15 Best Octane Booster in 2020 – Top Rated Products for Your Car

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Lucas Oil 10026-12 Lucas Octane Booster 15Oz. (Case Of 12)
Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 Octane Booster - 15 oz (Pack of 12)
LUCAS LUC10026 Octane Boost. 15 oz.
Best Choice
Johnsen's 4688-12PK Octane Booster - 12 oz., (Pack of 12)
104+ (10406-6PK) Octane Boost - Boosts Octane And Cleans injectors To Improve Engine Performance -...
Lucas Oil 10026-12 Lucas Octane Booster 15Oz. (Case Of 12)
Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 Octane Booster - 15 oz (Pack of 12)
LUCAS LUC10026 Octane Boost. 15 oz.
Johnsen's 4688-12PK Octane Booster - 12 oz., (Pack of 12)
104+ (10406-6PK) Octane Boost - Boosts Octane And Cleans injectors To Improve Engine Performance -...
Lucas Oil 10026-12 Lucas Octane Booster 15Oz. (Case Of 12)
Lucas Oil 10026-12 Lucas Octane Booster 15Oz. (Case Of 12)
Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 Octane Booster - 15 oz (Pack of 12)
Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 Octane Booster - 15 oz (Pack of 12)
LUCAS LUC10026 Octane Boost. 15 oz.
LUCAS LUC10026 Octane Boost. 15 oz.
Best Choice
Johnsen's 4688-12PK Octane Booster - 12 oz., (Pack of 12)
Johnsen's 4688-12PK Octane Booster - 12 oz., (Pack of 12)
104+ (10406-6PK) Octane Boost - Boosts Octane And Cleans injectors To Improve Engine Performance -...
104+ (10406-6PK) Octane Boost - Boosts Octane And Cleans injectors To Improve Engine Performance -...

Octane boosters would be best described as an additive that is used in boosting the octane rating of the fuel. Even though they are not necessary for everyday cars, they are best used in racing cars but most vehicle owners consider them a wise investment due to their ability to boost efficiency and improve engine performance.

Fuel additives like octane boosters are quite helpful if you intend to boost the everyday performance of your car or that of your race car if you are getting set for an upcoming race. Having a quality octane booster in your vehicle boosts fuel compression, performance, efficiency and also an engine that runs smoothly.

Octane boosters can be used as a close substitute for premium gas and they also ensure that engines run at its best for a very long time.

Furthermore, there are various kinds of octane boosters as they vary in how they are used, purpose, type and you ought not to settle for any product and this review would help you understand the factors to consider and also meet the best products available today.

A Step by Step Guide on Selecting the Best Octane Booster

best octane booster

Car maintenance would have an entirely different look if not for the various innovative products that we have on the market right now but the problem right now is the fact that there are too many products which tend to leave customers confused when shopping for any of their choices.

To make shopping less stressful, this guide would show you all you need to know and also the best octane products making raves on the market. Let’s talk about it;

1. Torco F500010TE Unleaded Fuel Accelerator

best octane booster

If you need a complete octane booster then the Torco F500010TE is one that should be considered and being complete is one of the features why it is rated at the number one spot of this review.

This octane booster has been in existence since 1948 and the level of its anti-fragility is what makes it stand out from the rest today.

Even though it is specifically for racing circuits, this octane booster can also be used by anyone. Improving horsepower is also another advantage that comes with using the Torco unleaded fuel accelerator and it is the best for use in newer vehicles and not in older vehicles.


  1. This octane booster can be combined with various additives so as to create a superb blend
  2. Has high-efficiency rating
  3. Has high octane levels that are off the charts
  4. Several engines can make use of this octane booster


  1. This product is extremely sensitive to light and this makes it difficult to store
  2. Its fumes are capable of irritating the skin and this makes this octane booster very difficult to handle

2. Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 Octane Booster

best octane booster

If you are new to octane booster and you want to try one out then the Lucas Oil octane booster is one you should try out as it is formulated to work with various engines and is also considered very safe for use.

What makes this octane booster quite unique and different is the fact that it works with carburetors and other engines as well as turbos and fuel injectors. If you are also conscious about the environment then this is also a good choice as it burns fuel cleanly, therefore, resulting in lower emission rates.

If you also want an octane booster that reduces knock and ping then this octane booster performs more than its competitors by far.


  1. Very safe to use
  2. Comes at an affordable price
  3. For use in personal vehicles
  4. This is an eco-friendly octane booster
  5. Has lesser side effects on any engine


  1. Has poor efficacy

3. 104+ 10406 Octane Boost, 16 Fl. oz.

best octane booster

This is one of the surviving and oldest octane booster ever to hit the market as it has been around since 1975 when there were still muscle cars. It has high power and it comes with a unique synthetic formulation that doesn’t just improve acceleration but also keeps your car’s fuel housing very clean.

Meeting up with these double responsibilities ensures it puts an end to engine hesitation and it also acts as an injector cleaner by boosting mileage. Generally speaking, this octane booster guarantees gains in engine economy and engine power and that is something not all octane boosters are capable of doing.


  1. Can be gotten at a cheaper rate
  2. Helps in boosting mileage
  3. Boosts up horsepower
  4. Has no negative impact on your cars internal system


  1. Only suitable for off-road use

4. Klotz Higher Octane Booster, 128 Ounce Gallon

best octane booster

This is one octane booster that has been around for over fifty years and the Klotz company still maintains that they are innovating and mastering what it takes to make a powerful and reliable octane booster.

This octane booster brand is favorite several engines and it has been used severally or widely in motorsports.

The Klotz higher octane booster is formulated to fight against pre-ignition pings that are connected to the spark plug and since spark plugs are designed to function efficiently due to octane boosters, these octane boosters help to combat spark knock.

In addition, this octane booster also takes care of lubrication that occurs in the upper cylinder.


  1. Properly packaged product
  2. Affordable
  3. Can be used both in cars and mowers
  4. Large quantity in its bottle


  1. Its fuel-octane booster is slightly confusing to optimize
  2. Performs best when used in smaller engines

5. Royal Purple ROY11757 MAX BOOST, 16 oz

best octane booster

This is an octane booster that was designed bearing several extreme conditions in mind and since it was manufactured by the famous Royal Purple brand, it comes with no surprise that this octane booster is one with high quality and ability to deliver outstanding performance.

This octane booster is known for its ability to offer protection to both non-hardened valves and engine heads.

Talking about octane ratings, this octane booster is capable of boosting three ratings to thirty points and for this reason, it is one of the best octane boosters you can find as well as acting as a good fuel injector cleansing agent.

You can make use of this octane booster in leaded fuel and unleaded gasoline as well as in ethanol blends and gasohol.


  1. This product offers a high value for money spent on purchasing it
  2. Protects the engine at large
  3. Ensures that the engines run quietly and smoothly


  1. Not commonly used in two-stroke engines
  2. Has an undesirable mmt usage

6. Race-Gas 100032 Race Fuel Concentrate

best octane booster

The limitation of most octane boosters is quite similar and that is because most of them only work on fuel and if you desire to boost pump gas octane then you need an entirely different approach and that is where the Race-Gas race fuel concentrate product comes in.

It is said to have higher octane fuel levels which is why it is considered a preferred option for most race cars and having a higher octane fuel level also makes sure excess combustion is prevented especially during high-performance levels.

If you have an engine that requires a very high octane fuel level then this is one product you don’t want to miss out on.


  1. This octane booster satisfies engines that require high octane fuel
  2. Has no negative impacts on catalytic converters and oxygen sensors
  3. Doesn’t require the use of alcohol in boosting octane numbers


  1. Expensive

7. STP Octane Booster, 78574, Fuel Additive

best octane booster

A well-valued octane booster to make this list is the STP 78574 fuel additive octane booster and it is rated better and above other octane boosters on the market thanks to its efficient performance and high quality.

It has gotten quite some impressive and positive remarks and comments online as it is able to maintain a clean fuel injection system, boosts the level of acceleration and also helps in the generation of horsepower.

Regular use of this octane booster is advised for better engine performance and this octane booster also works best with gas systems that do not make use of a cap. You can also trust this octane booster in reducing engine pings and knocks.


  1. Conveniently packaged
  2. Readily affordable
  3. Capable of cleaning the fuel injection system
  4. Can be found at the price spectrum lower end


  1. Does the least when compared to other octane boosters in this review

8. BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster

best octane booster

While searching for an octane booster that would offer a high octane fuel raise then the BOOSTane professional octane booster is what you truly need.

This octane booster is one you can trust in offering optimal protection against some harmful effects of ethanol and when it comes to preventing corrosion, depositing and also restoring lubricity then you can also call on this octane booster all of these special features work in ensuring the long life of any engine.

Furthermore, boosting performance and ensuring that an engine runs smoothly is also another benefit that comes with setting for this product and it is considered quite safe for use on gasoline engines as well as in your vehicle as it eliminates knocks and pre-detonation.


  1. Trusted in boosting octane levels
  2. Extremely safe for use
  3. Fights against depositing and corrosion
  4. Cuts down on the negative effects of alcohol


  1. The design of its bottle makes it difficult to pour without the use of a funnel

9. Blue Magic NA30-12PK Turbo 108 Octane Boost

best octane booster

This is one octane booster almost every customer is pleased with and customers are very pleased with the design of the bottle as it makes pouring of contents very easy.

Asides its value, this octane booster would make sure your engine performs at a very high level and using this octane booster makes sure that knocks, hesitation, stalling and other engine problems are reduced or gotten rid of.

Improving anti-lock effectiveness and bringing back lost horsepower is also what customers love about this product and it is also labeled safe for use on all gasoline engines.


  1. Gets rid of stalling, knocking and hesitation
  2. Safe when used on gasoline engines
  3. Works effectively in the restoration of lost horsepower
  4. Offers high value for your money
  5. Helps in boosting anti-lock effectiveness


  1. Doesn’t boost fuel mileage like other brands in this review

10. Berryman 1512 Octane Booster Fuel Treatment

This is an octane booster that doesn’t just intrigue people with its performance but also has a long neck design which makes pouring quite convenient and what makes this octane booster quite unique is the fact that it is formulated using MMT which works great in boosting the value of gas octane.

Just a 12-ounce bottle of this octane booster is enough to treat up to thirty gallons of fuel and this octane booster is ideal for use in gasoline engines, marine and farm use as well as for automotive use.

You can trust this octane booster to cut down on harmful emission as well as cutting down on idling, stalling, spark knocks. It is also safe on catalytic converters and oxygen sensors.


  1. Easy to pour contents out of the bottle
  2. Has unique protective features
  3. Compatible with various kinds of engines
  4. Enough to treat thirty fuel gallons


  1. Has a smaller octane boost than other products reviewed here

11. Gumout 510022 Octane Booster

best octane booster

Compared to other octane boosters on this list, the Gumout 510022 octane booster is one that is very affordable and apart from trying to boost up the octane levels of your engines, this octane booster would also get rid of knocking and pinging as well as ensuring adequate combustion.

Making use of this octane booster also leads to a massive reduction in emission and it can be used on most types of engines.

When used on turbo-charged and supercharged engines, this octane booster would not cause any form of harm to such engines and it doesn’t only work in improving engine performance but also solving some common issues engines encounter.


  1. Puts an end to knocking and pinging
  2. Very affordable
  3. Ideal for turbocharged and supercharged engines
  4. Works effectively in restoring lost engine combustion


  1. Requires using several amounts of bottles to raise octane levels

12. Blue Magic NA30 Turbo 108 Octane Boost

best octane booster

This is another fairly affordable octane booster that contains is methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MMT) and this added formula works effectively in restoring lost horsepower and boosting the levels of octane in any engine.

Just like most brands of octane boosters mentioned her, this product would also bring no harm to no catalytic converters or sensors and it is also a good product that fights against engine knocking.

There is however nothing quite fancy about this octane booster apart from the fact that it comes readily affordable and is also capable of doing its job. It also has a shelf life of about five years.


  1. Has a long shelf life of five years
  2. Reliable
  3. Doesn’t harm sensors or converters


  1. Customers said it is lacking in power

13. Mag 1 157 Premium Octane Boost

best octane booster

Another solid and trusted octane booster on the market is the Mag 1 157 premium octane booster whose major objective is to speed up acceleration and increase power.

Containing an FMX formula, this octane booster works great in enhancing fuel economy and also reducing friction that occurs in the engine. You can also rely on this product to lessen run-on, pinging and knocking as well as ensuring smooth rough idle.

It is also powerful in boosting engine performance which makes it an ideal product for everyone.


  1. Helps in stabilizing engines
  2. Works in the reduction of friction
  3. Improves fuel economy of any engine
  4. Affordable


  1. It doesn’t tell how far it improves the octane levels of an engine.

14. Rislone 4747 Super Concentrated Octane Booster

best octane booster

The Rislone 4747 super-concentrated octane booster even though it isn’t so popular on the market is also very effective and capable of boosting octane levels of most engines.

Customers who have tried out this product commended its flow valve and nozzle that makes pouring out the contents in the bottle very easy and this also makes it easy when pouring into cap-less systems.

Maintaining engine power and efficiency is what this octane booster is known for and it can also be used on ethanol and gasoline engines. Just one bottle of this octane booster is enough to treat up to twenty gallons of gasoline and it is also easy on catalytic converters and sensors.


  1. Puts a stop to engine knocking and pinging
  2. Easy to pour into any system
  3. Boosts performance


  1. None

15. Maxima 83916 Hi-Test Octane Booster

best octane booster

This is an octane booster that contains no metal components or compounds and it is a good choice for all engines as it mixes perfectly well with nitro, alcohol and gasoline.

This octane booster is powerful enough to cut down on detonation and the use of this octane booster in gasoline engines would also eliminate knocking, pinging while improving horsepower.

One fact that customers need to know about this product is the fact that a higher concentration of this octane booster is required when dealing with low-quality fuel, high compression engines and race cars.


  1. Makes engines run reliable and clean
  2. Gets rid of spark knock
  3. Doesn’t mess with an engine’s sensor
  4. Great price
  5. Boost engines overall performance
  6. Also increases throttle response


  1. None

Best Octane Boosters – Buying Guide

Octane boosters are very useful as they are ideal for use in everyday driving and also in race cars but just like every other fuel additive, you can only figure out the benefits of an octane booster just by making use of a very good and reliable product. For this reason, here are some key factors that you should consider carefully before settling for any octane booster;


It would be rather disappointing if after spending so much money on purchasing an octane booster then you find out that it does nothing when it comes to boosting octane levels. For this reason, before making payment for any octane booster then you have to be very sure that it would be able to meet all of your needs.

There are several ways by which manufacturers use in selling their product but also knowing the fuel type and condition of the vehicle also tells how much boost your engine would experience.


Even though people believe that octane boosters would work for any vehicle, it is also necessary to know that not all octane boosters are universal in nature. Before purchasing for any octane booster, make sure it meets your vehicle specification and would not cause any problems. Also, know what type of engine and model of vehicle is also something you should know when considering the compatibility of any octane booster.


Every vehicle owner takes the cost of an item into consideration and it shouldn’t be ignored also when thinking of what octane booster to purchase. Sometimes, it is quite tempting to settle for a very cheap product but this isn’t such a wise idea as cheap products might not offer the required octane boost and it might also be of low quality.

Taking into consideration how much it would cost to maintain and engine should propel you into buying a high-quality octane booster that might cost more.


Taking note of the amount of liquid and also the size of the container of an octane booster is also another factor that should be carefully considered. An octane booster that comes at an affordable price and if it has large contents should be looked out for.

Frequent Use:

How frequent one intends to make use of an octane booster determines how economical it would be. It is quite necessary that one finds an octane booster that can be readily available anytime because there would be cases of refill from time to time.

Final Thoughts

Even though octane boosters might not be able to solve the problems of your engine, it also comes with lots of benefits and adding octane boosters that are also of high quality would offer a significant increase in efficiency and performance.

To be able to enjoy the benefits an octane booster brings then you must settle for a top-notch product after considering size, performance and compatibility. Our well-detailed review would come in handy and help you make a good choice when considering the options you have.

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