How To Choose Jeans According To My Body Type

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Jeans are a garment that cannot be missing in any woman’s wardrobe. A great alternative to wear day by day is that depending on the design they can go from an informal garment to a casual one. But beyond its design, if there is something that worries women is to find the perfect pants, the one that suits our figure wonderfully and goes perfectly with our style then must go to

Still don’t know which one is yours? In the following, we explain how to choose jeans according to your body type.

Steps to Follow:

In this article, we will provide you with general information and steps to follow.

1 step

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There is a general rule that is important to know: jeans in light or worn colors tend to expand the figure, while those in dark colors make us look thinner, so if you want to hide those extra pounds, always opt for intense blue tones or dark.

It is important to have at least one pair of dark and neutral jeans, in this way you will have versatile pants that combine with everything.

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If you have a lot of hips, it is important to always choose jeans in dark tones that help you hide their size. Prefer straight cuts as they will make this area less pronounced, in the same way pay attention that the seams of the pants are also dark and that there are no accessories that make the hips stand out or look more bulky.

Forget the darts, these types of details help to increase the size of your hips, in the same way if you opt for jeans with prints that are small, if they are very large figures you will only be able to expand your shapes.

It is important that the shot is medium or high, low shots increase your hips. Also prefer a medium or high waist, especially from behind to help you look slimmer.

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On the contrary, for girls with few hips, there are other strategies to apply. In principle, always choose jeans with pockets on the back, as they will make your butt stand out a little more. The side details such as pockets and studs are a good alternative for this type of body.

In terms of cuts, people with few hips favor skinny jeans with a low waist, as they balance the proportions, highlighting the hips area. If you like patterned pants, they are also a good option.

Those with tall and slim figures have shapes that allow you to use all kinds of cuts and models. Jeans at the hip sit very well on this type of body, as well as skinny or straight-cut jeans.

Don’t be afraid to experiment in stores and find the type of jeans that best suits your style.
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Furthermore, the first jeans were created as workwear by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss (yes, those of the most famous jeans brand in the world) in 1873 and received their name thanks to the city of Genoa in Italy, which is where the material originated from cotton with which they were created.

Like many other functional garments, jeans were not socially acceptable to wear outside the work context, but little by little they were gaining popularity and became one of the most important staples that men, women and children need to always have in their closet.
Jeans’ popularity exploded as the United States introduced them to the rest of the world with John Wayne Westerns and during WWII, when soldiers took their jeans to war and became style icons for the rest. around the world, and it was Marylin Monroe who convinced women to start wearing them too in the 1950s (while James Dean ended up convincing all the men they needed a pair by appearing in Rebel Without Cause) when her character appeared wearing a pair in the 1952 movie Clash by Night.

The counterculture movement adopted jeans as part of the hippie movement in the 60s, free love in the 70s (with bands like The Ramones wearing them as part of their uniform), and grunge in the 90s. Around 450 million pairs of jeans are sold annually in the United States, making them one of the classic pieces that have endured the test of time and trends.

The whole world is searching for the perfect pair of jeans, with the right fit, the right color, and the details that make them stand out from the crowd, but many people forget knowing their body type and the cut that is right for them is the key to finding the perfect pair.

What are the best jeans for each body type?

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First of all, you should know that there are 5 basic cuts of jeans available:


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One style is a tighter fit with a tapered leg opening. Generally low to medium rise with zipper. The pants are fitted from hip to hem.


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Neither too tight nor too loose. Generally medium rise with zipper. Straight across the hip, tighter in the thigh area, and with a narrower leg opening.


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Straight leg jeans, usually mid-rise. The pant leg falls straight from the knee to the hem, with a larger opening.


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A looser fit from the waist to the leg opening.


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This is the widest fit of the jeans and has more room on the thighs, legs and buttocks.
This refers to men who are slim from top to bottom, with a body type that has a build that is characterized by a flat chest, small shoulders, and elongated muscles without much bulk.


Therefore, jeans have proved to be a good choice for all kinds of body types. After following these instructions, you can easily find what you are looking for based on your choices and body type.