7 Best RV Brands In 2024 (and How Much They Cost)

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RVing is a popular recreational activity. The camping and RV industry is expected to exceed an estimated $31 billion by 2024. In recent years, more people have been venturing out on their own to travel and explore on smaller budgets; thus, the demand for quality RVs has also increased.

The RV industry is seeing an unexpected boom after some difficult years. The skyrocketing demand has taken everyone by surprise. Who would have thought that the RVs could be the latest trend on the market?

The RVs are accessible, comfortable, and easy to move around. As a traveler, you do not have to worry about finding appropriate lodging whenever you change the scenery. Not to mention that you will benefit from sleeping in your bed anytime. So, buying/renting an RV is smart. But what type would fit you? The amount of money you will be willing to spend on your dream vacation or weekend getaway depends mainly on your tastes and desired quality. This article will peruse some of the top picks from other RVs connoisseurs.


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Since 1963, Fleetwood RVs have been the brand of choice for recreational vehicle enthusiasts. These are considered mid-range RV brands popular among individuals who enjoy camping and weekend getaways. Fleetwood RV is the leading producer of recreational vehicles in North America. FLEETWOOD RVs have created more than 42 million custom-made motor homes and manufactured over 17 million units for other brands. So, they have a history that can support their experience in making reliable RVs.

2. Holiday Rambler

Inspired by family tradition, Holiday Rambler has consistently catered to the personal expression of its customers with high-quality built-to-order RVs. The brand has been making RVs for family fun since 1946. The company designs and manufactures about 35,000 new recreational vehicles for other brands and RVs each year. They are known for their family-friendly designs and reliability.

3. Thor Motor Coach Industries (TSB)

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Known as TSB Industries since 1955, this RV manufacturer has been a fully integrated part of Thor Construction Industries since 1988. The TSB RV dealership is based in Oregon and offers customers various products, including used motorhomes, at low prices. The dealerships are open seven days a week to serve customers who want to purchase new or pre-owned RVs. If you need to ship your RV somehow to you when you are travelling somewhere you can always try shipping services from A1AutoTransport.

4. Winnebago Industries

Founded in Minnesota in 1968, Winnebago Industries is the first company to make a motorized RV called a “motor home.” The company has been manufacturing various recreational vehicles since then and today is one of the biggest producers of RVs. Their popularity lies in the extra-high quality RVs, as well as their low prices. It’s no wonder why Winnebago has continued to grow throughout the years. It is a reputable name to which many customers come back after years. Their models are bulletproof.

5. Thor Industries

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In the Seattle area, Thor Industries was founded by Harold A. Boedigheimer in 1960. The company is well known for manufacturing a variety of travel trailers, fifth-wheels, and motorhomes. Thor continues to produce RVs that can be customized to fit your specific needs and requirements. As a result, Thor has continued to grow steadily over the years and become one of the biggest RV manufacturers.

6. Newmar

Newmar has made its name known in the VR industry for its high-quality products. It is a brand name that is most often associated with people who demand high quality from their VR. It can be said that they are more on the luxury side of the industry. The demand for a pricier VR comes from their professionally designed interiors, which can be easily identified in a sea of VR interiors. They do not build “motorhomes” but “motor-luxury-homes.” It is known that their VR comes with many amenities and functions that are incomparable with the other options on the market. It offers the basics of a common VR experience, alongside which has been added a little bit of glitter and sparkles.

7. Forest River Incorporation

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Paul Thomas started Forest River Incorporated in 1988 as Four Winds International, a company that manufactured travel trailers and park models. In 1992, Forest River Incorporated launched the first RV called the “Trailer America,” It was a good decision because it provides higher quality and more affordable products than other manufacturers. Forest River Incorporated manufactures motor homes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers, the title after which they are usually known.

The Best Time to Invest in an RV

With the market growing, you can now find a wide range of attractive and well-equipped RVs nationwide. You never know which one will be the chosen one. Maybe you will find an RV that you will like so much that you cannot help yourself but to pay immediate cash for RV.

The best option is to contact an RV dealer near, such as HeyRV you who will be more than happy to assist you in finding a suitable RV for your needs. Seeking out a reputable company such as Thor Industries or Winnebago Industries can help you achieve the high quality you expected from the start. For example, consider how satisfied customers are with their trips and how much they would be willing to spend on their dream RVs in the next two years.

The Bottom Line

The market for RVs is growing, and the demand continues to increase. High-quality RVs in all sizes, styles, and prices are nationwide dealerships. RVing and exploring the vast landscape of North America has never been more accessible and affordable for everyone. There are many more advantages to traveling in an RV, many other more than we have been able to compress in here.

According to rv motorhome financing, before buying or renting any RV, you have to make sure that you have done your due diligence. Researching what RV brands are best for you can help narrow your options considerably. This article covered just under the seven best RV brands in 2024. But there is much more fish in the sea. Try to search and see how much they cost because they can help you find the perfect recreational vehicle for camping and long weekend getaways.