10 Best Motorcycle Tires in 2024 – Buyer’s Guide With Reviews

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Table could not be displayed. Do you know the two most important parts of any motorcycle? Have you thought about it? Well, you should know that the front and rear tires are very important parts of any motorcycle. No matter how powerful your engine might be or how effective your brakes might be, if your tires are not strong enough to handle the job then you are in for a very terrible ride.

The reason is that the tires are what connect the bike and the rider to the road and every action carried out while driving a motorcycle goes through its tires so it is very necessary that your motorcycles have tires that are equal to the task.

best motorcycle tiresIn this review, we have made the task very easy for you as we bring you the best motorcycle tires that are quite hot on the market right now and we would also take you through all of the features you need to bear in mind that would be helpful in making the right choice. Without wasting further time, here is a review on the best models available for sale today;

1. Michelin Commander II 130/80B17 Front Tire 43863

Michelin is one household name that always pops up when talking about high profile companies that are known for their production of high-quality automobile products and the brand Michelin is also associated with the production of high-quality tires.

This tire here was designed bearing performance and durability in mind and it also comes with quite some amazing features that make it a good choice for use even under wet conditions.

One of the features we want to look at is its unique tread pattern which makes sure that water is efficiently and uniquely cleared away from the surface of the tire and this is quite important as it makes sure the tire has a nice grip under wet conditions.

This same tread is quite useful as it also helps in preventing uneven wear while extra protection is also guaranteed using this tire’s dense sidewall and carcass.

All these features help in making this tire very rigid and it also, in turn, ensures that there is outstanding handling and feedback when driving under any condition.

Key Features:

  1. Designed specially to have an extra grip in wet condition
  2. Its tread pattern helps in protecting against uneven wear
  3. Has an ADT technology that works for an Amplified Rider Feedback

2. Pirelli Diablo Rosso III Front & Rear Street Sport

best motorcycle tires

The next set of tires to make it to this review is the Pirelli Diablo Rosso tire and without being told, you should know that this is another high profile tire manufacturer that is well known for the production of high quality and reliable tires.

Settling for this tire means you would be getting a complete set which is the rear and front tires and this is to the advantage of the buyer as you would be getting them both at a very affordable price.

This is also very helpful as it means you can get to make use of a particular brand of tires for your motorcycle as well as changing them together. These are well-built tires that would deliver great value for your money and what you would get by settling for these tires is massive agility as well as fast tire response as these tires would respond quickly to quick transitions and turns.

You would also enjoy extra grip thanks to its bi-compound strip design. In general, this is tires that are built to meet up with customers’ expectations and also offer great value for your money.

Key Features:

  1. Comes with two tires, the rear and front tires
  2. Has a large footprint
  3. This is a W+ rated product
  4. Would offer great value for your money


These are tires that are produced by another reputable company that is famous for the production of high-quality tires. One of the best ways to shop for tires is to shop for a complete set of tires as it comes with quite some benefits and this tire you are looking at comes in a complete set which includes its front and rear tires for your motorcycle. Unlike other tires that the Continental brand has produced, this is quite new to the market with lesser features.

This, however, doesn’t mean that this tire is a low-quality tire and one feature you would get to like about the Continental Motion tire is its level of durability. These are tires that are produced using a polymer compound that has been newly developed and what this polymer compound works for is to make these tires very durable.

Durability isn’t all that this polymer compound has to offer but it also ensures that when driving, these tires are stables so as to enjoy a comfortable ride.

Key Features:

  1. Comes with a complete set of tires
  2. Made using a compound that enhances durability
  3. Designed specifically to offer comfort and stability

4. Shinko 712 Front Tire

This brand known as the Shinko brand might not be the brand that comes to mind when discussing high profile tire makers but it would interest you to know that this brand has been in the production of tire since the year 1946 so you can only imagine the level of experience they have in the production of tire and this Shinko 712 motorcycle tires is one that has been designed to meet up with customer expectations.

This tire can be used on a 19-inch rim and is also quite affordable as it is yet to make waves on compete with the premium tires on the market but just because it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles or come at an expensive rate doesn’t make it a tire of lower quality.

Its exciting and most interesting feature is its tread pattern. This tread pattern design is very useful as it tends to get rid of water from the surface of the tire.

Getting rid of water from the surface of the tire is quite helpful as it makes sure this tire has a firm grip when riding on difficult surfaces. This should tell you that even though this tire doesn’t have a high profile company logo, it is one that is built to live up to expectations and meet customer satisfaction.

Key Features:

  1. Has a superb tread etching
  2. Very affordable
  3. Has an H rating

5. Shinko 712 Rear Tire

We just finished talking about the Shinko 712 front tire and we are back again to talk about its rear tire. Everything we discussed previously concerning the Shinko 712 front tire still applies to the Shinko 712 rear tire so you know that even though this is an entry-level tire, you are also settling for a tire with high quality. This tire is designed to have an impressive grip etching and it can be used at safe speeds thanks to its 4-ply carcass construction combined with an H rating.

This tie has high value and can be gotten at a very affordable price and naturally, rear tires are designed to be heavier than front tires. The only downside about this product is that customers wished it was sold together like a set because it would have also made the price very affordable compared to selling them separately.

Key Features:

  1. Comes at an affordable rate
  2. Features an excellent tread etching
  3. Ha an H rating

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6. Michelin Pilot Power Tire Set

Away from the new entry-level tires we just finished talking about, we are back to discussing high quality and top profile tires and this set of tires we are looking at was manufactured by the Michelin brand and can be gotten for about two hundred dollars. This is the type of motorcycle tires that would be suitable for everyday riding and it also boasts of a high number of features that make it deliver outstanding performance.

It has a tread pattern that is designed to cover only twelve percent of the tire surface and this tire is designed that way so this tire would have optimal adhesion when driving through corners.

This is a W rated motorcycle tire meaning it is safe to be driven at 168MPH and it also features a rubber compound that has been added due to the fact that this compound would quickly heat up to a very high operating temperature.

There are lots of features that would grab everyone’s attention when looking at this tire and if you would love to ride a high performance, sport orientated motorcycle tire then this right here is the best choice for you.

Key Features:

  1. Built to deliver a high performance
  2. Its design was gotten from Moto GP bikes
  3. Has a W rating

7. Continental ContiMotion Sport/Touring Motorcycle Tire – Front

It can be a really tough decision to select a tire when choosing between a tire designed for sports use or a tire that would meet the touring style. It is also very difficult because, on one hand, you want a tire that would offer you comfort while riding and also last long while on the other hand, you want a tire that offers you the speed and performance that only sports bike can offer.

This can be very demanding but you don’t have to worry as the Continental brand has come to the rescue with this impressively built and top performance motorcycle tire. This tire features the combination of touring style and sports performance in one and that isn’t just all as it would offer an excellent grip whether you are driving under dry or wet conditions. This tire is also built to offer excellent stability and comfort when driving.

This tire also comes at a very affordable price and you are guaranteed of settling for a tire with a problem-solving design if you go for this tire.

Key Features:

  1. Features a touring and sport style all in one
  2. Has a good rider feedback
  3. Very affordable price rate

8. Continental ContiMotion Sport/Touring Motorcycle Tire Rear

We just talked about a tire that holds the combination of a sports bike style and a touring style that could also be gotten at a very decent price but the only issue is it was just a front tire we just finished talking about. Right now we have another option for you too and here we bring you its rear tire option and just like the Shinko motorcycle tires that we talked about earlier in this review, this tire from Continental is also a good set. The only difference is it is sold separately.

This rear tire is also very affordable and does not require customers to break the bank to acquire them and it is also the kind of tire that one can ride both under wet and dry conditions. Its design also makes sure that drivers enjoy maximum comfort as well as all-round stability when driving.

Key Features:

  1. Features a sport and touring style
  2. Comes at a very decent price
  3. Has a nice rider feedback

9. Dunlop D404 Front Motorcycle Tire

This is another interesting tire to look at from the Dunlop company and with its overlapping and deep tread design, you would see that this is the kind of tire that is aimed at displaying the cruising and touring style or design unlike other ones we have talked about that displayed the touring and sports style or design. Its tread pattern is simply unique and is also another reason why this tire is quite famous among many customers.

Its tread design is one that is aimed at slinking water away while the addition of a solid wet grip makes one ride this tire conveniently and comfortably under wet conditions. A special design of this Dunlop tire is its superb mileage and grip balance and it also features am off-center groove which also helps in providing optimal stability when driving.

This tire, however, isn’t a set but is just a front tire option and it can be gotten at a very decent price. It isn’t really a premium product but notwithstanding has lots of features that make it appealing and rank higher with the high quality and premium products out on the market.

Key Features:

  1. Has excellent grip when driven under wet conditions
  2. This tire has a touring style
  3. Features a well-engineered tread pattern

10. Dunlop D404 Rear All-Season Radial Tire

This is the rear option of the Dunlop tire we just finished talking about some moments ago. It isn’t really a premium product but comes with some exciting features that make it rank high among most premium and top quality products.

Talking about features, this tire comes with an excellent tread compound that helps in balancing the grip and mileage of this tire and thanks to this excellent tread pattern, water would be evacuated as well as offering a solid grip under wet condition.

There are other interesting features of this Dunlop D404 All-Season Radial Tire and one that tends to catch the eye is its Bias Ply construction. The Bias Ply construction is such an important feature because it helps in delivering not just a smooth ride but one that is filled with extra stability and comfort.

Key Features:

  1. Has a tread pattern that helps in getting rid of water
  2. Has a good balance between grip and mileage
  3. Offers a great grip under wet conditions

Best Motorcycle Tires Buying Guide

In this guide, we would start taking you through every necessary feature that you should be on the lookout for when considering which motorcycle tire option to settle for. Let us take a look at these features right away;

Features to Consider When Shopping for the Best Motorcycle Tires

High Mileage

Tires are not so cheap to purchase so purchasing them just to justify investment isn’t a wise move. When shopping for motorcycle tires, look out for tires with multi-compounds as they wouldn’t sacrifice grip in any way. The combination of a harder wearing material and multi-compounds are the best components of every premium motorcycle tire.

Multi-Pack Value

If you want to save money when shopping for motorcycle tires, it is a good option to settle for tires that are in sets instead of going for a single piece. Seeing tires in sets isn’t so easy as it sounds but even at that, you shouldn’t be discouraged because they don’t come in a set but be on the lookout for tires that come in sets.


The type of tread a tire has will tell you the handling ability of that tire as well as what kind of road the tire should be used on. For off-road driving, tires with aggressive and deep tread are the best option and tires with low profile treads are mostly found on tires that have sports style.

Also, watch out for tire treads that do not encourage water to build up when driving under rainy conditions.

Speed Rating

There are specific letters that signify a particular tire rating. H has a maximum speed of 130MPH, W has a maximum speed of 168MPH while V has a maximum speed of 149MPH. These are the most common speed letters that can be found today.

Choosing a Tire Type – Tubeless or Tube Tires

The type of wheel that has already been mounted on your bike would decide what type of tire you would need to make use of. If the motorcycle you have has been designed for use with a tubeless tire then there is nothing you can do to alter that fact. This is because the style your bike already has is simply the best option for it but tubeless tires are commonly found in most bikes nowadays.

Tubeless tires are quite safe especially if you experience a blowout while driving and a tubeless tire would not allow a catastrophic event but the tube tire also has its own advantages. Tubes tires have proved that they are very easy to repair and this is why they are a preferred choice for when driving slowly off-road. Making use of tube tires means you can go about with your repair tools and kits and carry out a repair when necessary.

Bias Vs Radial Tires

The radial and bias tires are simply terms that talk about the type of construction a tire has. All tires are actually made using steel materials, come with cords that run all through the tire as well as providing it with strength. Radial tires feature cords that run in a straight band all through the tire while bias tires have cords that run at an angle. Radial tires are the best for sports bikes.

This is because they tend to dispose of heat effectively and also have walls that are very soft while bias tires are more solid and stiff. This makes them a better option for use in heavy bikes and bikes with cruiser styles.

Motorcycle Tire Brands

Taking a look at the market today, you would be surprised at the number of tire manufacturers we have presently and this review also features some of the big boys in the tire production sector. Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, Pirelli are some reputable brands that you would come across on the list and if you can ask any biker you know, you would realize that each biker has his favorite brand or manufacturer.

Truth be told, these brands are capable of producing high quality and premium tires so it would be a good idea to try out all of these brands so you can eventually make up your mind on which brand to settle for.

Conclusion – Our Top Pick

Finding the best or top product in our review is still a difficult task and this is because all of our lists always contains products that are of high quality and are also the best. It might be difficult for you to pick the best one for you but we have picked the overall best and it might happen that this overall best might not be a good option for your bike but it packs all of the features that we need which is why it holds down the number one spot in this review.

The best in this review is the Michelin Commander II and this is because we are satisfied with all of its features. This tire has better handling and also has a durable design. It also features a tread pattern that would fight off uneven wear and also has an excellent rider feedback performance. What else could you be looking for? It deserves to be the winner on the list.

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