5 Tips for Choosing the Right Pressure Washer

The market is crawling with pressure washers, so it’s quite normal if you get confused about which product to go for. As you know, without the right one, the stains could not be removed, or it can even crack the fragile surfaces.

And that’s where this listing of pressure washer buying guides comes to help!

These hacks and tricks will give you insider info to help narrow down your choice. After reading this article, you won’t feel lost while choosing pressure washers.

Does that sound promising to you? Well, if you are ready, then let’s dive in

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Are Pressure Washers Dangerous?

No matter where you buy the pressure washers, let it be online stores like pressurewasherlab.com or from your local stores, you’re bound to face some obstacle.

So, before committing to a pressure washer, you should be aware of the risk involved with this tool. Yes, even though it’s quite handy, it still comes with some risk factors.

So, here’s a list of all the factors to be careful about:

  • You can get bruises from a pressure washer
  • It can go out of control, hit and break various items
  • You can get electrocuted
  • The gasoline-powered engines can induce poisonous gas like carbon monoxide

Side note: These carbon monoxide gas can be dangerous. So, do use enough caution when dealing with such situations.

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Precautions for Handling Pressure Washers

Now, the risk factors might have scared you off. However, there is no need to worry. That’s because, like every problem in the world, this has a solution too.

And these are pretty straightforward. Are you wondering what they are? Well, have a look:

  • Don’t direct a pressure washer at anyone
  • Don’t try to remove objects with washer spray
  • Do not operate a gasoline-powered washer in a closed room
  • Check the circuit breaker before using a pressure washer
  • Don’t let children use a pressure washer

How to Select the Right Pressure Washer?

Alright, it’s time to dive right into the main topic of the day. You might have been waiting for this for quite a while.

The most crucial step will be to try out the pressure washer before buying. But there are many tricks involved that only the professionals are aware of. And here we have compiled them all in one place.

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1. Choose the right power level

Firstly, you should be aware of the pounds per square inch (PSI) unit. This mainly tells you about the cleaning capacity of the pressure washer. Now, many sellers may suggest that a higher PSI is better.

However, you shouldn’t fall for such a trick. Instead, find out what PSI will work better for you, and buy the one that meets your requirements.

Now, be careful, you may face trouble with water pressure from time to time. But there are ways to troubleshoot water pressure levels.

For BBQ grills or car washing, a setting of 1,300 to 2,400 PSI will work just fine.

Another unit used in the measurement of a pressure washer is gallons per minute (GPM). This measure of the unit tells you how fast the pressure washer can clean.

In other words, the higher the GPM, the faster your pressure washer will clean up the spots. Now, for this unit, we suggest you go with the highest one that you can get.

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2. Try getting a mobile pressure washer

Nowadays, pressure washers have become portable. They are not bound to any socket or outlet. However, even among them, there is a difference.

Well, some of the latest pressure washers come with wheels and are easier to transport from one place to another. Thus, it gives you the luxury to move around with the heavy pressure washers without lifting them.

Hence, do try to get one with wheels,  to avoid the heavy lifting from time to time.

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3. Select the correct type of water

You might be asking how do you classify water, right? Well, it’s simple. There’s hot water, and then there’s cold water.

Yes, even the pressure washers can discharge hot or cold water. And each of them has various functions.

A hot water pressure washer is quite useful for more difficult cleaning works. For instance: removing oil and grease. This works best because hot water can cut through the dirt easily.

On the other hand, the cold water pressure washers are perfect for eliminating mud, dirt, and sand. Besides, they are less expensive than their hot-water counterparts.

On a note, if you’ve to deal with oily or greasy surfaces, these aren’t the best pick.

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4. Pick electric or gas per your choice

Now, there are two types of pressure washers available in the market. One is electrically powered, and the other one is gas-powered.

The tasks where you don’t have to involve extra strength, electric pressure washers will be fine. On the other hand, high-powered jobs need the help of gas pressure washers.

The best part of an electric pressure washer is the price, it is cheaper than a gas-operated pressure washer. Moreover, it does not need much maintenance work.

5. Choose the right nozzle size

Lastly, focus on the color of the nozzle. The color indicates what angle the pressure washers work. This gives you an idea about the kind of work they are used for.

So, check out the table to learn what the color tells you.

Red 0 degrees It’s used on concrete
Yellow 15 degrees It can be used to wash away stains, mildew, and paint.
Green 25 degrees It’s mainly used for household cleaning tasks
White 40 degrees It’s used for cleaning anything fragile, like windows
Black 65 degree It’s used for spraying detergent and soap onto a surface


To Sum Up

Well, here are the 5 tips for choosing the right pressure washer. Now, keep in mind that all pressure washers aren’t the same. So, you need to dig down and find the right one for you.

Anyway, that’s about it from our side. Best of luck with your purchase. Adios!