Canadian Online Casino Facts You Need To Know


Canada has a lot of physical casinos since it is a big country. Still, only some Canadians find it easy to get to physical casinos.

So many of them started gambling online, like in the famousĀ luxury casino Canada.

People who live near well-known casinos are also turning to online gambling because it is more convenient. Online casinos offer more game options, great first-time bonuses, regular promos, customer service, and flexible payment options.

There are a lot of fun facts you should learn about online casinos in Canada. Since knowledge is power, here’s a list of things you might find helpful in your online casino venture.

It Is A Canadian Culture

In Canada, games of chance are not the same thing as gambling. Because bingo, lotteries, and raffles are a part of Canadian culture.

Almost every junior hockey game has a raffle, and Canadian lottery tickets are always stuck to fridges on magnets. Bingo is played every Tuesday and Saturday in every small American town at the Legion, the Elks Hall, or the seniors center.

Bingo is a fun game that people can play together. Canadians get together to gamble, which gives them something fun to do on cold winter nights north of the 49th parallel.

Canada Is The New Hub For Online Gambling


Canadians have embraced online gambling in a big way. Canada does not have luxurious gambling hotels that people can spot on the Vegas strip in Las Vegas. But with the advent of online Casinos, Canadians have indulged a lot of money in wagering.

According to the latest statistics, the global online Casino industry was worth 60 million dollars, and Canada contributes a major chunk of that amount. It is estimated that Canadian states like Ottawa, British Columbia, and Alberta are the major contributors to the online betting industry. These Canadian states contribute around 4 million dollars towards the online Casino industry, making it the eighth largest contributor to this rapidly growing industry.

Men Count Vs. Women Count

57% of the people who gambled in real life in Canada were men, and 43% were women. But online gambling is very different. While only 45% of men gamble online, 55% of women do.

Many women who gamble use their phones to get to sites where they can gamble online. This may be why Canadians like to talk on the Internet, which is fun and valuable.

Legal Play In Online Casinos


It’s legal, but it isn’t straightforward. Each Canadian territory has its own rules about gambling. And each provincial or territorial lottery or gaming commission has its own online gambling site.

But sometimes, Canadians want more options. The reason why Canadians love offshore is that they get more bonuses, prizes, and special offers.

Here’s where things get tricky: online gambling is legal, and casinos outside Canada can do whatever they want to try to get Canadians to play there. But Canadian gamblers are technically breaking the law if they join offshore casino sites. Since it’s not hard to do, it does happen.

Offshores Can’t Get A Canadian Government License

The fact that the Canadian government doesn’t have a way to give licenses to offshore gambling sites makes things even more complicated. Only the provinces and territories have the authority to license.

There won’t be provincial or territorial licensing because Canadians go to casinos outside Canada without permission. There is a way out, though. The Mohawk Territory is in Canada.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is based in the Mohawk Territory in Canada. Since it began in 1996, it has licensed more than 50 online casinos and more than 250 offshore gambling sites.

The Country Loves To Gamble During The Evening


Data shows that online Casinos are the most active from 6 pm to 9 pm. However, many people also like to play games late at night, and hence web traffic for online gaming sites remains high till 11 at night.

There Is No Tax Liability On The Money Won In A Casino

Canada is one of the many countries that does not impose any tax liability on a person who wins money in a Casino unless he is registered as a professional. One of the reasons for having such provisions is that amateur player hardly win enough money to contribute towards the tax revenue significantly.

Hence, countries like Canada tax only professional gamblers. Since amateurs can enjoy a game without worrying about tax liability, online gambling has become quite popular here.

The Acceptability Of Bitcoins Makes Online Casinos Popular In Canada


Online Casinos in Canada can accept wagering money in popular cryptos like bitcoins. Likewise, they also give away the winning amount in terms of bitcoins.

The federal government in Canada does not recognize bitcoins as a legal currency. Thus, bitcoins are seen as a commodity that can be bought and sold in the market. In fact, if someone gets any good in exchange for a bitcoin, then it is treated as barter.

The reason why the acceptance of bitcoins by the gambling industry increases the popularity of the industry is that it saves tax. Since cryptos are not seen as money, a professional gambler who wins a game in a Casino need not show the money won as his income. Although there might be some tax liabilities based on subsequent transactions of the cryptos, the overall tax liability is quite less.

Another reason why payment as cryptos makes wagering popular is that most Canadians realize that bitcoins are a worthy investment. And if they win bitcoins in the present, they are very likely to get windfall profits in the future when the value of bitcoin rises.

The Kind Of Game That People Play Depends On Their Age Group

Most online Casino customers in Canada fall in the age group of 30 to 60. Also, most young players that are below the age of 35 tend to play games that require mental alertness and are slightly more complicated.

However, people who are slightly older, that is, those who are above the age of 45, prefer playing those games where their participation has a more passive role. So they prefer games like Keno which is essentially a lottery-like game. In Keno, a player simply has to choose a few numbers, and if a random number generator gives out the same number that a person has chosen, he wins.

No Recorded Arrest For Online Casino Play


Because of the Canadian Criminal Code’s gray areas, Canadians who gamble at technically illegal offshore casinos are mostly safe. Most Canadians with offshore gambling accounts don’t know what they’re doing wrong.

One of the currencies they accept is the Canadian Loonie. Since no one in Canada has been fined or sent to jail for gambling, people think that casinos outside of Canada are a better choice.

Canada Has The Ideal Demography That Is Required For The Online Gambling Industry

Canada is a developed country where the native population has good levels of education and command over English. Hence, it has the right demography to supply software developers to develop innovative games and Casino operators who fully know how a Casino runs.

Luxury Means Many Options

Canadians love to gamble and have many options. Since it is also a part of their culture, online casinos from Canada have been trying to improve their prospects. Enough that there will be no more trouble since they don’t need to go offshore.

While the laws aren’t clear about online gambling, and no fines or penalties have been given, Canadians can play online as they please.