Buying Doormats Shouldn’t be Hard and Here is How!


They might look like ordinary accessories to be placed near the door so visitors will be welcomed even before you welcome them. However, even before being a welcome invitation, they have to perform a very important job. They are widely used to scrape off the dirt, dust, debris, and moisture from your shoes and feet before you enter your house so they won’t come with you when entering your home.

A high-quality doormat such as WaterHog Eco Premier can be a great way to eliminate these potential hazards before they make their way to your interior space. You will be surprised to know that a huge amount of dirt making its way to your living space comes from the shoes of the persons entering your property.

Buying the Best Door Mats


Doormats aren’t just there to reduce the manpower dependability to clean the space but they can be a great way to reduce slips and falls as well. So when it is time to buy a new doormat then finding the new ones takes effort to a whole new level, and it takes quite an effort to search for the right products. Don’t just fall for the doormat which is aesthetically pleasing but look for one that can do the job without any problem. Here is more to read about.

Why Do You Need Door Mats?

For several reasons, doormats can be a great home accessory to buy. Such as:

Avoid Dust and debris tracking

As mentioned earlier, most of the doormats will eliminate the dust and dirt entering your home by 90%. Either for commercial or residential use, the doormats can be a great source to keep your space cleans effortlessly. Not only that, when the dirt is blocked, it will also prevent any potential hazards that may occur inside your living or working space.

If you don’t use any doormats at the entrance of your building or home, then there will be a higher chance that you will have to suffer from a higher risk of dirt and dust accumulation that can be tracked in by the foot traffic. Not only do they look dirty and create a negative impression but accumulated mud or standing water is the invitation to potential hazards for the trip, slip, and fall accidents.

Visual appeal


Even though the primary job of door mats is to keep the place clean from dirt and dust, they can add a visual appeal if you choose nice-looking doormats. Beautiful door mats can add an aesthetic value to any property. If you place high-quality, aesthetically appealing mats at the entrance to your shop or office then you can create an instant first positive impression. It can hold the dirt and moisture without looking dirty and soiled.

If you want to create a hospitable environment then you can simply create a great-looking doormat. The WaterHog Eco Premier can create a hospitable atmosphere without getting spoiled over time. Not only it will make your guests feel welcomed and comfortable but they will be assured that no dirt will be tracked into the house as well.

Sounds convincing right! If so then continue reading about buying a good quality doormat.

Indoor and Outdoor Mats

Before you start looking for a doormat type, you will first consider the place where you will use your doormat. If you are going to use them in the outside area then choose a mat with weather-resistant material and qualities such as teak, waterproof coconut fibers, and woven seagrass as they are considered one of the most highly durable and can be used indoor as well as outdoors.

Mat on Its Place


Nothing could be worst when your dirty mat slips and not only cause injury but leaves marks inside your house. This is perhaps one of the most common incidents to be happening on a muddy day. While you cannot change the weather but you should consider buying a thick and non-slippery mat that will stay in its place.

Surface of Doormat

This is perhaps one of the most important things o consider while choosing a mat for outdoor entrance or an area with high traffic most of the day. You should go for the mats with a textured and abrasive surface. If you can, then find the scraper surfaced mats for a better experience. They are worth buying as they can scrape away even the most obstinate mud.

Mats for Indoors Only


Though you will find a huge number of doormats that will claim to be the perfect match for your outdoor usage as well but don’t fall for them, this is because some materials are best to be used for indoor use. Materials such as sisal, fabric, or jute are perfect for indoor use. They cannot withstand weather elements for longer. However, they can be used mostly for scrapping off the dirt but are not so sturdy.

Rubber Mats and winter

Rubber-made doormats from brands like Ultimate Mats are a great option if you don’t want to spend much on the mats. They won’t slip when you wipe your shoes with them and they work great for garage or any indoor space. However, if you live in an area with harsh winter conditions then don’t go for it because rubber tends to crack during winter if it gets direct exposure for longer.

Size of the Mat

Last but not least point would be the size consideration of the mat. Consider the size of the space you are going to place your mat. It should fit in the space and especially ear the door. It shouldn’t interfere with the door openings. Not only it will feel frustrated but the corners of the mat will be damaged as well.

Having this information in mind you will be able to choose the best doormat for your living and working space.