15 Best Engine Degreaser for Cars to Buy In 2024 – Top Picks and Reviews

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It is quite difficult to find anyone who would admit to loving or enjoying degreasing his or her engine. If you are concerned about getting your engine to work for a very long time then that is exactly what you have to do and the only way to do that is by getting a degreaser.

The better and steady intake of air by any engine combined with the free-flowing movement of grease is one way of making sure an engine performs and runs better. Maintaining a clean engine also has its advantages as you would be able to identify issues of oil leaks just before they turn out to be a major concern.

Even though there are a lot of degreaser products available for sale with all of them claiming to have what it takes to leave your engine in a good shape and help it shine and sparkle, finding a good and suitable one is still a tough task. Check tireer.com for more help.

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Making use of a degreaser would surely keep your engine running in a very good form but most car owners fail to understand that engine detailing is also a very necessary process. Cleaning up the engine and keeping it in good condition goes more than just washing with soap and water.

Degreasers feature special formulation which enables them to get rid of dirt, grease and grime with ease. So many manufacturers out there claim to have the best formulation which makes finding a powerful one very difficult so you can trust our best degreaser for cars review to bring you all you need to know about the top degreasers on the market.

1. Simple Green 19128 Crystal Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser

best engine degreaser for cars

For the fact that the name of this engine degreaser is Crystal doesn’t really denote the presence of crystals in this product but when talking about its odor and appearance, this product is actually crystal clear. For this reason, this product tends to stand out from other products and to everyone’s surprise, it is actually green in color.

This is the best engine degreaser of this review if you have a taste for a product with less amount or no contaminants such as color dyes which tends to cause more harm to the engine. This is a non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive and also biodegradable product.

This is a dual-action product as it serves as both an engine degreaser and also a cleaning agent. It has a high value of concentration which requires diluting with water before use. Diluting this product also helps in stretching the use of this product and users are assured that this product is worth every penny spent on it.

Key Features:

  1. Free from color and fragrance
  2. This is also a non-toxic product
  3. It is biodegradable
  4. Also a highly concentrated product

2. Meguiar’s D10801 Super Degreaser

best engine degreaser for cars

Coming from a well-respected company like the Meguiar company shows that there is a lot of quality, value and also respect combined with a bold claim attached to this product. This product has a lot of degreasing power and action and that is why it has found its way to this interesting and detailed review. It comes packed with a unique formulation that is way different from other brands.

The type of formulation this degreaser from Meguiar comes with enables it to deal with even the toughest of grease ensuring that they get broken down easily and can also be easily rinsed off. Rinsing off should be done with steam water for better results.

This same formulation is free from residue and what this means is after rinsing off, there wouldn’t be any trace of marks or streaks and this factor is very important if you have a taste for an engine that shines and sparkles.

One downside of this product is its herbal fragrance which some customers love while others do not and even at the division among customers concerning its herbal fragrance, its fragrance is also unique and worth talking about.

Key Features:

  1. One of the most powerful degreasers on the market
  2. Comes with a distinctive herbal fragrance
  3. It has a residue-free formulation

3. Oil Eater Original 1 Gallon Cleaner/Degreaser

best engine degreaser for cars

Even though the name “oil eater” sounds a little bit aggressive, this is such a gentle and easy product. This is one of the engine degreasers that are non-hazardous, non-toxic, and one other interesting feature which customers and buyers would love about this product is the fact that it is a USDA approved product meaning it can also come in contact with food surfaces.

This is however regarded as one of the safest engine degreasers ever to find its way to the market as it is also free from petroleum solvents, abrasive as well as acid. There are quite a lot of numerous things this degreaser is free from and also attached to but that is just a tip of the iceberg as this is also a very powerful degreasing agent.

This is an engine degreaser that can be trusted in breaking down tough oils and grease and for the fact that it is deemed as one of the safest products makes it also safe for use even though it isn’t in car-related conditions. It can be applied to asphalt and carpets and that is why it is often regarded to as a versatile product.

Key Features:

  1. Can be used in a vast range of applications
  2. Comes at a very low price yet it is very effective
  3. Free from abrasive and acid
  4. This is also a highly concentrated product

4. Krud Kutter Concentrated Cleaner Degreaser

best engine degreaser for cars

What most customers love about this product first is its name and one other thing we would love to indicate about this product is it has the capacity to live up to its name meaning this engine degreaser has what it takes to cut through any form of Krud.

Furthermore, this product isn’t just formulated to cut through Krud but it can also cut through various surfaces. This isn’t just a degreaser that is limited to just use in car engines but for what it is worth, this is a product that would perfectly fit into a wider range of applications.

Greasing through oil and grease isn’t what this product is just about as it would also cut through glue, crayon, marker, tape residue and even paint. Customers also appreciate the fact that this product is mild while its biodegradable and water combination also ensures it stands out from the crowd.

It, however, doesn’t contain ammonia, bleach or any other harmful solvent, therefore, making it extremely safe for any application.

Key Features:

  1. This is a high-value product
  2. Can fit into a wide range of application
  3. Has a water-based and biodegradable formulation
  4. Can be used in getting rid of several contaminants

5. Purple Power Industrial Strength Cleaner and Degreaser

best engine degreaser for cars

Once again, this isn’t just a product that is solely formulated just for automobile application but this product can be featured in a whole lot of applications. Its main action, however, is to be sprayed on your car engine and allow it do its wonder and it is also considered to be a very safe product as it is also an abrasive free, phosphate-free and also a product that is biodegradable.

Most customers also believe it isn’t as gentle and easy as other engine degreasers that we have mentioned. Take, for instance, this product’s label doesn’t inform us whether to use aluminum and plastics and this should tell you that you need to be extremely careful when spraying this product in your car.

Furthermore, this is a product that can be easily gotten from the market as it comes at a very affordable price, therefore, making it one of the cheapest products available for sale. Despite being cheap, this engine degreaser is also very effective but it requires extra care when in use.

Key Features:

  1. This engine degreaser acts fast when applied
  2. Safe as it is free from phosphate
  3. Cheap product
  4. Requires a high level of care during use

6. Chemical Guys CLD_201_16 Orange Degreaser

best engine degreaser for cars

Having mentioned degreasing products that aren’t just meant for cars alone but can be used in various applications, we are back again to talk about a degreasing product for cars and this particular product is one that is formulated and produced by a very famous and trusted brand know as the Chemical Guys brand.

One interesting thing to note about this car degreaser is the fact that it doesn’t just have an orange color just for the fun of it but the cleaning power of citrus has been used in order to bring out this special car degreaser. With this product, dirt, grime, oil spills and stains would be effectively gotten rid of and just spraying water can be used in rinsing off these contaminants.

Nonetheless, this product also features a multi-functional element which also enables it to be used in other car regions such as eliminating grime and mud from wheels and rims. It can also be used on several surfaces in tackling oil stains such as garage floor surfaces and even on tools to keep them shiny.

One last thing, this product is very affordable.

Key Features:

  1. Made out of a citrus-based formula
  2. This product is highly concentrated
  3. Gets rid of grease and dirt with ease

7. SuperClean Multi-Surface All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser

best engine degreaser for cars

Each time a product lives up to names, there is this feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment that is attached to it and that is exactly what you would feel after using the Super Clean tough task degreaser.

What makes this product to be widely used and accepted is the fact that its formulation supports it being used for tough degreasing tasks. For this reason, it is being referred to as an industrial-strength cleaner and degreaser. It also requires dilution before being used.

Immediately after applying this product, it starts working instantly and that is why it is effective in getting rid of tar, oil, grime and grease. Being free from phosphate and also being a biodegradable and water-based product. One thing to note is that this product isn’t as mild as other products so caution needs to be taken during application.

Key Features:

  1. This product comes at a cheaper value
  2. Features a water-based formulation
  3. Powerful and strong

8. Simple Green Pro HD Heavy Duty Cleaner

best engine degreaser for cars

What makes certain degreasers unique is knowing that they have a mild action that allows being used on various surfaces. This is also one feature that has led to this product making it to this list as one can easily tell of its powerful degreasing and cleaning abilities.

Other surfaces this product can be used on include vinyl, plastic, chrome, stainless and polished steel, aluminum and painted surfaces. Nonetheless, you still need to be careful while using this product as it is quite powerful and you should be able to make use of this product without having to worry about any side effects.

Lastly, this is a non-toxic and cost-effective product and users don’t have to be worried about the issue of run-off spreading onto your lawn after rinsing off.

Key Features:

  1. Can be used in numerous applications
  2. Considered to be a safe product
  3. Non-corrosive and non-toxic product

9. Chemical Guys CLD_104 Grime Reaper Degreaser

best engine degreaser for cars

This is another entry from the Chemical Guys brand to make it to our comprehensive best degreaser for cars review. Even though the name of this brand might sound funny, it has a strong reputation for living up to its name as it is considered to be a very strong degreasing and highly concentrated product.

Diluting this product also means you can get a powerful cleaning action and it also indicates that this product would last for a longer period of time. It has a special formulation that enables it to take on baked oil, grime and dirt and after rinsing off, users are assured that there would be no leaving behind of residue.

This is actually a product you can trust to offer you a shiny and attractive engine appearance and one other necessary factor to note is how safe this product is. Even though its main power is its degreasing action, it is also suited for use on wheels and tires. It also requires dilution which doesn’t cut down on its power but also makes it last longer.

However, this product isn’t as cheap and easily affordable as certain products that we have talked about in this comprehensive list but after weighing its value, quality and level of importance, you can actually come to the conclusion that this product deserves to be splashed money on.

10. POR-15® Cleaner/Degreaser Surface Cleaner

best engine degreaser for cars

If you want a degreaser for either automotive use or for industrial use then this is just the right product for you. Just like other products in this review, this product is also a highly concentrated product and when talking about how effective and powerful this product is, it is one that can be absolutely trusted in getting rid of greasy and oil stains on any surface.

This product also works great when used in attacking mildew, wax, soap films, musty odors and also algae. It would also interest you to know that this product can be diluted using water to about ten times its volume but that doesn’t mean it would lose its effectiveness.

It requires dilution so it could also be used in the application of preventive coatings and paintings when fighting against rust. If you want a product you can trust when fighting against oil stains and spills then the POR-15 is definitely one product that you can trust as it would work great regardless of the surface.

Key Features:

  1. Ideal for use on several surfaces
  2. Very powerful
  3. The POR-15 degreaser is a highly concentrated product

11. Gunk EB1CA One Each, 15 oz. Automotive Accessories

best engine degreaser for cars

This is a family-owned brand that has been in existence for quite some decades and their ability to stay relevant for such a long time makes this brand a dependable and trusted one. Being one of the best-rated engine degreasers is such a huge accomplishment for this brand and one thing this product is famous for is its effectiveness.

The GUNK EB1CA is quite famous for getting rid of grease, dirt and grime with ease and effectively and with this use of this degreaser you do not need any other special tool to make your engine shine and look great. It is however considered to be a heavy-duty degreaser meaning it would work great on most vehicle engines.

One last important factor to note is the GUNK EB1CA degreaser isn’t a home product as customers have complained that this product is a little bit too aggressive to be used at home.

Key Features:

  1. Has a quick action formula
  2. Its formula is also intensive and features powerful solvents
  3. Manufactured by a trusted and reputable brand
  4. Doesn’t require any special equipment or tool

12. Spray Nine 22732 Grez-Off Heavy Duty Degreaser

best degreaser for cars

Take a closer look at the Spray Nine Grez-Off powerful degreaser which comes in a 32-ounce bottle accompanied with a spray head and this is one product that has been totally accepted and welcomed by many buyers as its formula is a biodegradable one, therefore, making this product an eco-friendly one.

Safety is a factor that was carefully considered when formulating this product as it non-acidic, non-flammable and doesn’t possess any petroleum solvents in its formulation. For this reason, you can count on the Spray Nine Grez-Off degreaser to be effective in a host of applications.

This powerful degreaser can be made use of in the house, in the garage and also its main area of a specification which is the engine. One more advantage that this product possesses is it doesn’t have a bad smell when compared to other brands.

This degreaser can be applied on rubber, concrete and plastic surfaces without worry.

Key Features:

  1. Its formula features a professional strength that yields faster results
  2. Convenient to use thanks to its spray head
  3. Has no negative effect on rubber, chrome and plastics
  4. Very safe thanks to its biodegradable formula

13. Citrus Magic Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser

best engine degreaser for cars

Even though this brand doesn’t rank as high as other top quality brands on this list, the Trewax heavy-duty degreaser has found a way to make it to this interesting review as it possesses series of advantages and features that some products lack.

Being an environmentally friendly product and also made using a citrus-based formula is what makes this product stand out from other low-quality ones today. One other advantage that the Trewax heavy-duty cleaner has is that it can be used as a universal or multi-purpose cleaner.

Being a multipurpose cleaner simply means it can be used on several surfaces such as furniture, carpet, concrete and also kitchen countertop. Being washable simply means there is absolutely nothing to worry about as working with the Trewax degreaser means no issues of surface damage or being corrosive in nature.

Meanwhile, the major downside of this product is that it isn’t a fast-acting degreaser but there is a high-level assurance that it would still get its job done but in its own time and at its own pace.

Key Features:

  1. Made using natural solvents
  2. Has a citrus-based scent
  3. Its spray head makes it quite convenient to work with
  4. Features a biodegradable and non-toxic formula

14. CRC 05027 Citrus Engine Degreaser

best engine degreaser for cars

This is another powerful degreaser that we are going to take a look at as it features the combination of petroleum-based elements and citrus-based formula to make this effective degreaser. This degreaser also coms with a pleasant scent making every cleaning task a soothing and relaxing one.

No one has to be worried over the possibility of leaving behind any residue after rinsing off and being a heavy-duty degreaser requires some level of caution when working with this product especially when working on paints and plastic. This is because there is a tendency for this product to get very corrosive.

Asides from its corrosive nature mentioned above, this degreaser is also a user-friendly one and one feature of this product that interests or excites customers about it is its spray valve which makes it quite convenient to work with.

This degreaser can be used in poultry plants and automobile garages but it should be noted that it features a petroleum base.

Key Features:

  1. Would meltdown grease and dirt in few seconds
  2. Comes in an aerosol spray can
  3. Also comes with a citrus scent

15. Sea Foam 1 Pack Extreme Marine

best engine degreaser for cars

The last product to make it to our review is the Sea Foam Extreme Marine product and this is one product you would find out to be one of the best to find its way to the market.

Most users love this product for being very easy to make use of and customers who have tried it out also revealed that they didn’t have to do much work while making use of this product.

You would not regret spending your money on this one as all it takes is just for you to spray and wipe off. The best part of this product is it is very cheap and affordable and unlike other poorly formulated degreasers, you do not have to make use of this product repeatedly or several times to see its effect or power.

There’s a whole lot to be done using this extremely versatile product as its manufacturers have also revealed to us that it can be used in cleaning up carburetor jets, injectors, cleaning up deposits and also making noisy filters very quiet.

You can be certain that using this product would provide you with the right kind of performance that you desire.

Key Features:

  1. Simple and easy to work with
  2. Puts together an overall good and impressive performance
  3. Extremely versatile

Key Factors to Look at When Shopping for Degreaser for Cars


There are products that are meant for cars alone while others can be used around the garage and home. Settling for a multipurpose product means it would be mild therefore making it able to be used on other surfaces.


There are lots of surfaces a product can be used on and if the label of the product says a degreaser can be used on various surfaces then you don’t have to be careful while using such a product.


Size and price also go hand in hand. There is a product that comes in smaller containers that sells expensive while some come in larger quantities and sell cheaper. Be sure to know what would be ideal or suit your requirement


There is a high tendency for a petroleum-based degreaser to smell and this would prompt you to also settle for a duct mask so as to prevent the smell. Other products smell great for example having a citrus smell so it is all about what you truly want.

Last Words

Just as we promised at the beginning of this review, we said we would help you get the right information about the best engine degreaser for cars and after going through this review, we are sure that you all the information you need right at your fingertip.

Ensure that you invest in any of the products we have talked about and watch your engine glow and sparkle.

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