Choosing Cordless Circular Saw: Main Recommendations

Whether you want to this particular item in your toolbox for working on your home DIY projects or on a construction site, a cordless circular saw is one of the most useful ones that will significantly up your game. These days, there are so many options available that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and to feel lost. It’s important to understand what exactly you need from your saw before you buy it. Will you be using it around the home for repair projects or for making furniture, or you want a true professional grade machine that can withstand heavy operation for long working hours? Which material will you be mostly working with?

In this article, we offer several factors that you should consider when searching for the ideal circular saw for you. Have in mind that safety is very important as the improper use of this tool can result in injuries. Take safety measures such as wearing safety glasses, and getting a circular saw with a blade guard, electric brake and ergonomic design.

Important aspects of selecting a circular saw

Cordless circular saws are not cheap tools, so most people want to get one that will last them for years, and if possible – for a lifetime. It is a great idea to choose a saw that will be reliable and sufficiently universal. As the cheap ones are usually of dubious quality, you don’t necessarily have to go for the most expensive either. Find a saw that is value-for-the-money and will serve your purposes.

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Which batteries are the best?

As we are focused on selecting the right cordless circular saw, it is important to understand that batteries play a crucial role in how well and how long it will perform. One of the biggest advantages of a cordless saw is that because it is portable, you can easily carry it around with you without having to worry about having access to electricity. The process of using a saw just about anywhere becomes a lot easier as you won’t be needing a power outlet or an electrical power generator.

High-quality cordless circular saws are generally powered by 18v lithium-ion batteries. If you purchase a saw with the fast-charging function, it would be even better since this type of batteries are considered to be quite powerful, allowing you to get a lot of work done with only one charging. Before starting to use it, make sure it is fully charged and run a safety check, too. Sometimes, if you would be working for extended periods of time, you should get backup batteries as well.

Speed is essential

Another thing to consider is control and speed. You should keep in mind that the faster the speed of your tool, the easier it can be to control it. The easiest way to see how a saw will perform in this department is to check revolutions per minute (RPM) in its specifications since it applies both to the speed, and to the power of the tool. Usually, this can be adjusted according to the job you will be doing with it.

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Blade and its capacity for cutting

It’s obvious that the blade cannot be underestimated when choosing a saw. The standard size is 165mm, but there are also other options available. It’s important to get a blade that will be compatible with the cordless circular saw. Some blades will only work with saws that come with a cord, so you have to be attentive. These blades can have a different number of teeth – depending on what they are meant to cut. There are coarse-abrasion and fine friction blades, and they are used for various materials.

They are mostly made out of steel and their blades can be carbide-tipped, or even diamond-tipped, meaning that they will have great durability and excellent performance.

Watch the weight

As this tool is cordless, it is meant to be portable. Therefore, it should be convenient for carrying around, so it is recommended that you choose a lightweight one. It still must be powerful and to support adjustments so that you can cut diverse materials with it.

Which depth of cut is appropriate?

It’s always best to choose a cordless circular saw with the maximum cutting depth, and adjust it later according to the tasks you will be completing. You should analyze which materials you will need to cut most often and whether you need to cut straight or with a bevel. Not all circular saws are equal in this sense, so you have to pay attention to this factor.

If you are still unsure and need some examples to help you find the right cordless circular saw.

Additional features you may need

Some advanced features make using your circular saw safer and more comfortable. Depending on your preferences and needs, you may want to get a circular saw that also has:

  • LED lights

If you need to work in low light conditions, this feature will certainly be useful.

  • Braking system

This function makes using your circular saw safer. The way it works is that the motor will turn off when there is some problem with the saw. This prevents you from potential accidents and injuries.

  • Comfortable design

The design of the tool and its weight should be convenient for you, especially if you have to use your circular saw regularly. If you have an opportunity, it’s a great idea to hold your tool in person before buying it, so that you can feel the weight and the grip.

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Consider your preferences and basic features

Finding the perfect cordless circular saw may seem like quite a challenge. If you pay attention to each of the aspects mentioned in this article, the process should become easier. There are many amazing tools out there, so make a list of pros and cons, so that you can select the right one in your price range. Pne of the best review page in terms of Cordless Circular Saw is Comfy Home Corner visit their website click here.

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