15 Best Halogen Headlight Bulb in 2020 – Top Rated Products with Reviews

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One funny but surprising truth is that the last thing most motorists think about when it comes down to maintaining their vehicle is a headlight bulb.

Making use of a reliable halogen headlight bulb is one necessary factor that most motorists take for granted and it is just a few motorists who observe that as time passes, headlight bulbs tend to diminish, dim and also lose its ability to shine brightly. For this reason driving at night becomes a very stressful task and also very risky.

Instead of laying the blames on the poor conditions of roads, why not take a minute and observe if your headlight bulb is in good working condition and this simply implies checking if they still shine bright and white as they ought to and if they don’t then you need to give replacing these bulbs a serious thought.

It is quite necessary that you upgrade to a halogen headlight bulb and you would be surprised at how thankful and stylish your car would be.

Your car’s headlight and your eyes perform similar functions as they ought to be clear, sharp and also guarantees all-round visibility and you also know that failing to take care of the eyes means heading for blindness.

Checking your headlights periodically to figure out if it has the same level of brightness is very necessary as failure to do so will leave you helpless in the dark.

There are halogen headlight bulbs that would boost vision at night time and to make sure you don’t make a mistake when you decide to shop for these bulbs then you should sit and carefully study this review which contains the right kind of information that would help you find the right halogen bulb.

1. Philips 9006 CrystalVision White Headlight Bulb

best halogen headlight bulb

When seeking to improve driving at night, the Philips 9006 CrystalVision white headlight bulb is a good option to settle for as making use of this headlight bulb means you wouldn’t have to strain the eyes just to have a clear vision of where you are heading to at night.

This headlight bulb is made by the popular Philips brand who are famous for making high-quality items and with these headlight bulbs, car drivers are guaranteed that these bulbs shine brighter compared to the bulbs found in cars.

Offering an extended beam, intense light and full coverage is something this headlight bulb is known for and that is why it is being used and appreciated by most car enthusiasts but you must note that you do not have to touch the bulbs using bare fingers during installation but making use gloves or paper towels would be a welcomed idea.

Key Features:

  1. Provides brighter light
  2. Delivers an extraordinary lighting appearance
  3. Proves to be a great replacement for stock bulbs
  4. Makes your car look stylish

2. SYLVANIA – 9006 SilverStar Halogen Headlight Bulb

best halogen headlight bulb

One benefit that comes with making use of the SYLVANIA SilverStar halogen headlight bulb is the fact that it offers a better and brighter driving experience at night.

They aren’t just designed to offer bright light but they also make sure that you can see farther while driving, therefore, making driving at night a less stressful and less frightening experience. The combination of a gas mixture, special filament design and lamp coating ensures that it shines light farther and down the road.

One downside customers have complained about this product is the fact that it doesn’t last long as they might get damaged or get burnt in less than a year but that being said, they are also designed to offer the best lighting experience at night time. They are also affordable which makes replacing them not a tedious task.

Replacing these bulbs is quite easy as it doesn’t use up to five minutes but one thing about replacing halogen bulbs is you should go ahead and replace both bulbs instead of replacing just one.

Key Features:

  1. Offers clear visibility while driving at night
  2. Quick and easy installation process
  3. Its light shines bright that you can see farther and the side of the road
  4. Legal and compatible with DOT guidelines

3. PIAA 17655 H7 Xtreme Halogen Bulb

best halogen headlight bulb

With the PIAA Xtreme halogen night bulb, you can be able to boost visibility while driving at night and customers have made some good and interesting remarks about this halogen bulb as it is said that this bulb offers better color recognition, depth perception as well as greater contrast.

They come with a blue tint which offers your car style and these bulbs are considered to be the best as they are also energy-efficient bulbs.

There are certain halogen bulbs that are not safe for use on roads but that isn’t the case with the PIAA Xtreme halogen bulb as it is compliant with SAE and DOT specifications, therefore, making it ideal for road use and it is necessary that they get immediately replaced when they get burnt.

For most motor vehicles, these halogen headlight bulbs can be used in them and also note that during installation these bulbs shouldn’t be touched with bare fingers.

Key Features:

  1. Increases light output through the means of XTRA technology
  2. Possesses a 400K color temperature which offers white light
  3. Makes the vehicle look stylish
  4. Quartz glass construction makes it heat resistant
  5. SAE and DOT compliant halogen bulbs

4. GE Lighting H7-55NHP/BP2 Platinum Bulb

best halogen headlight bulb

If you make use of inadequate and dim headlight then driving at night time could be very frustrating but there is an aura of confidence when driving that comes with making use of the GE Lightning H7-55NHP/BP2 bulb when driving at night.

This bulb is considered to be one of the brightest shining bulbs in the industry due to its ability to improve visibility at night significantly.

Customers who have tried out this halogen headlight bulb were impressed with its blue skirted coat and platinum-colored tip as they provide better contrast and boosts whiteness and that isn’t just what one stands to gain as these bulbs also add a stylish look to your car.

The GE lighting halogen bulb can be trusted in limiting the risk and chances of encountering any danger while driving at night.

Installation of this bulb is very easy as you can get a professional to install it for you or you do it yourself and installing this halogen bulb in an older vehicle will serve as a vital upgrade to such a vehicle.

Improving night vision significantly is what this bulb is known for as it is believed to be able to produce about ninety percent of bright light.

Key Features:

  1. Provides white and bright light which promotes visibility and enhances contrast while driving
  2. A legal halogen bulb to use on roads
  3. Can be installed in just a few minutes

5. SYLVANIA – H11 (64211) zXe Halogen Headlight Bulb

best halogen headlight bulb

This is another entry from the famous SYLVANIA brand and one thing you would notice immediately after installing this bulb is how bright and white that the light shines and also the way it adds some style to your vehicle.

Furthermore, these aren’t just stylish bulbs but bulbs that are also extremely functional and they can be relied upon to improve visibility at night even when driving under unfavorable driving conditions.

Customers should lookout for a wider field of vision as this bulb offers a bright and intense beam and they are believed to shine brighter than stock and OEM headlights. However, when shopping for this halogen headlight bulb, you should watch closely and avoid its cheap imitation products.

One other factor that you must note is when it gets burned out or when seeking to replace these bulbs, endeavor you replace both bulbs so as to obtain the best results.

Key Features:

  1. Capable of producing bright and sharp light
  2. Makes use of a unique XENON halogen gas technology
  3. Preferred to HID headlight bulbs
  4. Legal for use on roads
  5. Mirror top alloy coating makes it produce jewel appearance

6. HELLA H4 100/80W High Wattage Bulb

best halogen headlight bulb

One way of restoring confidence while driving at night is by making use of the HELLA H4 high wattage bulb but one thing that should be noted when trying to purchase this bulb is the bulb compatibility should be checked with the vehicle wattage.

Checking compatibility is quite beneficial as it helps to save money spent on repairs and also protecting the car from overheating and damage.

The stock headlight wiring needs to be upgraded before installing this headlight bulb and after installing these bulbs, you would notice the intense beam it offers which is capable of blinding other motorists. These bulbs are ideal for use either at night time or day time and they also make night vision wider.

Furthermore, these are bulbs that should be used only for the off-road driving meaning they are not suitable for highway or regular city driving and they should get replaced immediately it starts losing its brightness.

If you are in search of a high-performance halogen headlight bulb then this is all you need and it also comes at a very affordable cost.

Key Features:

  1. Have a long service life
  2. Meet stringent specification
  3. Its high wattage makes it illuminate brightly
  4. These are environmentally friendly bulbs
  5. Perfect for off-road driving alone

7. PIAA 10728 H13 (9008) Halogen Bulb

best halogen headlight bulb

Another halogen headlight bulb to make it to this top review in the PIAA 10728 H13 halogen bulb and with this bulb, drivers would notice major improvements when driving at night or even for off-road driving.

These bulbs are made to be durable as they wouldn’t lose their dim or intensity quickly and the light they offer shines brighter when compared to LED or HID headlight bulbs.

PIAA headlight halogen bulbs that weren’t made in the United States of America or Japan should be avoided and its package should be closely examined when shopping.

These bulbs are quite easy to install as you can install it yourself or get a professional to install it for you and just like with every other halogen bulb, they should be replaced immediately they burn out.

Key Features:

  1. Its color has better contrast and shines brighter which makes driving at night convenient
  2. These bulbs last longer and are heat resistant
  3. Thanks to their gas mixture, they provide high light output
  4. Simple installation
  5. SAE and DOT approved halogen bulbs

8. Philips H11 CrystalVision Headlight Bulb

best halogen headlight bulb

The use of these bulbs doesn’t just mean your bulb would shine brighter but it also means your bulb would have a stylish look.

You would be able to see farther while driving with these headlight bulbs and they are safe for use on roads as they are termed legal bulbs that meet standards of the department of transportation. These bulbs are the best choice whether you are driving during the day or even at night time.

Offering 400k light makes driving at night quite safe and if you want to add a little bit of style then you should also settle for this halogen headlight bulb. One downside that you should note is this bulb is whiter compared to Xenon or LED headlight and when compared with stock halogen bulbs, these bulbs are believed to shine whiter.

Installing these bulbs is quite easy and when installing this bulb, take note that the glass shouldn’t be touched with the hands but a towel or paper glove should be made use of.

Key Features:

  1. Bulbs shines bright and whiter
  2. These bulbs would deliver an exceptional lighting performance
  3. They also come with an Original Equipment Quality seal

9. Osram Night Breaker Unlimited Halogen Bulb

best halogen headlight bulb

When considering what halogen bulb to upgrade to, the OSRAM night breaker unlimited halogen bulb is one product that comes to mind. Despite not being a European product, these halogen bulbs have found a way to win the heart and minds of the United States and other markets thanks to the impressive quality and topnotch performance.

Driving at night with this halogen bulb is will be safer and also significantly improved as these bulbs are clear and shine brightly. An exciting feature that most customers are pleased with about this halogen bulb is the fact that you would be able to view farther and longer, therefore, making driving less stressful and safer.

Driving with these headlights also means you won’t be taken unaware as you would have a clear vision of what is coming up ahead

Key Features:

  1. Produces more light than standard bulbs which makes driving at night safe
  2. Ensures better visibility
  3. These bulbs produce white lights that are about twenty percent whiter
  4. Features a robust coil design that extends product life

10. GE Lighting 9003 NHX/BP2 Halogen Bulb

best halogen headlight bulb

Once you install these halogen bulbs in your vehicle, you would no longer doubt its ability to improve vision significantly at night time and not only the fact that these bulbs are built to shine brightly but these are bulbs that all car drivers can trust to help them combat dangers they might encounter when driving at night time.

It takes away the dangers of driving on lonely roads as well as enhancing visibility. Encountering accidents is limited when making use of this halogen headlight bulb.

This halogen bulbs coms in various sizes that enable fit into most vehicles and if you are considering upgrading your vehicle halogen stock bulb then this is one halogen bulb you shouldn’t hesitate to settle for if you come across it on the market.

Improving lighting would make driving at night time less stressful and you would be able to differentiate between objects you would encounter on the way.

They are also easily installed either by yourself or by a professional and they should be replaced immediately they start turning dim.

Key Features:

  1. Has excellent contrast
  2. Better visibility
  3. Able to produce white light
  4. Comes in various sizes
  5. Meets standards
  6. Makes your car look stylish

11. Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs

best halogen headlight bulb

This is one halogen headlight bulb capable of shining brighter when compared to other halogen stock headlight bulbs.

It makes use of a latest and innovative technology which provides a suitable beam pattern that doesn’t contain foggy light or dark spots and one feature that customers love about this bulb is the fact that it comes with an aluminum housing combined with a Turbofan which kills of the tendency of generating unwanted heat.

This bulb is simple to use as all it requires is a simple plug and play feature while installing this bulb is also easy and wouldn’t take more than twenty minutes. Durability is another known feature of this bulb as it comes rainproof, would work underwater combined with a fan which makes sure it functions properly under harsh conditions.

It also lasts longer than other halogen headlight bulbs as it would last for as long as fifty thousand hours

Key Features:

  1. Has a longer life span
  2. Would work adequately under the extreme weather condition
  3. Durable
  4. Shines brighter

12. AUHDER 9005 HB3 12V 65W Halogen Headlight Bulb

best halogen headlight bulb

This is a bulb which is designed to outclass or out-perform other blue light bulbs and it is also able to enhance vision, therefore, making driving safe and also providing drivers with sufficient time to react to oncoming dangers or hazard.

Driving at night with this halogen bulb offers so much comfort and it also enables drivers to be on the alert when driving at night. It also features top-quality components in its build that makes sure it lasts long and remains durable.

Made using a strong Quartz glass means this bulb would be able to resist vibrations and extreme temperatures and not only can this bulb be used as a headlight bulb but it can also be used as map lights, license plate lights, glove box lights, reading lights, inner tail lights and turn signal lights.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile as it can be used in various applications
  2. Promotes better vision while driving at night
  3. Durable and long-lasting

13. AGPTEK 9006 (HB4) Halogen Headlight Car Bulbs

best halogen headlight bulb

Being able to emit 500K of ultra-bright light is what makes this halogen light bulb quite unique and exceptional from certain halogen bulbs present today and this amount of light that it illuminates is quite enough to provide a better light effect and better illumination in dark regions. It is also considered as a suitable replacement headlight bulb for yellowed and old bulbs.

Its halogen gas density is high therefore making it shine brighter than expected but for every car user that is bent on changing or replacing these bulbs should replace both at the same time so as to create an asymmetric light beam. It is also very easy to install as all it takes is just to plug and play.

Key Features:

  1. Offers great value for money spent on it
  2. Functions good
  3. Adds a touch of style
  4. Fits perfectly well
  5. Package smartly

14. AUHDER 9006 HB4 Halogen Headlight Bulb

best halogen headlight bulb

The use of high-quality components in the production of this bulb is a key factor why this bulb has a long life span and it shines brighter than most stock halogen bulbs found in most vehicles today.

This bulb is able to offer whiter reflections which make identifying road marks and signs quite easy and you would also be at alert when driving at night as well as enjoying a comfortable and less stressful ride.

The quality of material used contributes to why car drivers would spend less in replacing this bulb because it lasts longer and this isn’t the kind of halogen bulb that you subject just for car use alone. It can also be used as a license plate light, inner tail light, trunk cargo room light, inner tail lights and many more applications.

Key Features:

  1. Can be used in a wide range of options
  2. Promotes safety and eliminates hazard when driving at night
  3. Makes one comfortable when driving at night
  4. Has a longer life duration

15. SYLVANIA 9012 SilverStar Halogen Headlight Bulb

best halogen headlight bulb

Drivers would enjoy enhanced down-road visibility just by installing these halogen headlight bulbs in their vehicles as these bulbs would shine whiter so one can have better vision when driving at night time.

The combination of whiter light, side road, and down-road visibility make this bulb one of the best bulbs to provide you with better vision and having enhanced clarity yields higher contrast so you can be able to detect objects at night.

This bulb also features the combination of a halogen gas mixture, a uniquely designed filament and a lamp coating which makes way for optimal performance. When it begins to dim, ensure that you replace both bulbs.

Key Features:

  1. Better than the ones that come with any car
  2. Fits good
  3. Quick delivery service

Final Thoughts

After reading this detailed guide then you ought to be convinced about the importance of halogen headlight bulbs. They offer more and better bright light which would make driving at night time safe and also boost confidence.

By now, you should be able to point out one out of the many that we have selected and even if you are just bent on replacing stock bulbs or improving visibility at night time or even adding a touch of style to your vehicle then these bulbs are just the best you can find.

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