10 Best Steering Wheel Covers – 2021 Buyer’s Guide With Reviews

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Having a steering wheel cover installed in a vehicle is quite a brilliant idea as they prove to be one of the best accessories that you can ever install in your vehicle.

Take, for instance, installing a steering wheel cover in your vehicle helps in relieving your steering wheel in places that are already hooked and one important benefit of having steering wheel cover installed in your steering is they tend to make every ride safe.

However, you need to have one of the best steering wheel covers in your vehicle to enjoy these benefits.

A Complete Guide On Finding The Best Steering Wheel Covers

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Steering wheel covers that are built to be reliable do not just prevent slipping when driving but they also make sure that the driver’s hand is fully protected from natural elements like extreme heating or extreme cold.

The market is quite flooded with lots of steering wheel covers and this can also make shopping for a good one quite overwhelming. For this reason, we have put together this well-detailed list on the 10 best steering wheel covers just for you.

These steering wheel covers discussed in this review are all from respectable brands and we also have a buying guide that would also be helpful in making the right choice. Enjoy the review;

1. SEG Direct Black Microfiber Wheel Cover

best steering wheel covers

We would kickstart this review with this high-quality product from SEG and this premium steering wheel cover is made out of durable and high-quality leather material that makes it tough and last long.

This is the kind of steering wheel cover that can be used for various models, makes and types of cars so if you are getting this steering wheel cover for medium-sized steering then you are making a very good choice.

What makes this steering wheel cover unique is the fact that it offers the driver maximum comfort while driving and this is as a result that the steering wheel cover is made using a breathable material and also consists of a soft pad which is also extremely durable.

This steering wheel cover from SEG is designed to stand out as it can be resistant to wear and even at that, drivers would enjoy a firm grip when driving as well as optimal control.

In conclusion, this is one steering wheel cover that is made using eco-friendly materials.

Key Features:

  1. Designed out of premium microfiber materials
  2. Would perfectly fit medium-sized steering
  3. This steering wheel cover is resistant to cold and heat

2. Valleycomfy Steering Wheel Covers Universal 15 inch

The next steering wheel cover we are about talking about is this well-designed steering wheel cover that is designed for use with BMW vehicles and this is a steering wheel cover that weighs about 15.5 inches.

Just like the first product that we discussed in this review, the ValleyComfy steering wheel cover is one that would be perfect for use in medium-sized steering.

This is one steering wheel cover that is made using high-quality leather material and what this tells you is that this steering wheel cover is durable and reliable. It feels quite real when held and also has a thick and soft feeling which offers drivers with a firm grip.

With this steering wheel cover, safety is also guaranteed while driving on the road and there is something unique about this steering wheel cover.

What we are trying to say is this steering wheel cover would protect your hands and car from burning under summer conditions as well as making the wheel resistant to heat. It also has an impressive and attractive look that would help upgrade the look of your car.

Key Features:

  1. Would precisely fit medium-sized steering wheels
  2. This steering wheel cover is made out of natural rubber
  3. Designed to be foldable and stretchable

3. Vitodeco Odorless Luxury Steering Wheel Cover

The Vitodeco luxury steering wheel cover is another impressively designed steering wheel cover designed to hit the market but the customer should know something about this product and that is this steering wheel cover is a bit smaller than the two previous products that we have discussed earlier in this review.

This steering wheel cover is made out of high-quality leather material which tends to add a luxurious feeling to your car interior and it makes your car interior look more flashy when combined with Vitodeco seat covers and floor mats.

Speaking about practicalities, the Vitodeco steering wheel cover is designed to make drivers feel comfortable and for extra benefits, this steering wheel cover would make your car feel cool or hot depending on the weather condition at a particular point in time.

Driving is safe having this Vitodeco steering wheel cover in your car and drivers would find this steering wheel cover very easy to install.

Key Features:

  1. Made using durable and premium materials
  2. Comes in various colors
  3. Would fit medium-sized steering
  4. Offers comfort in various weather conditions

4. Aumo-mate 38CM Car Steering Wheel Cover

Specially designed for women who are lovers of a modern-day trend, the AutoMate 38CM car steering wheel cover is one that has a cute look and even though this steering wheel cover might not be every car owner or driver’s choice, it would definitely bring an aura of confidence when driving.

What really impresses drivers about the Rhinestones auto-mate car steering wheel cover is its unique finish as it also serves as a form of interior decoration for your car.

Having a unique finish is what this steering wheel cover is known for but what convinces customers most about this steering wheel cover is its practicalities.

Its design helps in providing drivers with a firm grip and drivers would not have to complain about fatigue as this steering wheel covers design helps to massage the palms. It is also durable and can be used at all times of the year.

Key Features:

  1. Has a high-quality finish
  2. Made using a premium leather material
  3. While driving, this steering wheel cover helps to massage the hands
  4. Designed to fit various car steering wheels
  5. Drivers would find this steering wheel cover very easy to install

5. BDK SW-899-SK Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover

The BDK SW-899 leather steering wheel cover is one that comes in various sizes and if you want a steering wheel cover that would be a perfect fit for small-sized to large-sized steering wheels then the BDK SW-899 steering wheel cover is the right option for you.

The focus of attention about this steering wheel cover is its genuine leather material and it is one that is also very easy to install. Coming in various sizes makes this steering wheel cover suitable for covering the steering wheel of a Honda and a Jeep and that is two different cars from two different brands.

No matter the steering wheel that has this steering wheel cover installed in it, the BDK SW-899 steering wheel cover is one that is designed to offer protection against heat while driving and durability is also another eye catching feature of this steering wheel cover as it would not tear, wear or rip easily.

It also doesn’t approve the buildup or growth of mold or mildew as it is made using genuine leather material.

It, however, doesn’t have any smell and settling for this steering wheel cover means you are spending your money on a product that would offer great value for the money spent on it.

Key Features:

  1. Repels slippery wheel
  2. Made out of premium leather material
  3. Feels and looks smooth

6. Toyota Prius Cammry Corolla Tundra

This is a steering wheel cover that can be used either for a Honda vehicle or a BMW vehicle but it can also be used in covering the steering wheel of most vehicles that are fifteen inches in diameter.

No matter the car that you end up covering its steering wheel with this steering wheel cover, you rest assured that this is one product that would last over a long period of time and it would also provide users with a firm grip while driving.

Having this steering wheel cover on your steering wheel would also make sure that every ride would be extremely comfortable for drivers and you are also free to find a suitable color that would match the interior of your vehicle from the numerous colors that it comes in.

Offering protection to your steering wheel is also another benefit of attaching this steering wheel cover to your steering and drivers are sure of having maximum control as this steering wheel cover has a non-slip design.

Key Features:

  1. Has a skid-proof design
  2. Made out of quality microfiber leather material
  3. Resistant to age

7. Jeep Steering Wheel Cover

This is one steering wheel cover that is designed specifically for use in Jeeps and guesses what, this Jeep steering wheel cover is just one affordable way of making sure that drivers are safe while driving.

However, that isn’t just all there is about this steering wheel cover as drivers would drive in confidence as it is designed to offer a firm and solid grip and this, in turn, makes driving very comfortable. It also comes in a variety of colors so one can easily find that which would fit the interior of his or her Jeep.

One thing that constantly puts buyers off from certain steering wheel covers is the fact that they have a rubber odor but that isn’t the case with the Jeep steering wheel cover as its manufacturers made sure that it doesn’t possess any offensive rubber odor that would put buyers off.

If you are a Jeep enthusiast then you should be on the lookout for this product as it is one that would add that extra bit of spice to your Jeep.

Key Features:

  1. Has different colors
  2. Possesses no string rubber smell
  3. Designed to be durable and strong

8. D8 Universal Fit Leather Steering Wheel Cover

This is one of the cool looking steering wheel covers that has ever made its way to the market and with the way it looks and feels so cool, customers would be surprised at how affordable this steering wheel cover turns out to be.

One thing about this steering wheel cover is it comes in a variety of sizes which makes it very easy to find one that would have that perfect fit on your vehicle regardless of what car you drive. It comes only in gray color.

After manufacture, most steering wheel covers always have this strong rubber smell but that doesn’t apply with D8 universal fit steering wheel cover as it is free from every rubber smell and users would also find this steering wheel cover very easy to install.

After installation, the way it fits your steering wheel perfectly, you might mistake it for the original steering wheel that came with the vehicle out of the factory.

Key Features:

  1. Comes in different sizes for you to select from
  2. Comes in a cool gray color
  3. There is the presence of ventilation holes that are tasked with making sure drivers feels cool and comfortable

9. Universal Size AXX Wheelskins Original

If you are also looking for a steering wheel cover with a universal fit or size that would enable it to fit perfectly all kinds of steering wheels then this is just the right option for you and what’s more about this product, it comes in variety of colors so one would easily settle for a color that would match the interior of your vehicle.

With this steering wheel cover, you can update the looks of your car and installation is also very easy as it would not take more than a few minutes.

This steering wheel cover from WheelSkins comes with reinforced lacing holes and these holes aren’t just for fancy as they encourage cooling while driving. This steering wheel cover would have a tight and secure fit on your steering wheels so there would not be issues of it slipping away.

It is also made using a quality cowhide material that makes it durable and also ensures it lasts long.

Key Features:

  1. Features a durable cowhide material construction
  2. Has a universal fit that ensures it fits all steering
  3. Features reinforced lacing holes

10. Rueesh Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover

This is the final product that we would be considered in this review and this is a steering wheel cover manufactured by Ruesh which is one of the high profile companies that is concerned with the manufacture of car care products.

This steering wheel cover has a luxurious finish that makes it decorate the interior of your car and one other benefit that drivers stand to gain from this steering wheel cover is maximum comfort.

Unlike other steering wheel covers on the market today with a poor design, this steering wheel cover offers drivers an excellent grip when driving and drivers would not experience fatigue hands as this steering wheel cover would massage the hands and make them relaxed.

The material used in making this steering wheel cover has very soft padding and it is also breathable which is effective in eliminating heat.

You can make use of this steering wheel cover under any weather condition and it also comes with a two-year warranty.

Key Features:

  1. Its finish offers a firm grip
  2. Would fit almost all steering wheels
  3. Made using premium microfiber materials

Best Steering Wheel Covers Buying Guide

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As simple as steering wheel covers might seem, they still require a lot of attention and care. Even though it is very important that when buying a steering wheel cover you ensure you get the right size, there are also other key factors that you should take into consideration.

The area you live and certain environmental conditions are also what you should take into consideration as they are also pivotal in making every ride comfortable.

You’re under palm should also be considered when thinking what steering wheel factor to settle for as if your palm doesn’t like the feel then driving wouldn’t be comfortable or fun.

Also, make sure that what steering wheel cover you are settling for is durable as that would also determine how long it is going to last. A steering wheel cover should also be easy to clean and would not collect too much dirt.

Reasons for Using a Steering Wheel Cover

There are lots of reasons why a steering wheel cover is good for drivers and one reason is that it also provides drivers with an extra grip which in turn makes driving safe and that isn’t all, it also makes sure that the steering wheel isn’t vulnerable to aging or unnecessary damages.

The steering wheel is one part of every car that is prone to wear and if it is ruined then it might damage the appearance of the interior of your car or also make selling it a little bit difficult.

In addition, there are several elements that a steering wheel cover protects a driver’s hand. These elements can either be excess heat or freezing temperatures. A car steering cover would protect against these factors and it wouldn’t just be beneficial to just the driver but also to other people inside the car at that particular time.

It also boosts safety as the driver would be able to grip the steering wheel perfectly and gain better control.

Installation Tips from WheelSkins Company

Right now we want to talk about some installation tips from the WheelSkins brand and this would be instrumental in making sure that you install this steering wheel cover properly on your steering wheel.

There are steering wheel covers that are easy to install while others might take a little longer time to install but one thing you should know is installing steering wheel covers requires some amount of patience, time and care that would lead to having a smooth finish.

By design, steering wheel covers after installation ought to be tight but if you are installing a steering wheel cover from WheelSkins then you are at an advantage as their steering wheel covers features reinforced lacing holes which makes sure that their steering wheel cover is not vulnerable to tearing. This makes it very easy to grip and pull steering without worrying about it getting damaged.

How to Care for a Steering Wheel Cover

The finish of your car steering wheel cover would determine how you get to clean your car steering wheel cover. A leather steering wheel cover would only require cleaning with a soft cloth and soapy water but a steering wheel cover made with fabric would require cleaning it with a washing machine.

The temperature of the machine and the kind of detergent used is also necessary for caring for your steering wheel cover and if your machine also lacks a gentle wash cycle then washing in your kitchen sink with your hand and allowing to dry is also a good idea.

Final Thoughts and Favorite Pick

This review contains steering wheel covers that ooze of high quality but the product that holds down the number spot in this review is the steering wheel cover from the SEG Direct brand.

This is actually one of the coolest steering wheel covers that you can ever come across and its design ensures it fits several models and cars. It is also made out of materials that environmentally friendly and lasting long is also another interesting feature of this steering wheel cover.

With this steering wheel cover, users would be able to enjoy not just a safe ride but also a comfortable one and this is a result of the fact that it features breathable and soft padding materials in its build.

Driving with this steering wheel cover installed on your steering wheel would also make sure that you have maximum control while driving so you don’t have to be bothered about your hands slipping off while driving.


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