15 Best Car Drying Towel In 2020 – Top Rated Products With Reviews

Microfibre cloths are a must to minimise scratches when cleaning, drying and waxing your car. Photo: Thinkstock

After washing your car, you may need the right material that helps in bringing or offering perfect detailing. What you need is a car drying towel but it would also interest you to know that not all car drying towels have the same capability or were designed or created to be equal.

It is not the time when you wash a car either your personal car and you end up waxing the car with an old shirt. It is also wrong to wipe a car with a cheap wash and go mitt you found at a store.

Automatic enthusiasts and professional car dealers are able to enjoy riding a car that shines perfectly, gorgeously with a reflective or mirror-like finish just by making use of professional-grade car drying towel. These towels most times tend to be made out of microfiber properties.

If you know you still have the old habit of waxing a car with a rag, cheap mitt or an old t-shirt then you have to put an end to such practice and pay closer attention to this review which will show you the right kind of cleaning towels for the job.

Whether you consider yourself to be an auto geek or just a beginner, one thing you must note is the fact that car detailing is very important and is also something you shouldn’t be nonchalant about.

One useful tool that would help in getting the right detail after washing your car is a car drying towel. Auto detailing is focused more on waxing, washing and even polishing but how you dry your car is also one aspect that should never be argued.

Making use of the right care products is one way of ensuring that your car is free from scratches and water spots and if you really want to know more about the best towels for drying your cars then read on as we bring you the best car drying towels each with their exceptional feature together with some buying tips that would be key in helping you settle for a good choice.

1. Zwipes 735 Microfiber Towel Cleaning Cloths

best car drying towel

The Zwipes 735 microfiber towel cleaning cloths are the best car drying towel that any car owner would settle for even though it isn’t a GSM published product and it is quite trusted by many people as it proves to handle all of their cleaning needs.

What makes this towel the best anyone can settle for is because it is effective in eliminating microscopic dirt, particles and debris away from the surface of your car. It earned several positive remarks due to its plush nature that makes it reliable in cleaning up glassy and glossy surfaces without leaving behind any form of streak or swirl.

That makes it the best microfiber car drying towel on the market, it can be washed and used times without number. It dries faster compared to other towels which make it used several times daily.

Key Features:

  1. Contains about one hundred and ten thousand fibers
  2. It can be used over again
  3. Can also be washed before re-use
  4. Has a plush and soft design
  5. Doesn’t leave behind streaks or swirls

2. Zeppoli Reusable Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Set

best car drying towel

The Zeppoli microfiber cleaning cloth is one that is made using a super absorbent and extremely soft material and due to its high cleaning capability, it is believed to be a great addition to any car toolbox.

Its versatility is something that has earned it quite some nice reviews as it doesn’t just serve as a car cleaning towel but can also serve for household use but when compared with the popular AmazonBasics towel, the Zeppoli cleaning cloth cost more.

Having a 90/10 microfiber blend makes this towel very soft and this unique blend is also responsible for its plushness, ability to absorb water and durability. Users are guaranteed that this towel would not leave behind streaks and that makes it a good choice for your window glasses, digital screens and other surfaces.

Its super absorbency makes it a good choice for use on boats and automobiles.

Key Features:

  1. Has a non-damaging design
  2. Made out of premium and durable materials
  3. Comes at about the right size
  4. 250 GSM

3. Meguiar’s X2020 Supreme Shine Microfiber Towels

best car drying towel

The Meguiar brand is a famous brand for making exceptional and durable products and when talking about car drying towels, this brand has two solid towels doing great on the market today which are the X2020 and the X2000.

The difference between both isn’t much as the X2020 has a smaller dimension than the X200 and it is made with a safe polyester material which makes it very soft and ideal for use on painted and glass surfaces.

Being this soft means it won’t scratch or swirl surfaces or cause any other form of damage and having an 80/20 blend of polyamide and polyester makes it resilient no matter how many times you wash.

One other feature that most car owners love about this towel is its pile design which contributes to why this towel is quite efficient although it might cost more there is a guarantee that you would be getting a product with high value and quality.

Key Features:

  1. Offers a mirror-like finish
  2. Produces cleanings that are free from swirl
  3. 300 GSM
  4. High-quality material build that makes it durable

4. Chemical Guys MIC_507_06 Microfiber Towel

best car drying towel

This car drying towel from Chemical Guys comes in just a golden yellow color and if you are in search of a super soft towel then this towel is just the excellent choice for you.

Since this towel is made out of high-quality silk material, most customers tend to believe it would cost more than most towels on the market but that isn’t the case as this towel is also affordable like most products on the market.

Despite having silk edging, you can still wash this towel with a washing machine and it has a 70/30 blend that makes it durable, strong and soft therefore making cleaning such an easy task. There is also a guarantee that this towel won’t leave behind marks or swirls on the surface of your car.

Key Features:

  1. Delivers a cleaning performance that is free from lint, scratch and swirl
  2. Has a dual pile weave design
  3. Has a double-sided design with a dual length
  4. Made with premium polyamide and polyester fabric

5. Viking Car Care Waffle Weave Drying Towel

best car drying towel

This car drying towel has a nine feet dimension which makes it one of the largest car drying towels to ever hit the market in recent times and having an extra-large surface design makes way for better efficiency as you can wipe off more areas with just one passing.

There are several reasons while customers love this high-quality towel but its soft and non-abrasive nature is one of its exceptional features as it would not leave marks behind or cause damage to your car surface. This makes it a good choice for both exterior and interior use and this also happens thanks to its microbead action.

Customers can trust this towel to clean and dry off surfaces in fewer times thanks to its three times able to hold water while its only downside is the fact that it costs more than most towels.

Key Features:

  1. This is a clear coat safe car cleaning towel
  2. Would not cause lint on the surface of your car
  3. 300 GSM
  4. Has a large cleaning surface

6. Buff Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

best car drying towel

This is one car cleaning cloth that customers get excited about when they come in contact with it. It comes in about ten different colors so you can actually choose a color that best matches your car or your preference and this isn’t just a cleaning towel for cleaning cars but its multipurpose design makes it a great choice for other household cleanings.

The Buff microfiber cleaning cloth is rated alongside the best cleaning towels on the market speaking in terms of reusability, durability, washability and delivering optimal performance while an exceptional feature of this microfiber cleaning towel is its split microfibers which are responsible for the trapping and removal of surface contaminants efficiently.

This towel is designed to be extra thick, soft and ultra-absorbent and this contributes to why it has also made it to this well-detailed guide.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile as it serves for more than one cleaning purpose
  2. Features the combination of split microfiber and polyester blend
  3. 325 GSM
  4. Thick
  5. Durable
  6. Super absorbent

7. AUTOFIBER Zeroedge Detailing Towel

best car drying towel

Nowadays, customers are beginning to talk and rate the Autofiber Zeroedge Detailing Towel among the high-quality car drying towels and there is actually a good explanation for that.

There are some conventional car cleaning towels that come with edging but that isn’t the case with the Autofiber Zeroedge Detailing Towel as it has a continuous cleaning surface that is reliable in delivering a topnotch cleaning action that would scratch your car surface.

Having edgings on cleaning towels tends to form a thicker section on this towel and this can cause pressure on your car surfaces, therefore, leaving behind marks and scratches. This towel also features a unique construction that makes sure it remains intact and the same no matter how long you use and you can select from about five colors to find that which best matches your car, color taste, personality and toolbox.

Key Features:

  1. Has an edgeless design
  2. Absorbs water greatly
  3. Doesn’t leave behind scratches
  4. Dual pile design
  5. 360 GSM
  6. High-quality construction

8. 50 Pack – SimpleHouseware Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

best car drying towel

Another reliable and trusted car drying towel to make this list is the Simple Houseware 50 pack microfiber cleaning cloth and this is such a welcomed addition to this review as it is the best choice if you are shopping within a budget.

It is also a good choice for vehicle enthusiasts but one fact customers and buyers have to bear in mind about this towel is its GSM rating isn’t as high as most high-quality towels in this review.

Having said that, this towel is also a reliable one with super absorbent properties, therefore, making it a good choice if you are not really into expensive cleaning cloths. It is also a multipurpose cleaning towel as it can be used when it comes to cleaning cars, gadgets, items and more.

Key Features:

  1. Has an absorbency rating of about eight times
  2. Made with non-abrasive material that would not scratch surfaces
  3. 250 GSM ratings
  4. Best budget cleaning towel

9. AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

best car drying towel

Also again, if you are looking forward to getting an affordable car drying towel with settling for a towel with low integrity then the AmazonBasics microfiber cleaning cloth is the right choice for you.

This is one car drying and cleaning towel that would not cause any harm or damage to your car surfaces, trims, dashboard, clear coat paint and more but customers had something to say about its construction as there is a possibility or tendency that this towel might shrink after its first wash.

Considering that factor, it is still a known fact that this towel is one of the best and versatile cleaning cloth on the market which can be used in various applications. It is extremely absorbent in nature and is also capable of delivering a streak-free performance on any car surface.

It also features a polyamide and polyester combination which makes it strong and durable as well as making it reliable in getting rid of dirt from tools, furniture, gadgets and more.

Key Features:

  1. This towel also has a non-abrasive design
  2. Delivers a scratch-free performance
  3. Extremely soft in nature
  4. Has a GSM rating of 340

10. Meguiar’s X2000 Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel

best car drying towel

This is also another trusted car drying towel from the famous MEGUIAR brand to make it to this reliable review and one outstanding feature of this particular towel is the fact that it would completely dry off water from the surface of your car in less time and with minimal effort compared to other products available today.

This is a car drying towel that is richly absorbent in nature meaning it would hold double the amount of water every car cleaning towel holds and it also has the right size which makes it suitable for drying the body too.

This car drying towel can be washed using a washing machine and another standout feature of this towel is its waffle-weave pattern which makes it a good choice for wiping away moisture and dirt. It is also capable of remaining soft even when it is fully dried.

Key Features:

  1. Exceptional cleaning performance
  2. 360 GSM rating
  3. Richly absorbent
  4. Has an impressive waffle weave design

11. THE RAG COMPANY (2-Pack) Dry Me A River

best car drying towel

When searching for a car drying towel that would help your car obtain that shiny, reflective, brilliant and gorgeous look then the RAG COMPANY DRY ME A RIVER car drying towel is what you are looking for.

This towel has a super soft feature which makes it the perfect choice of the towel in cleaning up car surfaces, chrome, mirrors and glass without worries of leaving behind any unwanted scratches or streaks or swirls.

This towel can be best described using three words and they are absorbent, durable and tough and this depends mostly on the quality of material used in constructing this tower.

It would hold about ten times more water than most towels and it is also extremely versatile as it isn’t just for cleaning up car surfaces but can also be used for other cleaning tasks like bathroom cleanup, kitchen cleanup, electronic equipment cleanup and more.

Key Features:

  1. Extra absorbent in nature
  2. 400 GSM rating
  3. Free from lint
  4. Non-abrasive car drying towel

12. Griot’s Garage 11117 Micro Fiber Drying Towel

best car drying towel

Griot’s Garage brand is also one of the famous and trusted brands that customers do not doubt their products to be of high quality and durability.

It is a respectable brand in the automobile industry and today they bring you this reusable, perfect and affordable car drying towel which promises to deliver an outstanding cleaning performance that you won’t get from most car drying towels.

Taking a closer look at this towel would show you an interesting feature which is the pocket design on this towel as they are effective best for cleaning car crevices while having a good grip on this towel.

It is highly absorbent as it can hold up to seven times the amount of water and it is also a versatile or multipurpose cleaning cloth as it can be used in cleaning up the bathroom or the kitchen. It is best for cleaning in tight spaces.

Key Features:

  1. Has a waffle weave design which makes it extra absorbent
  2. Has an impressive pocket design
  3. Made using premium grade materials
  4. Extremely soft
  5. Durable

13. Sarge’s Car Care .50 CAL CAR DRYING TOWEL

best car drying towel

Being extra-large, made of good quality and also solidly made are three best ways of describing the Sarge’s Car Care car drying towel and this towel also comes with a waffle weave design that also boosts or enhances its surface area for cleaning.

These towels are made of silk material which ensures that it would not leave lint, smear, scratch or even leave a streak on the surface of your car and it is absorbent as it can accommodate water up to eight times than most towels.

A nice feature everyone ought to know about this towel is it donates five percent to forgotten veterans and to the needy and you can trust this towel to last despite no matter how long it has been washed in a machine. Its only downside is that most customers complained of this towel being too thin during use.

Key Features:

  1. Offers generous donations to the needy from profits made
  2. Absorbs water massively
  3. Has a silk edge
  4. Extremely soft car drying towel

14. CarCarez Microfiber Car Wash Drying Towel

best car drying towel

These are towels with a GSM material weight of 450, are non-abrasive and also very soft when touched. They are very easy to handle and the kind of car drying towels you can call upon no matter how difficult the cleaning task is because you can trust this towel to get it done.

If you are a beginner and you want a car drying towel that is used by professionals then you might have just found yourself the right kind of car drying towel and one astounding feature that most car owners love about this towel is the fact that it safely gets rid of waxes without swirling.

This is an environmentally friendly towel which is highly absorbent and also possesses anti-bacterial properties and it can also be called upon for other cleaning tasks like cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen.

Key Features:

  1. Can be easily handled
  2. Has useful anti-bacterial properties
  3. Highly absorbent
  4. Soft
  5. Durable

15. Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth Microfiber Dryer Towel

best car drying towel

This is another impressive entry from the Chemical Guys brand and one special way to describe this car drying towel is it is extremely plush, absorbent, soft and affordable. It is designed to be different from the rest products as it is capable of holding about a gallon of water.

If you own SUVs, recreational vehicles or boats then this is the ideal drying towel you can use on such automobiles as it is plush and soft enough as well as being extremely large to cover large spaces in just one wipe.

One benefit customers are assured of is the fact that this towel would not leave behind lint, scratch or streaks on your vehicle’s surface and this also makes it suitable for use on reflective and glass surfaces. You can also rely on this drying towel during household cleaning.

Key Features:

  1. Doesn’t streak or lint
  2. Has a non-abrasive design
  3. Soft and plush drying towel
  4. Highly absorbent as it can hold up to a gallon of water
  5. Thick

Waffle Weave Car Drying Towel

One mistake car owners always make is thinking a waffle weave car drying towel is different from a microfiber towel but the real truth is that a waffle weave towel is just another type of a microfiber towel.

Microfiber towels would offer excellent cleaning results as they possess extremely soft fibers which would wipe your car surfaces gently without leaving behind any imperfection. These kinds of towels can be trusted when getting rid of polishes, waxes and several other detailing products.

The waffle weave towel is specially created to display an exceptional cleaning performance but it still has microfiber in it so it would not leave scratches on your car surface. It is well known for its ability to hold more water than any kind of towel.

Last Thoughts

In the automotive world, microfiber towels are towels that are preferred over Huck towels and even Terry cloths. The towels we have listed in this review are the best but one fact everyone must note is even though they are the best, they still ought to be cared for or they would not be able to deliver that outstanding performance that is required of them.

Washing microfiber towels with the wrong kind of detergent would cause them to lose their quality, thin out, lose their absorbing properties or even pick up lint. We are sure you have enjoyed coming on this journey with us and we hope you would be able to find a good car drying towel from the ones we have selected.

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