6 Custom Made Products You Can Sell Online or Use Yourself

Source: blog.shift4shop.com

Everyone loves to be original. However, with the rise of fast fashion, it is so common to see someone else wearing something you own. Not to mention that awkward moment when you walk into a meeting and see that the boss has the same jacket as you do. But we are here to remedy that. Not only regarding clothing but regarding home items as well. Here are 6 custom-made products you can create and sell online. Help people be original!

1. Canvas – original designs on classic material

A decor element that will look good in any home. You can create a beautiful design or print your photos on canvas if you are a photographer – amateur or professional. Since you can print anything on a canvas, you can make it suitable for any interior design.

Canvas options:

Multipanel canvas. You can split your design on more than one canvas to create an artistic effect. You can even create a canvas wall where looked together they create a beautiful image but there are only elements of the image printed on a single canvas.

Rolled canvas. A rolled canvas has poster vibes, but the material is not paper but cotton or polyester. This type of canvas you can easily frame or use as creative as you wish, for example, stretching it on a different frame than the usual wooden ones.

Gallery canvas. This type of canvas is what you usually think when someone says “canvas”. The canvas material is cotton or polyester and it is stretched on a wooden frame that is 1,5 inches thick.

Stretched canvas. This is kind of like a gallery canvas but on a thinner frame. This canvas is also made of polyester or cotton but they are stretched on a 0,7 inches thick frame.

2. Posters – bring back childhood vibes or have a casual decor

Source: thespruce.com

Posters are a great way how to remember your teen years when you were a fan of that music group and had their posters all over your room. Nowadays though you can create posters not just of your favorite music band but of anything you like.

It can be a replica poster, for example, of an old advertisement, or an original design. Or even just a picture. It gives a fun different way how to decorate a room not always adding framed pictures to the walls. But speaking about frames, you can also print a poster and frame it! That is also a possibility. Especially if you have a specific design in your mind that you cannot find anywhere. Just create it, print it, and frame it!

Posters come in different sizes, you can even get one that is greeting card size. This actually means that you can create your own custom-made greeting cards and print them! Another amazing use for posters.

3. Wallpaper – be original on the next level

Yes, you read it right, you can custom make wallpaper. This is a perfect product for a print-on-demand business, as no one will suspect that you are not printing these items yourself but having a third party work on them. You just need to come up with a fantastic design and use the right marketing. Or if you are not looking for business ideas – use them in your own home! Create a wallpaper with a message you enjoy or a print that you find peaceful. You can even surprise a friend with a custom-made wallpaper as a gift. You can choose from 2 options – regular wallpaper or peel and stick wallpaper. Both are great, you just need to know which one is best suited for your situation.

4. T-shirts – the most printed item

Source: prodigi.com

It doesn’t get more classic than this – a custom-made printed t-shirt. We all have been there – a custom-made t-shirt for a bachelorette party, work sports games, or a funny gift for a friend.

However, if you were not a fan of those designs you were forced to wear at previously stated events, you can now create your own custom-made design that will look fabulous and as fashionable as you wish.

T-shirts are perfect for custom-made designs. They have a great surface area where to print your design. You can get very creative with the designs. It can be a big graphic design covering almost all the front or back of the shirt. It can also be a simple, minimalistic design, for example, a few huge letters or words or one, relatively small word written on one side of the chest. Options are limitless!

And speaking about the actual t-shirt, you can choose from different styles – men’s, women’s, or kid’s shirts, so the shirt you end up with fits you perfectly.

5. Hoodies and sweatshirts – custom-made items for colder climate

You can now print on demand not just t-shirts but hoodies and sweatshirts as well. Custom printed designs on hoodies look amazing – very chic and fashionable. You can print not just the front and back, but also the sleeve or the hood. No one will know that this was a print-on-demand product, it will look like you have purchased it from a high-end designer shop. You just need to come up with an original design and a print-on-demand company will do the rest!

Sweatshirts, however, don’t have the hood to have a custom print on, but you can still print the sleeves and have a cute clothing item to snuggle up on colder days. On the plus side, sweatshirts don’t have the kangaroo pocket, so your design can cover a bigger area of the clothing and you don’t need to take into account the pocket when creating your design.

6. Tote bags – say it with a bag

Source: bonappetit.com

Oh, we all love a good tote bag. Tote bags are amazing for printing messages on them. it can be something sassy or something sweet. It can also not be text at all, but a picture or design. A tote bag will be handy when you go shopping or as an extra bag when you travel somewhere. It is a handy item that can be easily folded and stored for the moments when you need it.

In conclusion

With print on demand option, being original is much easier. You can create a business around original designs printed on different items or just use it for yourself. That’s your choice! If you are curious, visit printseekers.com and check out all the items you can get printed!