13 Best Bug And Tar Remover For Your Car 2020 (Buying Guide)


Just picture this scene in your head where you have driven for a very long distance and finally get to your destination only to find out that you have bug and tar stains plastered all over your vehicle. There is feeling like a part of you died on seeing that but depending on where you live, you might get to experience such regularly or maybe occasionally.

If such stain gets hit by the hot sun then you have a bigger problem on your hand as the stain gets thicker but that is where the best bug and tar remover comes in.

Baked bug and tar stains on your car surface pose a greater threat to the paintwork of your car and its not just bug and tar stains that you have to worry about as there are also tree saps, grime and dirt that would also make your car surface look ugly and messy.

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Most people might opt to get rid of these stains by washing use soap and water but excess or rough scrubbing could cause damage to your car paint. What you need is a bug and tar remover wash product.

Bug and Tar remover products are scattered all over the internet and the market place but the issue is finding a reliable product that would actually do what it claims it would do. We have rounded up some of the best bug and tar remover products in this handy guide and all that is required of you is to sit back and enjoy reading our best bug and tar review which would bring to you the best products that you can settle for.

1. Bugs N All – Interior & Exterior Vehicle Cleaner

best bug and tar remover

The first bug and tar product we would be reviewing is the Bug N All product and just as its name implies, this is one product that can be trusted to get rid of bugs and all others including grime, dirt, bird droppings and even black marks. This one proves to be very effective as it breaks down bugs through the release and neutralization of their organic acid in about sixty seconds.

This also ensures that users would find it very easy to wipe off these stains quickly and with less or minimal effort.

One attractive feature of this bug and tar remover is that it features a gentle formula which makes it the ideal product for use on both the interior and exterior of your car and you can also trust that this car can be used on upholstery, vinyl, plastic, carpet, leather and even paint surfaces thanks to its high versatility. This is because it features a biodegradable formula that doesn’t contain toxic or harsh ingredients, therefore, making this product environmentally friendly.

Users who have tried out this product referred to it as phenomenal and magic based on how effective it is in getting rid of bugs and all.

Key Features:

  1. This product is multi-functional as it can be used on the outside and inside
  2. Formulated to break down bug splatter in few seconds
  3. Features a biodegradable formula
  4. Suitable for use on various surfaces and materials

2. Griot’s Garage 10982 Bug and Smudge (BEST Bug and Tar Remover Concentrate)

The Griot’s Garage 10982 Bug and Smudge product is the next product to make it to this review and guess what, this is one which is designed to get rid of bugs and not only bugs but scuffs, road grime and oils which one is liable to encounter daily. This is another highly effective product that works by the breaking down of bug exoskeletons so they have less or no power to cause any damage to your car paintwork.

This product can be used in two separate ways. It can be used on the spot immediately you find bug stains or other marks on the surface of your car or it can be as a form of pre-treatment before washing your car where you have to apply it then leave it for a while before washing. Even though this product can be used on exterior surfaces, it can also be used on the interior of your car but it, however, has a warning shot.

A customer who reviewed this product clearly stated that it isn’t suitable for use on plastics as it etched headlights. Even at that, there are other customers that referred to its performance as magical so you are getting a good and high-performance product if you settle for this bug and tar remover from Griot’s Garage.

Key Features:

  1. Specifically designed for exterior use alone
  2. Delivers a fast cleaning action of about thirty seconds
  3. Can be used in cleaning dirt on the spot or as pre-treatment
  4. Also formulated to get rid of rubber scuff marks

3. Turtle Wax T-520A Bug and Tar Remover

Another product that you can trust is the Turtle Wax Bug And Tar Remover which is formulated not just to get rid of bugs from your car but would also get rid of tree sap from your car paint.

It has the right kind of formula that makes it suitable for external use and here is one thing you should know, it also clings to vertical surfaces so as to be able to deliver a deep cleaning action. This product doesn’t require the use of elbow grease and it is easy to use as all it requires is to spray and wipe off.

When reviews concerning this product were checked, we found out it has overwhelmingly positive reviews based on how effective it is but there were mixed comments as to whether it gets rid of tree sap because some customers claimed it did while others claimed it didn’t. It is important to bring to your notice that this product contains petroleum distillates and this makes this product quite toxic and flammable.

This requires extra caution during use and also around children.

Key Features:

  1. Eliminates bug, tree sap and tar
  2. Easy to use as it requires to spray and wipe off
  3. It would leave a protective barrier on your car
  4. Also contains some harmful substances

4. McKee’s 37 MK37-100 Road Kill Bug Remover

This is one product that is highly concentrated, effective and suited only for exterior use. You can make use of the Mckee Road Kill Bug Remover on exterior car surfaces like on plastic trims, glass, chrome and also paint and here’s one interesting aspect of this bug remover, it contains clear coat surfactants which are effective in breaking down the carcass of bugs before they cause damage to your car paint.

This product works by spraying onto the tar, grime and bug stain and allowing to work its way on the dirt from a minute or two then you can wash off using a soft sponge before rinsing with water. This product also has a concentrated formula that requires dilution but reviews generally claim that this product is a very good choice if you are concerned about getting rid of pesky bugs.

Key Features:

  1. Requires spraying and wiping off
  2. The safe formula ensures the use of plastics, rubber, metal, glass as well as on paint
  3. This is a clear coat safe product

5. 3D Bug Remover Concentrate

If you are concerned about purchasing a bug and tar remover that might contain toxic substances then look no further than the 3D bug remover concentrate which contains an enzyme-based formula that acts by dissolving bugs naturally without making use of harsh or harmful chemical substances.

This product is formulated to work on paint, grills, windows and plastic and it acts fast in getting rid of protein-based stains. Before making use of this product, make sure your car surface is cool before wetting the surface and spraying this formula.

This is a concentrated formula that requires dilution and customers however disclosed that getting the right ratio during dilution is a bit difficult but can still be obtained. This is a straightforward product as it doesn’t claim to eliminate grime and tar but it specifies on insects and bugs. This is one product you won’t regret settling for.

Key Features:

  1. Features an enzyme-based formulation
  2. Would work on metal, plastic, paint and glass
  3. Features a non-harmful and natural formula

6. B.E.S.T. 45032 Bug-Off Bug Remover

This bug remover from B.E.S.T. brand is one that is effective in wiping off bug stains including love bugs, tree sap and also grime from the exterior of your car and one advantage that this product brings is it can be used on several surfaces including boats, trucks and also RV’s. Making use of this product is quite easy as all it requires is for you to spray onto its affected area, wait for about thirty seconds then wipe away the bug stains using a cloth before rinsing with water.

This formula is an eco-friendly and biodegradable one as it contains no caustics or acids and this means it would not cause any harm to your car paints. Several reviews that we have gone through have affirmed how effective this product is but one needs to be careful as to not to exceed its thirty seconds wait time.

Key Features:

  1. Delivers impressive results in about thirty seconds
  2. Eliminates tree sap, road grime and bug
  3. Requires spraying on, waiting then wiping off

7. MEGUIAR’S G180515 Bug & Tar Remover

The Meguiar brand is one that is highly respected when it comes to the world of automobiles and this is because they can be trusted in the manufacture of high-quality products and this bug remover product that we want to talk about is one that can also be trusted to get rid of bug stains from your car surface.

This product features a foaming action that incorporates surfactant which makes it ideal for use on all exterior and painted surfaces. It is effective in getting rid of bugs and tar.

This product can be used alone or can be used prior to washing your car and after spraying, you are required to leave it on for about five minutes before wiping off. This is, however, a high-quality product that customers are pleased with as it does the job it is manufactured to do.

Key Features:

  1. Makes use of a clear coat safe formula
  2. Has an effective foaming action
  3. Works great when wiping off bug and tar stains
  4. It is safe for use on all exterior and painted surfaces

8. Chemical Guys CWS_104_16 Bug & Tar

The Chemical Guys wash shampoo is another concentrated product that we would love to talk about and guess what, you can make use of this shampoo as your regular car wash thanks to its effectiveness in eliminating tree sap, tar and bugs. This product, however, features a water-based formulation that makes it a good choice for a single stage and clear coat finishes and you can also count on this product to clean up all exterior surfaces such as aluminum, glass, chrome and plastic.

The reviews concerning this product are all positive reviews even though some people initially questioned the effectiveness of this product.

This product, however, contains a gentle formula that doesn’t make use of harsh or toxic chemicals and this is quite an advantage as it would not cause any damage to your car surfaces.

Key Features:

  1. This product features a water-based formula which makes it safe for use on clear coat finishes
  2. Manufactured to work on all exterior surfaces
  3. Would also get rid of bird droppings, tree sap, grime and bug stains

9. Rain-X 620107 Bug and Tar Defense

This is one of the most affordable bug removers sprays that you would ever come across if you are shopping on a budget and here’s something you should know about this product, it also boasts of having a clear coat safe formula which makes it a very good option for use on all exterior surfaces.

These surfaces include glass, plastic and metal and it is very effective when used as a pre-wash as all you need to do is apply the gel, leave it to soak before washing off. You would find it eliminating bird droppings, tar, bug stains and more.

Safety needs to be taken when working with this product as it is quite corrosive and it also carries a warning which states that results would be fatal if consumed. This is why this product is to be kept out of children’s reach and not just this product but every other automobile cleaning product.

Key Features:

  1. This is a pre-wash gel that is effective in getting rid of bird droppings, bug and tar
  2. Requires spraying and wiping off
  3. It is ideal for use on plastics, metal and glass

10. Tar X Tar and Adhesive Remover

The Carpro Tar X Tar product is the product we would use in rounding up this very interesting and well-detailed guide and this is one product that makes use of orange peels which have proved to be effective in the elimination of asphalt, bug, adhesives and tar from your car surface.

Even though this product might not sound too convincing, you would be very surprised to bat the five-star ratings that it has from customers who have ended up using it on their vehicles.

This product is formulated not just to get rid of adhesives and tar and bugs but it also works in making sure your car paint lasts longer as well as making sure your car paint is protected from rust.

It does this by neutralizing chemicals and unlike other products that are quite powerful in getting rid of bug but do not remove tar, you can trust this product to get rids of both. This sophisticated cleaner is one that you can trust to get rid of tar from your car surface.

Key Features:

  1. Features a professional grade formula
  2. Features natural formulation
  3. Protects your car paint from rust

Full Buying Guide

If you are still not sure of what bug and tar product to settle for then we hope our best bug and tar buying guide would make finding one quite easy for you. Here are some factors you should carefully consider before making a payment for any bug and tar remover wash product:

  1. If it contains harmful ingredients – just like the products that we have discussed, bug and tar remover products do not need to contain harmful or harsh chemical compounds as they might be detrimental to your car surface. You should go for products that are enzyme or water-based as they would not harm your car surface.
  2. If it is safe for surfaces – not all bug and tar removers can be used on any surface as some contain certain chemicals that might not be suitable for clear coat surfaces. Ensure that whatever product you are buying is suitable for your car surface.
  3. Is it effective – what we mean here is if the product you intend settling for is effective enough to get rid of bug and tar stains. However, there are specific tar remover products and there are also products that are specifically formulated to get rid of tree sap so it is important that you check reviews to know people’s verdict about any product.
  4. Cost – you should also consider money and price when shopping for a bug and tar remover. You should be able to conclude if you want to settle for an expensive product with higher quality or start with a lower quality product.

How to Get Rid of Tar from Your Car Surface

The first step to being taken when you want to get rid of tar from your car surface is to, first of all, get a good tar remover. After getting a quality tar remover, the next thing you should do is to follow the necessary instruction that it offers and even though all tar remover products might not come with the same instructions, in most cases it is most likely going to look like the steps listed below:

  1. The surface of your car should be wet at first
  2. After wetting, spray the tar remover onto the surface of your car
  3. After spraying, allow the product to go deep for about thirty seconds to five minutes depending on what the instruction specifies
  4. Then you can wipe off using a microfiber cloth so as to get rid of any lingering stain
  5. Rinse your car with water
  6. Finish – your car is free from all tar stains.
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Armor All Extreme Bug & Tar Remover (16 fluid ounces)
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  • Streak-free formula; if used on glass, rotate to clean portion of the microfiber towel for a final buff
  • Preserves wax protection
  • Safe for exterior finishes when used as directed
  • Can be used on soils for spots cleaning, or used as a pre-treatment prior to washing
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Bugs N All - Best All Purpose Interior & Exterior Vehicle Cleaner & Bug Remover. 4oz. Concentrate...
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Car Care Haven Bug Remover X - Tar, Goo, Road Grime, Tree Sap, Bird Poop, Cleaner for Vehicles -...
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  • 🚘 UNPARALLELED CLEANING PROWESS - Customers rave about how our bug and tar remover for cars eliminates dead bugs and dried scum better than some expensive brands. The results are instant!
  • 🚘 GENTLE CARE - This bug remover for cars melts away splatter with minimal effort, all while being gentle on your vehicle. You can use it on all exterior surfaces without damaging the paint.
  • 🚘 EASY TO USE - To rid your vehicle of the most stubborn dirt, all you need to do is gently wipe it off with a bug sponge or a towel. You can use our cleaner for your RV, boat, or trailer.
Bestseller No. 5
MEGUIAR'S G180515 Bug & Tar Remover, 15 Ounces
  • Heavy-duty car bug cleaner effectively removes bugs and tar from your paint finish
  • Professional-strength clear coat safe technology is tough on bugs but easy on paint and all exterior surfaces
  • This bug cleaner features powerful foaming action to loosen stuck bugs
  • Specialized Xtreme Cling foam chemistry extends active foam time to rehydrate bugs and soften tar for easier removal
  • Use before washing or as needed in between washes

Final Thoughts – Our Number One Product

There are quite some interesting products that we have talked about in this review but there is one that we all seem to be pleased with and that is the Bug N All multi-purpose bug and tar remover product.

This remover features a multi-purpose formula that makes it very effective in the removal of bugs, bird droppings, black marks and even grease stains and not only would you be able to get rid of stains on the surface of your car but you can also trust it to clean up the interior of your car.


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