How Much Can You Earn After Passing the CCNP Exam?


CCNP is known as the Cisco Certified Network Professionals. It is a well-reputed certificate that is accepted and respected all around the globe. The certification ensures you test yourself to the best of your abilities. As a result, it opens up various job opportunities for you.

This certification is best suited for professionals who want specialized training in planning, implementing, and maintaining different high-end network solution products. The latest certificate includes CCNP Data Center, CCNP Service Provider, and CCNP Enterprise, to name a few.

As of 24th February 2024, to acquire the CCNP certificate, you have two exams for every course. These exams include a core exam and a concentration exam. After this change, it is noted that the CCNP core exam is similar to the CCIE written exam for every course. This allows you to focus on what you are interested in.

How to prepare for the exam?


The main question that many people have is SPOTO how to get CCNP certification? As mentioned earlier, now you have to prepare for two different exams for CCNP to prepare for these exams, you should first look at the syllabus available on the official website.

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Once you have the syllabus, you should start collecting all the preparation material. This material can be found using various books available. However, you can also get help from the internet and find specific material.

Furthermore, you should use practice tests – these are readily available on the internet. With these practice tests, you can get an understanding of the type of questions you will get. Moreover, you can use them to time yourself and find out your weaknesses.

It is best if you use these tests after completing your syllabus. This way, you will know what to work on.

CCNP certified professional median salary according to the city for 2024


When we take the United States into consideration, we find out that CCNP is extremely popular there. Therefore, the salaries that CCNP certified candidates get are also high. First, we will look at the salaries of CCNP candidates according to the cities of the US.

The highest salary being offered to CCNP candidates in the US is in San Jose, California. The businesses in the city pay a good amount of salary to the candidates of the said certification. They have the highest median salary for a network administrator who has a CCNP certificate.

Given below is a PayScale statistics according to different cities.

  • New York – the pay for CCNP candidates in New York is $71,000.
  • Chicago, Illinois – the salary in this city is $67,000.
  • Atlanta, Georgia – the salary for CCNP candidates in this city is $64,000.
  • Houston, Texas – the salary in this city is $65,000.
  • Dallas, Texas – the salary offered to CCNP candidates in this city is $63,000.
  • Washington, District of Columbia – the salary in this city is $69,000.
  • San Jose, California – the salary for CCNP candidates in this city is $80,000.

CCNP certification median salary according to experience for 2024


The average salary of a CCNP certified network administrator is approximately $59,672. However, the salary starting pay is $49,985 – it can go up to $70,644 as the years of experience and level of seniority increase.

The salaries of a CCNP certified candidate vary with the role of the person and the intensity of the job. For instance, an electrical engineer with a CCNP certification earns an average pay of $74,191.

Furthermore, the salary of each candidate increases with the years of experience. The more experience you have, the higher you will get paid. Also, another factor that decides the pay for a CCNP certified candidate is the nature of the project they are working on.

For instance, the candidate is paid higher if the project they have to work on is difficult or requires much more attention. Given below are the salaries of CCNP certified network administrators according to their years of experience.

  • A person with experience of less than one year is paid approximately $49,384.
  • A candidate with experience of one to four years is paid approximately $53,672.
  • A candidate with experience of five to nine years is paid approximately $60,666.
  • A candidate with experience of ten to nineteen years is paid approximately $65,691.
  • A candidate with experience of more than twenty years is paid $70,644.

Salary of CCNP candidates according to their jobs


When you enter the field of IT with a CCNP certification, you either get the post of a network administrator or network engineer. Then when you reach the mid and senior level, there are two posts available. These include senior system engineers, network engineers, IT directors, etc.

The two positions that are of an IT director and network architect are senior-level jobs. They are the top-level jobs available for CCNP candidates. People working at these two positions earn salaries in six-digit numbers. However, the salary still depends on their potential and certifications.

Furthermore, CCNP candidates who have acquired jobs as IT managers also are able to get a 6 figure salary. Given below is a list of the salaries of CCNP candidates according to their jobs.

  • Network engineer – $84,339.
  • Network architect – $122,253.
  • Network administrator – $70,601.
  • IT manager – $94,072.
  • IT director – $110,804.

CCNP candidates salaries based on gender


According to stats, the salaries for female CCNP holders are low, and they do not hold many jobs in the industry either. It was deduced that in 2024, CCNA certification candidates who were males made 95.8% of the market. Their salaries reportedly ranged between $63,000 and $136,000.

On the other hand, female CCNA certified candidates made only 4.1% of the market. Also, their salaries ranged between $59,000 and $124,000.

Summing it up!

There are various job opportunities for CCNP candidates. They can join any industry they like, such as telecommunications, IT consulting, etc. They also get employed by the state with great salary packages.

Moreover, with a CCNP certification, you can work as a freelancer and make a good amount of money every year!