Is it Cheaper to Build a Pool By Yourself or Hire a Contractor?

Unfortunately, it seems like the COVID-19 virus will be present throughout this summer as well, which is why a lot of public spaces – such as spas, gyms, and swimming pools – are closed. Because of this, you might have started thinking about building a swimming pool in your Australian backyard.

However, are you wondering whether or not it’s cheaper to build it by yourself or hire a builder? To put it simply, it won’t be cheaper to build this type of structure by yourself, and you can find out why in our article below. Here is what you should know about both of these options:


You Could Build it, But There Are Risks

If you wanted to, you could choose to build a swimming pool by yourself. It’s simple, you’ll have to dig a large hole in your yard, and with a bit of designing and effort, you can, in fact, turn it into a swimming pool. However, the real question that you should ask yourself is “Should I do it?”.

This is why you must sit down and think about whether or not you should do it. Of course, it’ll, in a way be cheaper, however, in the long run, it might end up costing more than it would cost to hire a professional pool builder such as In fact, they are one of the leading manufacturers in Australia, and they will certainly know what you need. If you need a pool contractor, there’s an authorized list on their site, so you are all set. Due to this, it might not be smart to build it by yourself. Besides the risk of paying more in the long run, you might also come across:

  1. Bad End Result – once you’re done with building the pool, you might experience some problems with it, such as leaks, uneven surfaces, as well as malfunctioning pumps,
  2. Higher Cost of Materials – when you work with a professional company, they’ll already have a subcontractor that’ll deliver materials to them, meaning that they’ll probably get them for a lower price,
  3. Missing Equipment & Tools – you might not have the tools and equipment needed for the job, which is why you’ll have to purchase them, something that can increase the expenses you’ll have drastically,
  4. No Warranty – lastly, you won’t have a warranty for the pool, hence, if, for example, you have problems with the pipes, you’ll have to pay for the repairs.

Of course, if you’re confident in your skills and knowledge about building pools, you could opt for doing it by yourself, however, if you aren’t, you might want to hire a professional organization that’ll help you. By doing so, you can easily avoid the aforementioned risks, but more importantly, you can get a warranty on your pool.


So, Why Should I Hire a Professional Company?

If you choose to hire someone for the job, you’ll get that perfect swimming pool, however, you won’t need to do anything. However, this isn’t the only reason why you should work with a professional organization, mostly because it can provide you with way more benefits, including:

  1. It’ll Be Cheaper

As we mentioned, you cannot really grab a shovel, cement, and build a pool. You’ll need much more than that. This means that you must buy everything that you’ll require, but you’ll also need to lease an excavator that’ll dig up the hole instead of you manually doing it. Even if you purchase the right equipment, materials, and tools, the entire process is extremely complex and difficult.

Additionally, if you make any mistakes, you might end up needing a professional and in the future, when you experience issues such as leaks, you’ll have to hire someone to help you. This means that you’ll be paying for your DIY pool, as well as the professionals, meaning that choosing a DIY approach will cost you more. If you want to save money, hire someone for the job.

  1. It’ll Be Quicker

Hiring someone to construct it won’t only be cheaper, but it’ll be quicker as well. After all, such firms have years of experience in the industry, and they’ll know exactly what steps they have to take, meaning that they could finish the construction faster than you would on your own. Depending on the design and layout, you can swim in it in a few weeks.

  1. They’ll Get The Permit + Inspection

As you already know, before you could start the construction, you must apply for and get a permit, and you’ll also need to get the inspection. If you opt for DIY, you’ll need to go through this on your own, which in most cases is quite complex and confusing. Additionally, it’s easier to make mistakes and if this happens to you, you’ll need to apply for the permit again.

Generally speaking, it’ll take more time for you to obtain what you need to start construction, which isn’t the case when you hire a contractor. In fact, they’ll make the application process quicker, and you won’t have to worry about filling in all the documents, as well as other forms.

  1. They Can Help With Other Things

A lot of people don’t realize this, but a pool is a lot more than water that you could cool off in. What does this mean? Well, besides constructing it, you’ll also need a deck and landscaping. A contractor could take care of this for you, hence, if you want to, they can add paths, plants, or whatever else you wish to be close to the water.

Additionally, you could ask whether or not they can install a fence around the structure. By doing so, you could ensure that your kids or pets are safe. Now, you should know, once your kids grow up, you could opt for removing the fence entirely or you could leave it.


If you want to build a pool in your backyard during this summer, you could take the DIY route. However, if you wish to save money and time, as well as ensure that your pool is high-quality, then it might be best if you opted for hiring a professional pool-building organization.

Now that you’ve learned what risks you might come across with a DIY approach, and what you could gain from an expert company, you might want to sit down and determine whether you’ll do everything by yourself or if you’ll opt for hiring someone that’ll help you with the entire project.