11 Must-Know Closet Organization Tricks the Pros Use

Imagine you have a fascinating trip planned. You open your closet to wear your desired outfit. And what the heck? Your outfit is nowhere to be found in the grave clumsiness of your closet. Now would that be a great start to the day?

Well, it’s high time you get that closet reorganized. You will not only find your outfits easily but also you will start feeling your life organized. In this article, you will find some excellent ideas that can help you manage your closet. Favored by the pros, these 11 tips and tricks from CleanZen will completely restructure the way your closet looks.

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1. Categorize the commodities

One awesome way you can start is by organizing using categories. First, go through all the goods in your closet. figure out which types of apparel you own. You can then easily categorize the goods based on the types. For example, t-shirts, blouses, pants, you can separately store them according to their types.

You can arrange the goods by item type. Followed by length or color or whichever you find useful. In this way, the next time you start finding something, you will know where to start looking. This will eventually save a great deal of time, ensuring you start your day with satisfaction.

2. Prioritized piling up

You can try organizing by piling your goods according to their priorities. You can start by undergoing all the goods first. Pull everything out from the closet. First pile up the ones you use very often. This will be your top priority section of the goods.

After that find out which ones out there you love but seldom wear. You can also put the clothes of which you might not be sure of the fitness in this section.

Lastly, take those goods which you do not wear at all. Store them in piles designating them as the least prioritized.

You can organize your clothing in such a manner according to the seasons as well. For example, during the winter you can pull all the warm clothes to the top prioritized section. Sundresses, shorts can be moved to the less needed pile.

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3. Color-Code the stuff

Organize them by colors. If you like to wear colors depending on mood or weather, this will be very handy for you.

First, go through the categories you just made. Probably you would find countless colors to wear. You can now organize them accordingly. If you are interested, why not try the VIBGYOR sequence.

Organize the stuff the way they work the best for you. You will be surprised to find the increase in feasibility while selecting your favorite outfit for the day.

4. Stack the foldable

If you look at your closet closely you will find much stuff that can be well organized if folded and stacked. Finding these and using them can be a great trick to make the closet more tedious.

If you have set drawers in your closet, you can use them very smartly to keep your clothes.

In the set of drawers, you can put the most used clothes at the top ones. It would be best if they are at your eye level. You can then put your goods on the following drawers according to your priority. Now you can easily find whatever you are looking for in that closet of yours!

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5. Separate the delicate

You probably own some special types of apparel that might be delicate to store. Now you would not want to fold and stack them up with all the other clothes. That really would not be a good idea. So, select the special ones and separate them into a different zone.

The best way to keep your delicate clothing is to hang them. You can use hangers or hooks for so. In this way, they will be safe and easy to pick when you will be needing them.

6. Decrease the duplicates

While going through your closet, have you ever found similar things again and again? Like the same type of white t-shirt, you have not one but, couple of them? And start wondering, why do you have those? These duplicates can really help mess up some crucial spaces of your closet.

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7. The ‘Try on’ Pile

Do you have a pile of clothes that you intend to try out later? They have been sitting there for like ages and you haven’t done a thing? Then they sure are messing up your closet space. Go through them, try them on! You may come out with something special. If not, throw the ones you won’t prefer. This can also help you organize some space in your closet.

8. Strategic Separation

While you organize your closet, make sure to separate them cleverly. Try not to mix up stuff like, evening gowns and workout shoes. If you do so, you might end up with a gown that smells like sweaty, dirty feet!

Place the goods which you rarely wear like party gowns in a zone which is hard to get. Do the opposite to the regular outfits. Place them where they are easy to get but separated from the other zones.

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9. Notes

When you design or re-organize your closet, you can select a place to keep a notebook and a pen. You can use them to note any necessities that you might need.

You can list up the goods you use often and the ones you do not need to remind you for further management. Also, you can note things that you might want to add up to your collection later. A notebook can be a really handy tool even in your closet.

10. Wall Hangers

Do you have all your jewelry lying around in a clumsy way? No worries. You can use the closet walls to hang the jewelry, hats, etc.

You can use nails, hooks, or even stylish hangers to work for the purpose. They not only look trendy but also will be much more organized.

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11. Let go of things

Do you have a lot of stuff that is age-old but you still want to keep? These items can also be handled for better organizing. It might sound hard but, letting go of things that you hardly need any more is a necessary thing to do to keep your closet well organized.

Keeping your closet clean can be a tricky job. But if you follow these simple tricks you can really come up with a tedious closet.