How to Choose the Best Location for Your Air Conditioning Unit?


Were you aware of the fact that choosing the right location for your AC system can make a significant difference? Yes, this is the truth. Making an improper decision can cause many problems down the road, the most important one being increased electricity bills. Plus, the lifespan can decline significantly.

All in all, achieving the best possible results can be quite problematic if a mistake has been made in this regard. Naturally, the quality of your air condition performance depends a lot on a proper installation. So, if you need some help with AC installations, be sure to pay a visit to

So, you can see that there many different elements you need to pay attention to. To make this aspect much simpler for you, we want to provide you with some interesting tips on how to maximize the performance of your AC system, with a focus on finding the right location. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these.


Shaded Location

The first thing, that immediately comes to mind, is that AC systems can be damaged when they are exposed to heat. So, those who have them outside their homes should pay close attention to this aspect. The higher the temperatures out there, the more you will need to protect them against them.

Otherwise, its performance and lifespan can decline significantly. To prevent all these problems caused by high temperatures, the best choice is to find a shaded location. For instance, you can place it on the east or north side of your home, to keep it in the shades for a better part of the day.

If you don’t have an opportunity to do this, you can always add some coverage to the device to enhance protection. Another option would be to find a position that’s covered by the shade of the tree. Just makes sure that the number of leaves and debris that falls off the trees don’t interfere with its mechanism.


Distance from Heat Sources

We’ve already stated that heat can cause many problems for AC systems. But a high temperature is not the only thing that can cause these problems. For instance, the same can happen when you keep the device inside the house, and when it is located near the sources of heat.

It makes perfect sense that the heat produced by many devices out here can cause disruption and affect the temperature control and the overall efficiency of the system. There’s no accurate distance we are talking about, but we are confident that people can make a proper decision.

We cannot stress how important it is to have complete control over this aspect. It’s because these devices that produce heat can work 24/7. So, they can up the temperature quite a bit. Therefore, we would recommend you to make a distance between them that will prevent them from interfering with each other.


High Above the Ground

Those who are well-versed in these things, know that cold air has a much higher density than warm one. So, the cold air tends to move to the surface. Therefore, nobody should be surprised that this is something that can make a crucial difference in achieving adequate cooling.

It means that the AC system shouldn’t be near the ground. If that happens, you cannot hope for achieving the best possible results, right? Instead, make sure that the height is at least five or six feet above the ground. By doing that, you will ensure the even spreading of the cold air in a certain space.

A serious problem caused by keeping the system too close to the ground, besides its inefficiency, is increased energy bills. We can all agree this is something nobody wants. So, before you even decide on purchasing an air conditioner, make sure to find the perfect spot so it can function properly.


Avoid Deciduous Trees

We’ve mentioned that having an AC system near plants or trees is not recommended if they are deciduous. However, we would like to talk about it in greater detail. When autumn comes, and the leaves start falling off the trees, it is obvious that they can accumulate on the top of the air conditioner.

Another scenario would be the accumulation of pine needles. Naturally, this is something that can cause clogging and further disruption of the device. If you are lucky enough to have a tree in your backyard that’s not deciduous, then you will have no problem placing an AC system near it.


Keep it Away from Pets

The final tip we want to discuss is the importance of keeping your air conditioner from the pets. We all know that dogs are especially known for their frequent peeing inside the house. Not only that this happens can ruin your carpet or clothes, but it can also cause damage to air conditioner coils.

If the system is within the reach of the pets, then it would be a good idea for you to create a barrier that will prevent these unfortunate accidents from occurring. There are numerous ways you can do that, and you can even be creative with the solutions. As long as they protect the system, there’s no problem.

Besides the dog’s urine, fur can also be a big problem. We can draw a parallel between fur and leaves falling from the trees. The accumulation of these on the AC system or near it can cause a wide array of different problems. Also, you can prevent your pet from receiving harm from various leaks that can occur.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, the location you decide on for the air conditioner makes all the difference. The proper location can provide you with numerous benefits, and you should think really hard about this. In this article of ours, we’ve provided all the crucial tips that can help you with achieving the best possible results. We are sure you will find all these points helpful when making the final decision about this element.