How to Clean the Inside of a Windshield?

Women's hand wiping on car.

Imagine you have washed your car body and wheels, inch by inch. You are so happy and proud of your accomplishment that you decide to go for a short ride only to realise that you have to squint your eyes through the streaks all across the windshield.

Relax, we have all been there!

After thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior of the windshield, we are still left with streaks. Wondering if it’s your cleaning solution? or are you using a generic glass cleaner or is it because you are using warm water and a paper towel? There could be any reason but to ensure safe driving, this issue needs to be fixed.

How Does Your Windshield Get Dirty?

Several things can get onto your windshield. Fingerprints, dog’s nose, smoke, dirt etc can stick to your car. You cannot control these things, however, you can clean them squeaky clean if any dirt is spotted.

But the real question arises is what makes it dirty even after scrubbing them off your windshield very often? Smoking a cigarette, condensation, dust and other things blend in the closed and hot atmosphere creating a coat on the window. The hotter the climate, the quicker the dirt layer develops. Often evaporation of certain materials inside your car like vinyl and plastic too contribute to this dirt film.

Wondering how the oily film starts forming on the inside of the windshield? This happens when the vinyl on the dash starts to off-gas due to heat and creates chemicals that were used in the production of the same.

For your and others safety, it is important to get rid of the gross and greasy film of dirt on your car’s windshield. Book an appointment with your nearest car wash provider and get rid of this dirt. If you think this would affect your car MOT, get to know more.

However, if you love taking care of your vehicle all by yourself, there are simple yet effective ways to clean it at home.

How to Clean a Car’s Windshield at Home?

All set to try out this amazing cleaning hack that will change your life? Let’s go!

Things you need:

  • Microfiber Towels
  • Microfiber extension hand tool
  • Spray Bottle
  • Dish Soap
  • Alcohol
  • White Vinegar
  • Water
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Towel

Dry Wipe With a Cloth

Wipe your car’s entire windshield and windows with a dry and clean cloth. With the help of the thick side, clean the curved edges of the glass surface in an up and down motion. Paper towels work great too but they often leave pesky fibres behind.

This step helps in removing all the dirt and dust visible on the windshield.

Add Cleaner

Do not spray cleaner directly onto the glass. Take a clean microfiber cloth and spray on it. Wipe off the screen thoroughly. Just a few spritzes at a time will help you remove the dirt. Avoid using too much glass cleaner or it makes your glass hazy. Make sure to check if your car cleaner is safe for interior use to avoid any exposure to harmful chemicals like ammonia.

Wipe Again

With your microfiber cloth dampened in cleaner, wipe off the glass surface in a circular motion and then top to bottom. We know reaching the corners of the windshield is a bit tricky, so you can take the help of a curved head cleaning tool. This tool is totally optional.

Dry Glass

Now, this step is a bit crucial. For a streak-free finish, grab the dry side of the microfiber cloth and wipe off the glass dry. Repeat this step until it starts sparkling.

Some FAQs About Cleaning Your Windshield

Let’s answer some of the common questions about windshield cleaning?

  • How often should you clean?
    There is no specific answer to that, but as often as required to keep your vehicle’s windshield clean and streak-free.
  • Is it necessary to use tools to clean the windshield?
    Using cleaning tools make the process easier and less time-consuming. Moreover, they are cheap and don’t affect your pocket a lot. You can find these tools in your nearby market or online.
  • How to clean the windshield streak-free?
    A lot of times, the window cleaner is not enough to remove all the gunk and dust accumulated on the film. Various tools can make your cleaning process a bit easier and less challenging. Make sure you follow our above-mentioned steps for streak-free cleaning.

Cleaning your car windshield all by yourself can be a bit overwhelming for some people. We recommend you to get the help of professionals for some squeaky clean windshield. They have proper tools and solutions for all your car needs.

If you are cleaning it at home, make sure you get rid of the streaks to avoid squinting your eyes!