Cricket Betting in Bangladesh in 2024


Cricket is a popular game in south Asia. Bangladesh traces its love for cricket to its colonial origin. The love for cricket was infused in the people of the Indian subcontinent by the Britishers.

Today the national cricket team of Bangladesh competes with the best cricket teams in the world. Hence, it is no wonder that betting on the outcomes of a cricket match is quite a popular activity in Bangladesh. If you, too, want to wager your money on the outcome of a cricket match, you can go to Betzillion bd.

However, if you are a newcomer, a few words of advice from experts like Rebecca Martin will be of great help.

Some Useful Facts About The Cricket Gambling Industry In Bangladesh: Expert’s Opinion

Betting On The Outcome Of A Cricket Match Is Not Illegal In Bangladesh


The government does have strict laws for gambling in sports in Bangladesh. In fact, no firms or individuals are allowed to conduct any gambling events.

However, if you are keen on betting, then you should check out the Casinos that have an international license to operate. If you visit these sites and place bets, then you can rest assured that you are not doing anything illegal.

Casinos Help You In Making Successful Bets

Most people might think that Casinos profit if the gambler loses money. However, contrary to this notion, most Casinos try to help their players place good bets simply because it increases customer satisfaction. A gambler who has won once is highly likely to visit the site again.

Many online Casinos have blogs where experts give an opinion on the type of wagers that give you the maximum profit.

Again with games like cricket, newcomers can be quite confused when it comes to betting. Thus, most of the Casinos have a feature which is known as the ” bet of the day”. It is a great feature because this gives you some options about the odds of a particular event happening. These odds are decided by a panel of experts.

So, for instance, if you want to bet on the probability of a Bangladeshi batsman scoring a half-century in a match against Australia. Then a group of experts will give options for the chances of a particular player scoring a half-century. This makes the job of a gambler fairly simple. He only has to place the bet if the odds are highly in favor and not wager his money if the odds are highly unfavorable.

Casinos Have Several Techniques To Improve Customer Loyalty


Online websites have several features to ensure that a player keeps coming back to a site. One way of ensuring customer loyalty is to offer huge bonuses. Most of the time, the most lucrative offers are reserved for first-time visitors to the site.

The underlying idea is that the first-time customer is still unsure about his choice of gambling site. So if the first-time customer can be intrigued, he may become a regular at a particular site.

There Are Fraudulent Websites That Rob People Of Their Money

There are many bonafide sites that try their best to ensure maximum transparency, yet there are many sites that operate just to fool you. So you need to be cautious and know about the telltale signs of a fraudulent site.

If you see offers that are too good to be true, chances are that the offers are just a means to trap you. Again if a particular site is too pushy about making offers or if they have too much celebrity endorsement, then there are chances that the site is fraudulent.

Personal Data Safety Should Be A Priority


Since fraudulent gambling sites abound, you must take steps to ensure your own safety. So you must bet on a website only if it has a valid license. International licensing agencies are very strict about license renewals, and if a website has a valid license, that means that they are taking all the right steps to safeguard the customers who visit their site.

Apart from this, you also need to ensure that whenever you share any data at an online site( bank details, etc.), you should always encrypt the data. Data encryption will make sure that third parties cannot deal with sensitive data like bank account details, credit card, and debit card PINs, etc.

And it is vital to read people’s feedback about a website on online portals. So if you see low ratings and complaints of non-payment of prize money on time, it is better to steer clear of those sites.

Some Popular Sites That Offer Cricket Betting In Bangladesh

As a beginner, it is always better to take expert advice before you trust a website. So here are some websites that most experts trust.

Parimatch is a site that has its origins in the capital city of Ukraine. They support a variety of payment options, and they offer several matches to bet on in a day. It is a trustworthy site as it has more than one million users at present.

Mosbet is another good site that offers several matches for gambling. They also offer different types of bets, like betting on the highest scorer, highest wicketkeeper, the man of the match, etc.

1XBet is another good site that is quite popular in Asian markets. They offer many games and accept bets in many currencies. They have a mobile application, and they allow a simple single-step registration process.


The gambling market in Bangladesh is still in its initial stages of development, yet it is fast expanding its footprint. The availability of online Casinos has increased the penetration of the betting industry.

In the year 2012, about 20 online operators were allowed, and by the year 2017, this number had increased to 50. There is a prevalent taboo in society against gambling, but cricket is very popular, and betting on cricket matches seems to be catching up among the citizens of Bangladesh.