuine Toyota 00258-0000C-21 Clear Coat

This is one high-quality clear coat paint product that is specifically designed for use only on Toyota vehicles and this is also one clear coat paint product that users can trust when it comes to carrying out scratch repairs, chip repairs and other minor repairs.

This clear coat paint product comes in a 0.5fl ounce bottle alongside a re-sealable cap and there is one feature that has helped this clear coat paint is getting positive remarks and that is its pen tip applicator which opens up just to reveal its paintbrush.

If you want to work on paint spots and ensure they do not get worse then this is just the right product for you but you should also be informed that this isn’t the clear coat product that can be used when working on larger areas.

Key Features:

  1. Just for use only on Toyota vehicles
  2. The best option when working on paint spots jobs
  3. Features a pen applicator and a paintbrush

7. POR-15 45718 Top Coat Gloss Clear Spray Paint

If you want a clear coat paint that can be used in working on a painted surface that has already been painted or on a bare metal surface then the POR-15 45718 clear coat paint is simply an option that you shouldn’t resist.

This is a high-quality clear coat paint product and that is why it is always used by professionals and here’s one thing about this product, it can be found easy to use at home thanks to its direct aerosol application.

Many customers have found the performance of this clear coat product to be satisfactory as it helps in providing a powerful barrier between the paint or metal and the environment.

This is quite useful in preventing erosion and there would also be no need to make use of an undercoat or a primer but here is one thing that however needs to be done and that is applying a rust preventive first before applying this clear coat.

You can trust this clear coat paint to adhere to the surface you are working on and it would not turn yellow even when exposed to ultraviolet light.

Key Features:

  1. Direct application from the aerosol
  2. Doesn’t require an undercoat or primer
  3. Works by creating a corrosion barrier

8. PlastiKote 1000 Universal Clear Coat

This clear coat paint product we are looking at has a universal formulation that makes it suitable for use on all kinds of vehicles and customers love the fact that this clear coat product comes in a ready to use aerosol can so you can get to work immediately you get this clear coat product.

This is also an acrylic based clear coat paint that can be used in providing a coat on an existing paint and it also makes sure that a high gloss finish is obtained.

This clear coat paint, however, helps in serving the main purpose and that is offering chips and nicks protection in any paintwork and also making sure that your paintwork is left open to corrosion. After drying, this clear coat paint would produce a barrier that is capable of repelling road and weather conditions as well as preventing corrosion.

Key Features:

  1. It comes in a ready to use aerosol can
  2. Capable of providing a high glossy finish
  3. The best option for treating chips that occurs in any paintwork

9. Finish 1 2K Urethane Automotive Clear Coat

This is a clear coat product that is designed only for use by professionals and this is simply because it requires the use of some professional equipment for application.

Purchasing this high quality and professional clear coat paint means you would be getting the clear coat itself alongside an applicator and it has the right formulation that makes sure it provides a satin and even finish combined with a minimal glossy appearance.

You can apply this product over base coats but it can not be buffed or sanded as it might affect the appearance and cause more damage. This clear coat product has so many positive remarks from people who have already worked with it or tried it out and there were positive remarks about how fast this clear coat paint dries.

Customers also found it very easy to apply as it doesn’t require too much work or particular know-how. This is the Plastikote 1 2K urethane automotive clear coat

Key Features:

  1. Applied right on existing base coats
  2. Formulated to deliver a high satin and even finish
  3. This is strictly a clear coat product for professionals alone

10. Rust-Oleum 262275 Automotive Auto Body Primer

The ust Oleum auto body primer is the last product we would be looking at when considering the best automotive clear coat and this is also another product that comes with a ready to use formulation.

This is the type of product that can be used on any kind of vehicle and this is why it is quite loved by almost everyone today, it works by protecting and sealing the surface underneath as well as providing all-round protection. The addition of an acrylic lacquer also makes sure that corrosion doesn’t occur.

Within thirty minutes, you are guaranteed that this clear coat would dry up and is easy to apply is also another outstanding feature that other low-quality clear coat paints do not have.

Applying this clear coat on your vehicle means that your vehicle would have a new and attractive look as it helps in providing a shiny and glossy sheen.

Key Features:

  1. The product comes ready for use
  2. Dries off within one hour
  3. Durable
  4. Delivers a high gloss finish
  5. This is also an acrylic lacquer clear coat product

Best Automotive Clear Coat Buying Guide

Clear coats are not recent developments but something that has been in existence for a long time but changes are being made constantly or regularly. For this reason, it might be a bit tricky to keep up with facts and what to look out for when shopping for a clear coat.

If you intend buying a clear coat today then check out these key factors that should be taken into consideration.

Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Clear Coat

  1. Level Of Gloss – clear coats would improve the appearance of any vehicle but you should know that some clear coats have higher gloss than other clear coats so it is a better investment to put your money on a product with a higher glossy level as it ensures bouncing off of light and addition of luster in your vehicle’s paintwork.
  2. Transparency – clear coats must be transparent as it also helps in boosting the appearance of your vehicle without altering its base coat. So make sure any product you are settling for has very high transparency.
  3. Ease of Application – when shopping for clear coats makes sure the product you are settling for is easy to apply. This would make it easy for professionals and novices to work with and it would also make sure there are no blotches or bumps.
  4. Durability – choosing a durable product simply means you are settling for a product that would break down and turn out flaky which could hamper the appearance of your vehicle more. Settle for a product that would last for several years to come.
  5. Yellowing and Damage Resistant – it is very necessary that you invest in a product that has resistance to yellowing and damages. This is where you would find products with “scratch resistant” written on it and that is exactly the type of product that you need.

Types of Clear Coats

It is a bit difficult to keep up with clear coats because they have witnessed some changes in recent years. Clear coats can have a huge say on how your car would look so it is also worth it to find out more valid information about clear coats before making a payment for any. Here are some types of clear coats that we have today;

  1. Turbo Clear Coat – dries faster and is used mostly by collision repair workshop
  2. Top Coat Clear Coat – this type can be applied over the base coat and is also easy to polish
  3. Higher Solid Clear Coat – suitable for people who desire a thicker film but it requires a longer drying time
  4. Glamour Clear Coat – dries slowly and enables users to carry out proper leveling
  5. Euro Clear Coat – needs heat to be applied for speeding up its drying process

Conclusion – Our Number One Product

The USC spray max acrylic clear coat product holds the number one spot and is our favorite in this review. It doesn’t require any specialist equipment for application and it is also capable of delivering a smooth flow thanks to its spray gun.

It has a fast drying time and delivers a high gloss finish. It is also durable and has high resistance to chemicals and weather.

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