10 Best Car Seat For Bad Back (2020 Exclusive Reviews) – Cushion For Back Pain

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Driving is an experience that should be comfortable for everybody regardless of how long you drive. Stress, neck stiffness and back pain are some unpleasant conditions that the body might experience if one doesn’t choose to invest wisely in the best car seat for a bad back.

If you want to be wise then you should try as much as possible to avoid unnecessary back and body conditions so one thing you ought to do is invest in a quality car seat cushion for a bad back.

Browsing through the internet would tell you that there are so many options for you to select from but we have gone through all the pain of shuffling from one product to the other and come up with the best options for you. Whether you drive for long hours or you already have a back pain or the other that you are dealing with, you would be able to find a good car seat cushion that would be ideal for you in this review.

Several key features were taken into consideration when selecting all of the items that we discussed in this review and these features are functionality, fit, texture, material and color. Safety and convenience are all that matters when driving so take a look at the best options which we have rounded up for you.

1. SET: Cool Gel Memory Foam Seat Cushion

car seat cushion for bad back

This is an office cushion set and one we are kicking off this best car seat for bad back review with. This seat cushion set by U-Are is one that would deal with several back issues like providing relief to tailbone injuries, herniated discs, back pain caused by pregnancy, hip discomfort, aching back and lots more. This is a complete seat cushion set guaranteed to improve on your sitting experience.

It is very versatile as it can be used on wheelchairs, kitchen chairs, desk chairs and also in cars and for every pain that arises due to bad sitting habits then car seat cushion set is designed to help provide relief to affected areas. With this car seat cushion, the rear end of the body would feel extremely comfortable thanks to its HEAT DISBURSEMENT GEL design and guess what, this complete set comes with a car rain cover that is quite useful in ensuring that these seat cushions are properly covered.

It also features one hundred percent of memory foam while its breathable mesh strap and middle make sure this seat cushion is well secured to a chair.


  1. Designed to provide the back with support
  2. Perfect for long hours for use
  3. Provides lumbar support
  4. Can be used on various type of chairs


  1. Has a strange and strong chemical smell

2. Wonder Comfort Lumbar Support

This is often described as a seat cushion designed to provide the back with lumbar support and guess what, it would make sure it helps in dealing with back pain and also for promoting the right or proper posture. Its two adjustable straps make sure it fits and stay secure to any chair it is used with and speaking about chairs that it can be good with, we are referring to rocking chairs, recliners, wheelchairs, couch, car seats and more.

What makes this cushion outstanding from all other products on the market is based on its manufacturing design which is referred to as the NEVER FLAT design and what this simply means is the manufacturing design ensures that this cushion doesn’t go flat when used.

This is the type of car seat that is designed solely with the aim of making sure the back is cared for and it can be trusted in providing the lower back with all-round lumbar support.


  1. Designed to promote comfort
  2. Enables people with back pain to still sleep on their backs
  3. Offers great support
  4. Soft and cute looking car seat


  1. None for now

3. Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion

This is one of the safest and most reliable car seat cushion for everyone as it is made using a quality memory foam and without any additives and guess what, it is made by one of the leading manufacturers that can also be trusted based on their reputation in the production of high-quality products.

This car seat cushion would bless the back with comfort and still would not lose its density and this is also another stand out feature of this product.

Whenever the back is hurt either by sitting for long periods or by driving for long periods, the Everlasting Comfort car seat cushion is designed to eliminate leg pain as well as improving on any bad posture.

The Everlasting Comfort also helps in providing the lower back, tailbone, hips and spine with adequate support. Its versatility makes it a good option for use on wheelchairs, airplanes, trucks, cars, kitchen chairs and more.


  1. Best for the rear end especially during long and uncomfortable flights
  2. Helps in dealing with a tailbone injury
  3. Has great quality
  4. Designed to provide instant relief
  5. Provides too much comfort


  1. None for now

4. ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

Speaking of a car seat with all in one features then the ComfiLife gel enhanced seat cushion is maybe the preferred option and here is what you need to know about this car seat cushion, its design is aimed at making sure the back is provided with much comfort and support and that isn’t all, it also makes sure pressure is eliminated from the tailbone region as well as helping in improving the body posture.

Its in-built handle makes it very easy to transport and some of these features that we talked about earlier include a cover that is machine washable, rubber bottom that doesn’t slip while its cool off gel also helps in providing additional comfort for the back.

Whether you are traveling, driving or making use of this car seat cushion for sport, there is a high level of guarantee that it would help in dealing with almost every form of pain.


  1. Improves posture comfort
  2. The best for use during long hours of car driving
  3. Deals with pain around the coccyx region
  4. Offers comfort especially when sitting for long hours


  1. Not the type that lasts long
  2. Not worth the hype according to some customers

5. SOFTaCARE Seat Cushion Coccyx

There are car seat cushions that are capable of making one seat without feeling any form of pain and enjoying maximum comfort and such seat cushion is the SoftaCare car seat cushion. With this car seat cushion, there would not be pressure felt around the Coccyx and all other pains like the herniated discs, sciatica, tailbone injuries and more would also be dealt with.

This is also considered to be a lumbar support pillow which makes sure the lower back doesn’t feel any more pain.

This car seat cushion has a non-slip bottom which makes sure it sits right in place without moving from one side to the other and thanks to its handle, transporting or carrying this car seat cushion from one place to another would be very easy. What’s more, this car seat can also be used on various seats like car seats, desk seats, office seats, airplane seats and more.

For providing back support, this is one car seat cushion that promises to that will be of great help while the production of this pillow lies in its premium and one hundred percent memory foam which promises that this car seat cushion would never go flat.


  1. Perfect for longer hours
  2. Has great value for any money spent on it


  1. Poor quality car seat cushion
  2. The elastic strap doesn’t last long
  3. Doesn’t provide support as described
  4. Failed to work in general

6. VillSure Memory Foam Back Cushion

This car seat is designed just for the aim of stimulating the spine curve of the body and guess what, it has a well-contoured design which makes it very useful in getting rid of lower back pain and not just that but also for helping to maintain a perfect back posture either when driving or when sitting for long duration.

For cushioning the spine, this car seat cushion does a good job at that and it will provide support for the lower back so as to enable sitting up comfortably and conveniently.

This is a very reliable and trustworthy car seat cushion as it has been repeatedly tested and certified by an orthopedic specialist that is very effective in getting rid of mid back pain and lower back pain. It can be used with dining seats, wheelchair, airplane, SUV and more.


  1. Excellent lumbar support
  2. Comes with a strap for attaching it to any chair
  3. Very supportive and comfortable
  4. Improves posture especially when seating for longer periods


  1. None for now

7. ComfySure 3 Piece Seat Cushion Set

This is also another reliable car seat cushion out there and this one is made using one hundred percent memory foam. This three-piece cushion set is aimed at making one seat with comfort and there is also a guarantee that it would offer coccyx and lumbar support alongside armrest pads.

With this car seat cushion, you would feel better immediately as it would eliminate pains, aches and all forms of discomfort which could be caused by all day sitting.

Providing therapy needed all through the day is also what this car seat cushion is capable of and trust that this car seat cushion can be made use of anywhere whether it is in the car, in the office or even at home. For easy cleaning, washing using a washing machine is a great idea its high breathability makes it gets rid of discomfort and sweat.


  1. Provides comfort
  2. Has an excellent design
  3. Comes in a set
  4. Feels very soft and comfortable


  1. Goes flat after a while

8. BackJoy Posture Plus

This car seat cushion has an innovative design that offers an effective, safe and natural relief to any pain that is being felt at the back and guess what, it does this just by working to improve the posture of the back. No matter anywhere you sit or what time you sit, this car seat cushion would provide relief to lower back pain, offer lumbar support and also help in correction of the spine while seating in an office environment, in cars and also under any environment.

Now, this is what makes this car seat cushion quite likable, it comes with an EVA foam covering which serves for use both outdoors and indoors. This car seat cushion can be made use of on various types of seats whether they are car seats, office chairs or even on soft and hard surfaces.

Its waterproof covering makes sure it lasts for a long time and for all the lower neck, lumbar, sciatica, spinal, posture and back pain, this car seat cushion would bring relief.


  1. Offers fast relief
  2. Designed to provide the back with comfort
  3. Helps with legs numbness


  1. Not returnable item
  2. Doesn’t work as described

9. Uhealer Premium Comfort Seat Cushion

This car seat cushion features no additives but contains one hundred percent original memory foam and with this car seat cushion, leg pain would benefit instant relief while bad posture would be corrected. The way this car seat cushion function is by picking up responses to the heat of the body so as to take the perfect shape of the back and it also possesses a thick foam which is able to cushion and compress in order to provide the back with all the comfort that it deserves.

This is one car seat cushion that is recommended by orthopedic doctors and making use of this car seat cushion helps in eliminating Arthritis, nerve pain, backaches, neck pain, leg pain, pregnancy pain and more.

It has a versatile design that makes it a very good choice for computer chairs, wheelchairs, airplanes, trucks, recliners or even at work or at home. In conclusion, it comes with a black cover that can be washed in a washing machine.


  1. Highly recommended by professionals
  2. Can be used in Cars
  3. Very comfortable and supportive
  4. Designed to be soft and durable


  1. This car seat cushion doesn’t retain thickness

10. General Armor Gel Chair Seat Cushion

Featuring a car seat cushion that is made using one hundred percent elastomer material and also with a covering that is also made using one hundred percent polyester material, this is definitely one of the best car seats for bad back ever to find its way to the market.

What makes this car seat cushion special is its advanced column buckling technology which is designed to disperse the weight of the body evenly and as such, getting rid of the pressure that could be found at pressure points.

It is also designed to be durable and resilient and for this reason, losing its support is very impossible which is why it tends to last for a long period of time. It has air channels that promote the flow of air so the back doesn’t have to deal with heat anymore and also, for this reason, there would be extreme comfort all through unlike other low-quality car seats that encourage heating which leads to discomfort.

Even though one sits for long periods, as far as this car seat cushion is involved, the back would enjoy comfort for as long as they seat.


  1. Everywhere becomes significantly comfortable
  2. Eliminates tailbone pressure
  3. Worth every penny spent on it
  4. Has a clever design


  1. Not as thick as expected

Cushions for Back Pain Buying Guide

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Finding a good car seat cushion for bad back is not as easy as it sounds and even though these car seat cushions are quite affordable, one needs to make sure he is getting the best out of any product that he decides to settle for. However, the following points should be taken into consideration when considering what car seat cushion for bad back product to settle for.

Style Of Car Seat Cushion

Every car seat cushion has its own unique style so before making a payment for any car seat cushion, ensure you have good knowledge of whatever style you are going for. Some common styles that one would easily encounter are the wedges, inflatable and memory foam styles.


The type of material used also determines the amount of comfort and durability that one would get out of what he or she settles for so the material used is also a very important factor that should be considered when shopping for the best car seat cushion for a bad back. Inner and outer material should be considered carefully.


When shopping for a car seat cushion, the size of what you want to go for also matters that is why you need to go for a car seat cushion that would be ideal for your weight and height. You should also go for a car seat cushion that would properly and perfectly be ideal for your car seat.


One reason why people opt for car seat cushions is for the sake of comfort so if a car seat cushion would not be offering you comfort that you desire then there would be no need going for such product. Car seat cushions with a sponge or thick foam are products that you can trust to offer you the required comfort.

Final Words

Having back pains and other forms of body illness are things that can hinder a person from enjoying comfort while driving and these pains can be unbearable while driving for long hours.

Even though these back conditions might require going to the hospital, finding one of the best car seats for bad back is one way of getting relief from any such pain. With our top 10 car seat cushion for back pain, you would not waste too much time while shopping for one on the market.


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