10 Best Clay Bar for Auto Detailing in 2021 – Buying Guide

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Have you ever wondered how the paint of your car always looked so good and had that shiny and attractive color? The secret lies in the use of clay bars and no matter how hard you try, if you do not make use of clay bars to detail your car then you might not be able to get your car to shine like brand new.

A simple piece of clay is all that is needed to get your car to feel and look great and that is why clay bars are no longer kept as secrets nowadays. The good thing about everything is you can now make use of this underrated but yet amazing useful tool and work on your car at home or in your personal garage.

The good thing about this product is it doesn’t cost much so come with us and read up all you need to know about clay bars;

Routine washing of your car is a nice way to make sure its paint keeps shining but from time to time, there are certain measures that need to be taken so as to help ensure that your car paint if well protected. Clay bars are great agents that you can rely on and what’s more, they are very effective in restoring your cars lost shine as well as getting rid of contaminants and dirt.

Below you would find a well-detailed guide on the 10 best clay bar and we are sure that you would gather as much information that you would need from this well-detailed review. Check them out:

1. Mothers 07240 California Gold Clay Bar System

best clay bar

We would kickstart this review with the best clay kit right now on the market and we are talking about the Mothers California gold clay bar system. This is one brand that would pop up constantly when searching for a car detailing or cleaning product and this is because this brand is concerned with the production of high-quality products that would keep your car shining brand new.

Settling for this clay bar doesn’t just imply you are settling for a high-quality clay bar but you would be getting not one but two clay bars and each of these bars weighs at least one hundred grams.

There is also another huge benefit that customers stand to gain just by settling for this product and that is getting a free microfiber towel and a premium detailing spray so you are getting all you need to keep your clean-looking clean in one box.

This is a high-quality product from a reputable manufacturer and despite coming with all of these benefits, you can get this clay bar kit at a very reasonable price so you see, you won’t be spending much but you would get all that you need to help keep your car clean.

Key Features:

  1. This is a complete clay bar kit that comes with everything you need
  2. Has a high market value
  3. Each clay bar weighs about one hundred grams

2. Chemical Guys Clay Bar & Luber Synthetic Lubricant Kit

best clay bar

The second product to enter this review is from another reputable company called the Chemical Guys company and this is also another impressive and well-stocked kit as it comes with one clay bar that weighs one hundred grams, one lubricating spray bottle and to top it off, you still don’t have to spend much to acquire this high-quality clay bar kit. There is a reason why this product has made it to this review and that is because this brand is also focused on producing high-quality car detailing products.

This clay bar kit is popular among many car owners and this is a result of its high-level manufacture and design detail and you can trust this clay bar to get rid of all kinds of surface contaminants.

It can also be used on surfaces like plastics, glass, metal and painted surfaces. This clay bar lasts long while its lube spray also helps in giving your car that positive and impressive look.

Key Features:

  1. Can be used on various surfaces
  2. Comes with a high-quality lube spray
  3. Clay bar weighs one hundred gram

3. MEGUIAR’S Smooth Surface Clay Kit

best clay bar

Looking at the third product to make this well-detailed list is another high profile manufacturing company and we are talking about the Meguiar brand. This brand is also famous for producing high quality and reliable car detailing products and looking at this clay bar kit that they have produced, this kit contains all that you would need to help give your car that impressive and outstanding appearance.

In this clay bar kit, you would find two clay bars that weigh about eighty grams meaning they are not as large as the previous two clay bar products we have talked about. Also in this kit, you would find a quality microfiber towel as well as a lubricant spray so you can actually say this kit contains all that you really need. Unlike the previous products we have talked about, this clay bar kit has a heavy price tag slammed on it.

Its small-sized clay bars and high price tag might tend to put off customers from settling for this product but considering the manufacturer, you know you are indeed missing out on a clay bar capable of delivering an impressive and overall performance.

Key Features:

  1. This is also a full clay bar kit which contains all other necessary items for car detailing
  2. Comes with two clay bars
  3. Clay bars weigh eighty grams each

4. YGDZ Magic Clay Bars

best clay bar

This is another high-value clay bar from YGDZ but before we proceed let us first inform you that there aren’t any bells and whistles about this product, unlike the other products we have talked about. What we mean is that this kit doesn’t come with an extra a clay bar wax, lubricant or even a microfiber cloth. You are getting just two sets of clay bars and this also means you are not spending heavily on getting this product.

These are nicely made products that users would find very easy to hold and they can also be cut into different shapes easily. They can be cut into large shapes for large and wide area detailing or cut into smaller shapes to help detail smaller or regions.

This clay bar also comes in several colors and customers would be impressed with the white color clay bar as dirt would show up more on white than any other color.

Key Features:

  1. Comes with two clay bars
  2. Comes at a very low price
  3. Quite soft which makes it very easy to mold
  4. Also comes in a white color

5. IPELY Auto Detailing Magic Clay Bar

best clay bar

The IPELY clay bar is also another reliable car detailing a product that you would love to take home and guess what? you are getting four clay bars if you settle for this product. Clay bars are not car detailing items that you would need to make use of regularly so having four clay bars means not shopping for clay bars anymore in a very long time. This product has a high phenomena value which is why it is considered as being a premium quality product.

Just like the previous clay bar product we talked about, users would find it easy to tear the IPELY clay bar into different shapes so you can tackle various regions on your vehicle. All these features make it one of the best clay bars you would come across when shopping for clay bars and what’s more, you can combine using this product with just water. This doesn’t mean you cannot combine it with a lubricant.

Key Features:

  1. Comes with four clay bars
  2. Each clay bar weighs one hundred grams
  3. Has excellent value
  4. Designed to work with water

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6. Chemical Guys CLY_402 Medium Clay Bar

best clay bar

This is another product from the Chemical Guys company to enter this review and what this should tell you is this company doesn’t slow down on manufacturing high quality and premium products.

This is a single clay bar and not a kit like some products we have talked about earlier in this review which is why it is being considered as a replacement bar product but would work great with a lubricant spray you have left.

Manufactured by the Chemical Guys company simply means that its price might be a little bit higher and even though its price is on the high side, you really have to give kudos to the manufacturer because they would not compromise on making high quality and premium products for their customers. This is one clay bar that can be molded easily and nicely which makes it a good choice for detailing.

It is known for its hard work in the removal of containment and stains. That isn’t just all as you can also make use of this clay bar on several surfaces while its nice light color would also allow you to see the dirt you are getting rid of.

Key Features:

  1. Makes use of a flex clay technology
  2. Has a light gray color
  3. Clay bar weighs one hundred grams

7. LEOBRO 4 Pack Top Quality Car Clay Bar

best clay bar

Another product to enter this review is one that is similar to the IPELY product that e talked about earlier and both products are quite similar in the sense that they come with four clay bars. This is a product from LEOBRO and just like the IPELY product, there aren’t any special features to generate bells and whistles about this product unlike other products like the Meguiar and the Chemical Guys.

Despite being manufactured by a low profile company, this clay bar is still a phenomenal product and of impressive quality and you are actually getting four of this clay bar for a very low price.

These clay bars are formulated to function or be compatible with water which makes them quite easy to make use of. They are also individually wrapped products and they can be stored easily where you can pick them up if you need them again.

Key Features:

  1. Comes with four clay bars
  2. Has a very low price tag
  3. Each clay bar is individually wrapped
  4. Each clay bar weighs at least one hundred grams

8. TriNova Clay Bar Kit – Auto Detailing Claybar

best clay bar

This is a clay bar kit from the TriNova company and this company has offered you an all in one clay bar kit that would be useful in providing your car with high quality and impressive detailing. Having that in mind, it would be a pleasure to tell you that this kit comes with a clay bar, lubricant and a plush cloth and it can be applied either using a polishing machine or by hands.

Looking at the benefits of this clay bar kit, it would leave your car surface shining and looking very smooth as it is powerful enough to pull out every stain and contaminant. This clay bar kit would also work on any surface or material but a little amount of force would be required to get the right shape out of these clay bars. An extra amount of rubbing would also help in getting rid of water spots.

Key Features:

  1. Effective in getting rid of embedded metal and brake dust
  2. Comes with a plush cloth and lubricant
  3. Provides a smooth surface
  4. Can be applied using a polishing machine or by hand

9. Senrokes Clay Bar Car Detailing Clay

best clay bar

This clay bar from Senrokes is one with a scratch-free and smooth texture which makes its ideal for use on various surfaces. You can also trust this clay bar to get rid of flying paint and it would get rid of stains with ease. Another interesting feature of this clay bar is it can be used on lacquer, chrome, glass and other various surfaces where it would extract dirt deeply.

Just like some clay bars that we have talked about in this review, this consists of four different clay bars which help in offering easy and convenient cleaning and despite having four clay bars, it is very affordable which simply means you are getting an excellent value for your money. The only problem with this clay bar is its surface feels kinda sticky but that isn’t quite a big issue.

Key Features:

  1. Would get rid of flying paint and stains
  2. Can be used on multiple surfaces
  3. Can also be used several times
  4. Has a smooth texture that helps to fight against scratching
  5. Can be used in various applications

10. MATCC Car Clay Bar

best clay bar

Another high-value clay bar product is this one from MATCC and this product comes with about two clay bars that weigh about one hundred and eighty grams. This product comes in a handy plastic box and also has an affordable price tag on it. Its plastic handy box can also serve as storage when not in use even though it wasn’t listed or addressed on the body of the package.

This is a fine and medium clay bar that is specifically for use on newer vehicles as using them on older vehicles with older contaminated paint not so ideal. This is one major downside of this product and since it doesn’t work on all kinds of contaminants, this might actually prevent customers from settling for this product. If you want a clay bar for constant maintenance of your vehicle then this is absolutely the right product for you.

If you are new to making use of clay bars as part of detailing your car then this is the right product for you as you would find it very easy to make use of. It is an easily pliable product but it is also one that would not just change shape with ease.

Key Features:

  1. Has a good price
  2. Would get rid of contaminants in newer vehicles
  3. Comes with a plastic handy box
  4. Easily pliable product

Buying Guide and Factors To Consider When Shopping

Even though this is quite a simple product, there are lots of options out there on the market with different price ranges. This is also one reason why we have taken it upon ourselves to bring you this review together with some key factors that you ought to have in mind when considering what option to buy. If you are looking for a clay bar for detailing your car then there are certain factors to take into consideration. they are;

These factors include:

Lubrication – it isn’t ideal to make use of clay bars on surfaces that are already dry and that is why lubrication is very necessary as it would make sure no damage comes to your paint.

There are high-quality clay bar products that make it compulsory you make use of lubricants before working with clay bars on your cars and even the best clay bar kits also tend to come with lubricants. Look out for such products:


This might just be a factor that doesn’t bother everyone because people do not seem to care about the color of a clay bar when shopping for one. Either way, it is very necessary you go for a clay bar with a lighter color as it would show you the dirt being removed better. You can actually settle for a gray or white color clay bar but some manufacturers make theirs be blue which would not show you the dirt being removed.


The size of a clay bar regarding how it feels when held in your hands doesn’t really matter or shouldn’t bother you much but what you should take into consideration is the size of the clay bar when talking about overall quality. One hundred grams is the actual or ideal size as they would help in giving your car a thorough washing and detailing.

Reasons for Using a Clay Bar for Detailing

The fact that it works is the main reason why you should never miss out on making use of a clay bar for detailing your car. Clay bar has been in existence a long time ago and that is because professionals know how to make use of them effectively but now you also have knowledge of how to make use of them.

Clay bar would get rid of surface contaminants that manage not to go off after washing one’s car so we are talking of contaminants like’

  1. industrial pollution
  2. brake dust
  3. overspray
  4. tar and oil stains
  5. tree sap

Cleaning a car even when making use of something as powerful as a foam cannon might still not be able to get rid of these surface contaminants but that is why you have the clay bar as they are well formulated and have the ideal shape to get rid of these contaminants. This makes it one of the best cleaning materials ever and that is why you should add a clay bar to your car detailing kit.

Final Thoughts

There are quite a several interesting and impressive products that we have talked about in this review and you would be really pleased after reading this review because all the products that we have talked about are all mostly top quality brands and high-quality products.

After lots of consideration, we decided to make the Mothers California Gold Clay Bar kit the number one product in this review not just because it comes with bars that weigh about one hundred grams but also because it has a good detailing spray and superb lubricant. It also comes with a microfiber cloth so it is quite hard to argue that this product would deliver great value for your money.

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