8 Cool Gift Ideas for a Pregnant Woman in 2023

We can call it a fact: when a woman announces that she’s expecting, there comes a whole load of presents. The excitement of receiving a baby drives the whole family crazy and eager to buy a bunch of cute stuff to welcome the new family member. But in this continuous gift dripping… the mother sometimes seems to be forgotten. Or maybe sometimes we doubt what gift would be appropriate for a pregnant woman, so we end up again choosing a bib or a cute blanket for the little one.

It helps, of course. But during pregnancy, future moms need to feel more loved and cared for than ever. , full of doubts, tired, with an incredible vital energy, angry, happy, sad. That’s why it’s of great significance to think about a detail exclusively and specially for them. Practical ones or something of sentimental value – it’s all up to you.

No ideas? We have some for you.

1. Pregnancy cosmetics

Source: Bash & Co.

This is a must! Skincare is very important during pregnancy since it will undergo a great stretch and numerous hormonal changes that will dry it out, stain it and stretch it. That’s why a treatment including moisturizers and specific care products for each problem is the best solution for the pregnant woman to take care of herself and ensure that her skin is as elastic and pampered as possible.

But hey, you’ll need more than a simple moisturizer – our recommendation is to prepare a whole cream kit that includes a special one to combat those scary stretch marks, another to relieve swollen and tired legs, etc. You can also add some other personal care products such as exfoliating gel for the face and body, firming cream for breasts and if you wish, some body oils with relaxing effect. Sounds like a pure, fragrant perfection.

2. A massage

Source: Linda Spa

A massage session is absolutely a fantastic way of surprising your pregnant friend, sister or any other girl who’s expecting. Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages for a woman but carrying a baby in the womb can also be rather difficult, uncomfortable and in most cases very painful. Having this in mind, there’s no better gift than pampering a pregnant woman with such a treat.

With this gift, it is impossible to fail because there are no future moms who refuse to be spoiled like this. They’ll feel like a brand-new person after the benefits of a lymphatic massage to relieve swelling of their legs, facial cleansing or even a beauty treatment for her hands and feet.

The only thing you should bear in mind is that, when choosing the spa or aesthetic centre, the most relevant criteria should be the accessibility of special treatments for pregnant women.

3. Maternal cushion

Source: Zilindo

We’ve already mentioned the struggles related to comfort and cosiness during pregnancy, which is also rather related to finding a comfortable and adequate position to sleep when the belly starts growing.

Types of pillows specially designed for the expecting ones offer some great benefits such as support on the back, belly and legs at the same time, facilitating the rest and sleep. It’s one of the most convenient gifts you can give, since it can also be used while breastfeeding as a nursing cushion or as a hammock for the baby.

4. Maternity clothes

Source: Racked

Let’s see – the issue that follows pregnancy clothes, apart from usually being very expensive, is that things you buy depend a lot on the usual style of the future mom. Women often find it nonsense to invest in something they’ll use for only a few months, but the truth is they really DO need comfy jeans, shirts, leggings or fluffy, soft slippers. Then… why not help them with a gift like this? If you know her taste, you can prepare a whole new preggo look that goes with her personality or style. Or, if you’re not quite sure about the things she would wear, go shopping together! You can have a fun time, snacks, some chit-chats and spend some precious moments together, which is also a gift! And if all else fails, you can get her something to enjoy after she gives birth, like abdominal binder or corset from ventures such as Bellefit.

5. Pregnancy and baby diary

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The habit of writing about the stages of pregnancy is a rather rewarding activity: therefore, diaries represent a truly magnificent detail and a gift that might become a legacy of baby’s own story. Girls might be lazy about noting all the details sometimes, but it’s the excitement and waiting that make the routine in the end. And the results are wonderful!

This is mostly for the girls that are fond of writing and who’ll find joy in noting and remembering the achievements and growth of their little nuggets. There are also many books of memories for a newborn baby as well, where moms can put their photos and make written records of their child’s first teeth, first birthdays, first words and many more significant details.

6. Bottle sterilizer

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Baby’s health is one of the most crucial concerns of every mother – and one of its aspects includes cleaning and disinfecting baby bottles. This can be done in a few minutes efficiently and safely with bottle sterilizers. Electric steam models have been the most widespread for years and allow disinfecting containers safely and cheaply. Microwave models are very economical and fast.  These don’t require chemical substances, since they eliminate germs with hot steam. UV or ultraviolet light sterilizers are very effective in killing germs, bacteria and viruses. One less thing to worry about, right? Coolthingschicago.com suggests some of the best items in this category – feel free to have a look at this marvellous list.

7. “New mom” backpack or bag

Source: Market4kids.com

Once the pregnant woman gives birth, she’ll probably realize there’s a load of stuff she’ll need to carry around in order to meet her baby’s needs always and everywhere. That’s why those multifunctional backpacks would be awesome for the new mother. Make sure to choose the one that possesses enough capacity to cover diapers, bottles, toys and other essentials.

Those backpacks and bags have several pockets and compartments to divide the things that go inside it, so it’s possible to separate baby bottles from diapers, toys, wet wipes and much more. The multifunctional diaper bag also has pockets for the phone and keys. Without a doubt, an excellent and truly useful gift.

8. Books, books, books

Source: Ekonomske Vesti

Books and readings can be a great gift for girls who are staying at home while maintaining their pregnancy as they’re an excellent companion, especially during those sleepless nights or moments of great discomfort. Romance or captivating story novels are perfect for calming thoughts and for having a good time, but the thematic books on pregnancy and parenting can also catch some attention.


As we mentioned at the beginning, sometimes the baby becomes the centre of attention, making the future mother a little relegated. Pregnancy is a time with some lights and some shadows, which can even lead to a subsequent postpartum depression. Paying attention to the needs of the women who’re preparing to bring a new life to this world followed by small, but sweet gestures like those presents are, may be enough to make their day much better.