8 Best Chrome Spray Paint – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide (2020)

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Making use of the best chrome spray paint spray is one of the most effective and easiest ways of applying chrome on your motorcycle and car and chrome spray paint spray has a lot of benefits.

First of all, it is a cost-effective way of caring for your motorcycle or car as it doesn’t require spending unnecessarily or heavily to purchase and it is also something that can be done with ease. All that you need to do is to properly prepare the surface to be worked on and also take note of some sensible precautions.

A Complete Buying Guide On Purchasing The Best Chrome Spray Paint

best chrome spray paint

Taking note of some precautions and also careful preparation of the surface to be worked on would not only present you with a seamless finish but it would also make sure that this attractive finish lasts for a very long period of time. Another benefit is a chrome spray paint can also be used around your home when carrying out certain household chores. However, there are paints that would require several coats and there is quite some variation is the chrome you are seeking to achieve.

The color of the cap is one way to tell because all chromes do not have the same color. Within a few hours, they can dry off easily and users would also find spray cans quite easy to work with and it doesn’t matter whether you are used to working with spray cans or you are a beginner, you would always find it easy to work with.

In order to make the right choice when it comes to finding a quality and reliable chrome spray paint, check out our best chrome spray paint guide below:

1. Rust-Oleum 7718830 7718-830 Automotive Accessories

best chrome spray paint

We are opening up this review with one of the best chrome sprays paints that you are bound to come across when searching for which best chrome spray paint to settle for and this chrome spray paint is manufactured by Rust-Oleum which is one high profile and well-known company that is always concerned about the production of high quality and premium goods that would meet customer satisfaction.

This chrome spray paint is a versatile acrylic and multi-purpose spray paint which can be applied on various surfaces including surfaces like concrete, wood, interior metal and even masonry. With this premium chrome spray paint, you are assured of obtaining a superb metallic finish and what makes this paint differ from the rest on the market is its ability to resist chipping and being able to retain color so you can have the best finish.

After application, it requires about sixty minutes to get dried and users would also find it easy to apply as it comes with a wide finger pad that makes the application very easy. Its any angle spray also makes spraying in any direction very possible and you can also spray onto difficult to reach areas. One downside that this chrome spray paint has is it can’t be used on clear enamel and customers complained it takes up to 24 hours to dry completely.

Key Features:

  1. Can be sprayed from various angles
  2. Resistant to chipping and fading
  3. Retains original color
  4. Produces a shiny metallic finish

2. Krylon KSCS032 Short Cuts Aerosol Spray Paint

Krylon KSCS032 Short Cuts Aerosol Spray Paint

Another chrome spray paint we want to talk about is the Krylon KSCS032 aerosol spray paint and this spray paint differs from the previous product we talked about as it claims to be a quick-drying enamel product. Asides from being a quick-drying enamel spray paint, you can trust that this spray paint can be used in various applications and this also includes craft foam. It is, however, a premium and high-quality product which is manufactured in the United States of America to meet consumer requirements.

When applying the Krylon KSCS032 aerosol spray paint, users would notice how smooth this paint goes on surfaces and it is also capable of delivering an outstanding finish that is very durable with a high glossy appearance. For use on a bicycle and automotive projects, you can also count on this chrome spray paint as it can be used on metals, ceramic and wood but its downside is its quantity doesn’t make it fit for larger jobs.

Key Features:

  1. Can be used on various metals
  2. Dries off quickly
  3. Would deliver a high gloss finish

3. Martha Stewart Crafts Metallic Acrylic Craft Paint

This is another premium chrome spray paint that is manufactured to deliver impressive results and the Martha Stewart Crafts metallic chrome spray paint is one that is manufactured in the United States of America and also is in line with all the standards of ASTM D4236. Safety is assured when working with this chrome spray paint as it is water-based meaning it doesn’t contain toxic materials but it is formulated to offers you that desired glittering and sparkling finish.

It is well contained in a two-ounce bottle and can be found available in various colors. For all kinds of metal, the Martha Stewart Crafts Metallic spray paint is one that is right for use on metals and that isn’t the only surface it can be used on. It is also fit or suitable for use on fabric, wood and glass. Furthermore, no product is ever manufactured to be free from criticism.

This product, however, doesn’t deliver that sort of metallic finish according to some customers who recently tried out this product and there were also complains that there might be a need for several coats during use.

Key Features:

  1. This is a water-based chrome paint as it doesn’t contain toxic ingredients
  2. Comes in several colors
  3. Offers a deep color finish
  4. Even though it has a small quantity, it can be used in covering lots of surfaces

4. Krylon K01010A07 Premium Metalic Original Chrome

We just finished talking about a chrome spray paint from Krylon not quite long in this review and now we are back to talk about another chrome spray paint from the same brand and what does this actually mean? it means that the Krylon brand is another reputable brand that is concerned greatly with the manufacture of original and reliable products so as to meet their customer needs.

This reliable chrome spray paint from Krylon is one that can be used on various metallic surfaces and not just on metal surfaces but also on wicker and plastic surfaces. It is one that users would find very easy to apply onto surfaces and it takes only about ten minutes to dry off completely. This is one chrome spray paint that in two hours would be completely dried to handle.

Obtaining a lustrous finish is what this chrome spray paint is all about and it is also formulated to produce a high gloss and smooth finish. This product is also very safe as it doesn’t contain acidic ingredients in its formulation but when working with this chrome spray paint, the surrounding area needs to be sprayed as well for better protection. Up to two coats may also be needed during use.

Key Features:

  1. Ideal for use on various metal surfaces
  2. Easy mode of application
  3. Dries off quickly

5. VHT SP525 Chrome Acrylic Enamel Can

This is another chrome spray paint with a very good value on the market. If you want a chrome spray paint that is extremely durable and also capable of delivering that desired level of coverage then this is just the product you have been looking for. This chrome spray paint isn’t just formulated to make surfaces look good but it is one that is also tasked to protect surfaces from rust or corrosion.

This chrome spray paint is safe for use as it doesn’t contain lead or other dangerous substances in its production and it has a quick and fast drying time so you can obtain your desired glossy finish. With this chrome spray paint, you don’t have to be worried about hard wearing and it is also resistant to harsh weather conditions. For use on automotive and household projects, this is the product you can trust.

However, there were also complaints about its spray tip as customers disclosed that it is hard to press while preparation is also required before spraying this chrome spray paint on any surface.

Key Features:

  1. Safe as it doesn’t contain enamel
  2. Resistant to weather
  3. Dries quickly
  4. Very easy to make use of

6. General Paint & Manufacturing PDS-94 Metallic Spray Paint

Manufactured in the United States of America, the General Paint and Manufacturing spray paint is one that also promises to leave that glossy, attractive and shiny finish on metallic surfaces. Just like some of the chrome spray paints that we have talked about in this review, this product also has the ability to dry off quickly and that is why it is a very good option for both exterior and interior use.

If you want to coat various types of metals then this is the right choice of chrome paint for you and it isn’t just designed for use on metallic surfaces but it is also a good choice for use on plastics and woods. However, there is a stand out feature about this chrome spray paint and what we are talking about is its 360 degrees spray angles which makes sure you can spray at different angles. For this reason, you can also get to spray areas that are quite difficult to get access to.

Customers who have used this product claimed its metallic color wasn’t the same that was displayed on its can and it also requires several coating during use.

Key Features:

  1. Can be used on various metallic surfaces
  2. Has a 360-degree spray that allows spraying in various angles
  3. Dries very quick

7. Jacquard Lumiere Metallic Acrylic Paint

Jacquard Lumiere Metallic Acrylic Paint

The Jacquard Lumiere metallic acrylic paint is another high-quality product that we want to discuss right now and you can trust that this product can also be used on wood, paper, silk, leather and fabric. It is one that you can trust to help deliver exceptional and amazing finish regardless of the surface it is being used on. Even when used on dark backgrounds, the Jacquard Lumiere metallic acrylic paint also proves to be bright and opaque.

However, this paint also goes smooth when applied on any surface and these surfaces might either be flexible, soft, uneven textures as well as on fabrics. It can either be marbled, stenciled, painted, brushed or stamped using a soft brush.

Key Features:

  1. This paint has good coverage
  2. Goes smoothly when applied on surfaces
  3. Has great depth
  4. Delivers an impressive shine

8. Sargent Art 22-1282 Metal Acrylic Paint

If you want a lustrous and rich metallic acrylic paint then the Sargent Art liquid metal acrylic paint is the product that you have been looking for and guess what, this is one product that is also manufactured bearing durability in mind and also has excellent coverage. This is one paint that can be made use of on-stage designs, sculptures, murals, signs and other surfaces or platforms and it is also one that is formulated with safe and non-toxic ingredients.

It is often referred to at times as one of the best paints for sign painters and people in the art department and users would also find this acrylic paint very easy to make use of as it comes with a wide, clear and convenient mouth jar. It is also manufactured in the united states of America.

Key Features:

  1. Produces a glorious and wonderful shine
  2. Very easy to make use of
  3. Can also be used on primed plastic

Best Chrome Spray Paint Buying Guide

What we refer to as chrome is actually decorative and shiny items that can be found on cars and what this actually implies is steel undergoing several plating processes. This, however, isn’t just a decorative concept alone but it can also be used in protecting against harsh weather changes as well as any unhealthy challenge that the weather brings. We have numerous ways of applying chrome but the process everyone is familiar with and one that is widely used is the triple plating mode.

This method is extremely durable but also expensive at the same time and it is also a very complicated process that involves the plating of metal with copper before adding Nickel and lastly chromium plating. What this process is called is ELECTROPLATING. Chrome paint is called upon when one is in need of a chrome effect or wants to deal with a damaged chrome and what chrome paint is just liquid mixed with thin metal flakes. Applying paint with a spray is a way of obtaining a shiny and smooth surface.

Spray chrome paints comes in various cans and can also be applied through various angles. They are responsible for rendering a high gloss finish but require that preparation should be carried if a perfect result is to be obtained.

Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Chrome Spray Paint

If you have made up your mind on getting a chrome spray paint then the following factors are what you need to carefully consider;

Size of the Can

There are chrome spray paints that are meant only for large-sized jobs but you can still make your choice on what quantity you want to settle for. In order to obtain better coverage then you would also need a large chrome paint spray but if you want to work in a small area then you need to get a small-sized can. It is wise to have some quantity remain than run out of chrome spray paint while working.


One of the mistakes that you can make is to assume that all chrome spray paints end up having the same color. The truth is they have a wide color variation and because it has chrome written on its label doesn’t really imply that the color would match that of your car so check its color cap as it would give you a hint on what the final color is like.


Application is quite easy as all it takes is for you to just pick up the spray and start spraying. This is quite easier and quicker but you should also know that some jobs might require one or more additional coats.

Drying Time

Spray paints that take too long to dry tend to get something stuck in between or get tainted so you should opt for a chrome spray paint that has the ability to dry off quickly.

Amount of Preparation

The amount of time that is recommended for preparation is however indicated on the can of the chrome spray paint so this should be carefully balanced with the amount of work that you want to put in and the amount of time available for you.

Surface Type

Chrome spray paints do not generally adhere to every surface so it is also very important that you find a chrome spray paint that would be compatible with the surface you would like to work on.


The description of the chrome spray paint on the can should tell you if a smooth finish would be obtained and you can also check out reviews as well as the cap to find out the level of glossiness that a chrome spray paint can offer.

Importance of Chrome Spray Paint

  1. It helps your car or motorcycle to shine and look great.  This is because of the glossy appearance that it offers is like that of a mirror and makes your car shine bright new
  2. It is tough and this is quite good as it makes sure every surface is well protected from scratching as well as being able to withstand chipping.
  3. Working with chrome spray paint is something that you can do yourself as it doesn’t require expertise or special skill or knowledge
  4. It is also a cheap method of maintaining and caring for your car
  5. It doesn’t contain harmful or toxic materials in it so it is an environmentally friendly product
  6. It is extremely versatile as it can be used on various surfaces

Our Favorite Pick – Conclusion

A versatile acrylic paint is one product that holds down the number one spot in this review and it is one that can be used on woods and metals as well as on masonry and concrete.

With this acrylic chrome paint, you would be able to achieve a shiny metallic finish that fights back chipping and retains its original color. This chrome spray paint is also very easy to apply while being able to spray at different angles makes it easy to reach difficult areas.


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