What Is the Difference Between Built-in Wine Cooler and a Free-standing Cooler?

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Wine is one of the most drank alcoholic beverages and is generally made out of wine and fruit juice. It is often produced combining a carbonated beverage and sugar and has low alcoholic strength. Wines thus produced are most often kept in storage at the right temperature in Wine Cooler Cabinet to drink in a cool form later. Cooled wine is one of the most delicious drinks that people love to take leisurely, and hence it is often stored in such cabinets in homes, offices, and canteens.

Wines are often stored in a freestanding wine cooler or a built-in wine cooler. It is mainly done for convenience and the type of space that is available. You get a wide range of wine coolers if you browse here at itylza.com, so that you may purchase the products in bulk for distribution of the same at your hometown.

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Freestanding and Built-in Wine Cooler

The freestanding wine cooler is designed to stand alone without the support or help of any other external tool. The built in wine cooler is designed to be placed into existing counters and cabinetry. Most built-in coolers also have a front vent located under the door. It helps the heat to move out from the unit to avoid it getting trapped, causing danger. The wine cooler will maintain a constant temperature so that the wine bottles inside get cooled. It is mandatory in places where there are many guests and people frequently demanding cool wines to drink. If stored properly and without opening the bottle, the wine can remain in that state in a cooler for years.

It is noteworthy that old wines tend to be better in taste, and people’s experience is fantastic. Hence, lots of wines are stored for years to give drinkers a great feel. In several public restaurants and other pubs and so in homes, integrated wine coolers are placed to keep a wide range of wine collections.

However, free-standing coolers can’t be placed into a built-in one as the former’s vent is at the back, and there should be a minimum gap between the cooler and the wall. It is a rule that there must be at least 6 inches of space at the back and 10 to 12 inches of space on either side of the freestanding cooler. Due to the cooler getting heated and creating dangerous situations, you must never place a freestanding cooler or a beverage fridge inside a closet or underneath a tabletop or counter.

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Getting Your Wine Cooler Up and Running

If you are looking for a high-quality wine cooler, then it is rather expensive. It will have the necessary high outward design and finishing while the inner parts are run with special technology that controls temperature without fail. It is not possible to do so with your regular fridge as the temperature fluctuates when you open and close the door frequently. It is understood that temperature fluctuations can harm the bottles of wine.

Modern wine coolers are equipped with several features and have perfectly fitting racks, humidity control units, and UV blocking glass. If it is a custom-built cooler that you are after, the price may go even further. It is pretty easy nowadays to get branded wine coolers from online stores at competitive prices. Several of these are made to place them at specific places or bring them customized as per their requirements.

In the case of Dual Zone Wine Cooler, two spaces are specially equipped with separate temperature controls. The advantage here is that the users can store all their red wines at 60 degrees while they can store all white wines below 50 degrees.

After having chosen a good wine cooler from a reliable dealer, you must check your power supply. A good source having clean insulated electric wires should be connected with the switches. The power source must be within reach of the cooler and not too long away. After placing and positioning your cooler, you must make sure that the cooler is level with the ground and leave space as stated above. If everything is all right then, you may switch on your cooler.

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Best Areas to Place Your Cooler

You can purchase your wine cooler to suit the space you have at your home or establishment. You may need to measure the space so that it would be fit enough to its designated space when you purchase a cooler. There are several areas in your home, shop, or commercial establishment where you can easily keep your wine coolers.

If it is the kitchen you are aiming at, you will find that it is the most popular place to keep your cooler. Otherwise, you may keep it in your cellar or have an independent dry or wet bar. Some homes have tasting rooms to keep their newly acquired wines, while others keep their built in wine and beverage cooler in their dining room.

For public places, wine coolers are mostly found in restaurants and cafés or wine bars. Otherwise, there are public places like entertainment areas where you can find such wine coolers.

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The capacity of Your Wine Cooler

You must first have an idea about the type of wine cooler you want and the capacity it holds. What is good for a public restaurant or café may not be the same in your home. You may need wines only in small quantities, and therefore you need to think it over and check the bottle capacity it has to hold your collection. If you want a dual or single temperature zone wine cooler, then you need to choose likewise.

Again, the wine fridge cabinet is great for storing beer too, and hence you can have them stored in it. Lastly, you can buy wine coolers with a glass door so that you can see the contents inside. It is also great to keep them for others to see and is pretty good furniture.