Tips to Help You Choose a Patent Attorney in San Diego


The current world is run via technology, and in such a world, patents are a vital asset to every modern business. But unfortunately, there are several instances where an inventor creates a new idea or product but loses his right to it. This usually happens when an inventor cannot implement specific measures to stop others from using it.

A patent will let you monopolize your product. A patent lawyer has the proper knowledge and experience to help you protect your inventions and implement the right strategies to protect them locally and globally.

But sometimes, it can be challenging to choose a patent attorney. So, read on for tips to help you select a patent attorney in San Diego.


Choose a lawyer proficient in your innovative field

When choosing a patent lawyer, there are many things to consider. Blueprints and ideas for different services and products can be diverse, so a patent lawyer must be knowledgeable in several types of industries.

Good patent attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable in patent law and other things concerning their client’s innovative products. For instance, take the excellent patent attorneys San Diego has to offer. They’re expected to possess or research background knowledge on their client’s industry, which can be beneficial during the process of patent application.

Patent applications can be pretty technical and detailed. This is why an attorney must know the elements of their client’s services, ideas, or products.

Note that the USPTO only gives patents to ideas or innovations that are new and don’t have any patent application record.

Response time

Some lawyers don’t respond to their clients promptly, which can be detrimental to your situation. Your chosen attorney should update you regularly on the details of your case.

Since the case is yours, you have to be carried along in the decision-making process. Your lawyers know the law, but you will be a significant source of information for the case.

So, the lawyer has to be keen on using your knowledge of your innovation and the industry to their advantage. Your lawyer should not leave you behind when you have a concern or a question. They should be available to answer your problems within a day and answer them in simple language that you can understand.

Patent law is complex, but if your attorney cannot explain your legal situation in simple words, then that lawyer might not also be able to explain your position to the jury in a way they can understand. An excellent place to learn about an attorney’s responsiveness is to check online reviews.


The attorney’s industry experience

Another way to choose a patent attorney is to check their industry experience. Top patent attorneys have gathered industry experience working for the USPTO as examiners.

Moreover, some of them might have served as senior-level advisers. Being in such a position, they must have been responsible for obtaining, issuing, and examining patents in different fields.

So this technical background provides your chosen attorney with knowledge of what is needed to get your patent application granted. So, before selecting a patent attorney, ensure you check their industry experience.

The attorney’s expertise

You can hire excellent lawyers practicing general law to help you with your case. However, it would be best if you considered working with an attorney specializing in patent law.

Think of it like dealing with a doctor. When you feel something is wrong with your eyes, you don’t go to see a doctor who specializes in skin disease.

This is how you should view an attorney’s specialization. You can ask a general attorney for an overview of what should be done for your situation. However, general lawyers would still refer you to a patent attorney.

If you are not referred, you should expect these attorneys to know less than lawyers who have been practicing in the patent field for several years. When choosing a patent attorney, expertise matters since they are in the best position to help you with your case correctly.



Patent litigation can be quite expensive. However, this doesn’t mean you should break the bank for your attorney to help with your case. You can assess the reasonability of an attorney’s fee by checking reviews. These reviews will help you know the attorney’s cost-effectiveness. In other words, are they providing the level of service for what you’re paying?

Ensure the attorney takes up patent litigations

When you meet with attorneys you intend to work with, you should ensure they take up patent litigation. For example, some attorneys or firms only focus on ensuring that patent applications get approved.

But other attorneys and firms handle the actual patent applications and help defend or enforce them in courtrooms. To ensure you protect your invention and have someone helping you after patent application approval, you have to work with an attorney that handles litigation.

Additionally, you must determine an attorney’s success rate and history before deciding.


Ensure the attorney has international patent filing experience

If you want your patent to be filed internationally, you need to assess the attorney or firm’s experience with international patent filing. It would be best if you asked specific questions like the number of patents they file each year.

Other concerns could revolve around the relationship the lawyer has with other attorneys or firms in your area of interest and the cost of filing an international patent. This will aid you in your decision-making.

Final words

After going through the inventive process of creating a product or idea that is profitable, marketable, and useful, your next step is to file for a patent. This will help you legally claim sole ownership of the idea. It also ensures that you are not bothered about others selling or copying your innovation.

When you intend to file a patent, it is very vital you exhaustively find out the details of patent lawyers close to you to find the best one for you. The tips mentioned above will help you make the right decision.