How to Buy Short Term Rentals for Sale

If you’re looking to add to your investment portfolio, you may want to consider some short-term rental properties for sale. If most investment advice is anything to go by, these properties make a very compelling market class.

However, buying a short-term rental property without adequate knowledge of the required processes, advantages, and disadvantages is akin to wasting your time and resources.

If you’re looking to buy short term rentals for sale without the experience, this article will explain the processes required to save you from learning by trial and error.

How to Find Short Term Rentals for Sale


There are thousands of short-term rental properties for sale on the Internet, but finding one that makes an excellent addition to your investment portfolio is more complicated than you think.

You can find profitable short-term rentals in numerous ways. You can use property finder tools online, a friend recommendation, investment property calculators, or browsing through established real estate websites.

When you find a rental property that looks like a good deal, there are some preliminary steps you need to take to ensure you’re getting a great deal. The following section explains all of these steps in extensive detail.

Steps Involved in Buying Short Term Rentals

It’s common knowledge that jumping into purchases without following due process can be risky, primarily if you’re investing in a new asset class.

Some necessary processes before the purchase of a short-term rental property may include getting the finances ready, choosing the correct location, and estimating your potential income.

For a more expansive view of these processes, here’s a breakdown of the steps required to buy good short-term rental properties for sale.

  • Ready Your Finances

One of the initial steps to buying the rental property is readying your sources of finance. This step is necessary and inevitable and could even come before making the bid.

This step also involves conducting some research about the rental property and estimating its cost. Preliminary research will help you determine how much loan to get and could put you on the right track to submitting a bid.

It also involves choosing a payment method. You can decide if you’re paying cash for the home or if you’ll be going for the mortgage option.

Investors fund short-term rentals with portfolio loans, multifamily loans, conforming loans, or even hard money. Your choice from the above should depend on the specific property, which you may choose after your research.

You can also use your existing mortgage to finance your purchase if you have a decent debt to income ratio, as lenders will check before taking action on your mortgage.

Before entering the market on a search for short term rentals for sale, it’d help to have your own finance, or at least the source of funds handy to avoid building castles in thin air.

  • Choose a Decent Location

The location of your rental property is crucial. Before buying any short-term rental property, ensure that the property is located in a desirable and attractive area.

Investing in properties set in excellent locations will almost certainly yield profit. It’s also important to note that there’s no perfect location for all rental properties; the best site depends on the kind of property you’re purchasing.


However, buying short-term rental properties near the beachfront or a ski resort will increase your chances of recording massive profits. Vacationers visiting a beach will be very willing to rent a short-term rental property to rest during their stay around the coast.

It’d help if you also tried to get a rental property close to essential services like public transports, restaurants, recreational centers, and supermarkets. These facilities make the property more accessible and comfortable to stay in in the long run.

A well-sited short-term rental property is almost always a good investment, even if it costs higher than usual. As the seller also recognizes the value of the rental property, you won’t be getting it cheaply.

  • Evaluate Your Options

When you’ve readied your budget and chosen the perfect location, you can start scouring for short-term rental properties in the vicinity.

It’s essential to note that there are different types, shapes, and structures of short-term rentals. Therefore, you must decide the exact kind of property you want before bidding to initiate the purchase.

You can visit to see some short-term rental properties that are up for sale at great locations for the best returns on investment.

  • Estimate Your Potential Income

The only way to get a good deal on a short-term rental property is by estimating the potential revenue and income and submitting a bid that aligns with the expected income.

The average short-term rental property cash flow is about $1,000 to $2,500, and you can make up to $5,000 per month on the investment property if you get all the variables right.

The only way to get accurate estimates is to do some calculations. When calculating, it’s essential to consider all factors, including taxes, repairs, and renovations.

  • Purchase

After completing all the research and bidding, it’s finally time to buy your first short-term rental property.

This process comes after hours of browsing through websites with listings of short-term rental properties, finding potential goldmines using property finders, making your bid, and reaching an agreement with the seller.


Before making a purchase, however, it helps to familiarize yourself with the local laws of the state or county in which the property is situated. This way, random government policies affecting your short-term rental investment won’t catch you by surprise.


If you’re looking to buy a short-term rental property, this article will guide you through the steps required to make a profitable purchase from start to finish.

When scouring for a short-term rental property, you can use established agencies that deal in purchasing and selling this asset class. This route provides an expert to guide you through the entire investment process, reducing your chances of making costly investment mistakes.

While an expert will certainly help in the process, they can only do so much. Consider learning more about short-term rental properties to help make the best out of your investment, with or without external help.