Dating in the States: Are Things Moving Online?

Finding your soul mate is much more difficult than people believe. Between busy schedules, long days and friends you want to finally see, it’s difficult to focus on dating. Time flies, and chances are, now you know what you like, and more importantly what you don’t like.

As we get older, we get wiser (or we hope we do), and we learn one thing – do not settle for less!

If you are past your teenage years, you know dating is hard. You can find someone you tolerate, but that’s not the point. You should be happy, smiling and the other person should make you better. Since dating is hard, we move to online dates, but is that better?

There are some things you should know about when starting online dating and using dating apps. Dating in the States is even more difficult now, when everyone is online, so we ask the question, are the online dates getting better now?

In this article we’re going to help you learn a few new things about online dating and what you should do to find love.

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Online dating can still be a taboo

Things are getting a lot better when it comes to dating apps and finding love online, but some people still see it as taboo. You will hear people say “I am so glad I don’t have to date anymore.”, and yes, that’s true, but dating is fun! So, if someone tries to be judgmental about it, don’t worry about it. Chances are, they condone it because they are in a relationship and are not allowed to test the waters of online dating. If they don’t like it, don’t talk to them about it. Or don’t talk to them at all if they cannot accept your choices.

Everyone is doing it

When your friends tell you they’ve gone on a date, chances are, they met someone online. If you’ve been single for at least a year, you know that meeting someone in the “real world” is almost impossible. And if you’ve been asked on dates person-to-person, chances are, the other person is married. Or worse. Now when someone says they’ve met someone offline, we are amazed and usually have a lot of questions how did that happen and where did they find that (almost) extinct species?

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Lots of choice means it’s hard to choose

Online dating is overall great, you meet new people, most of them will sound nice. Those who won’t sound nice, you will just reject or “ghost”. But, what happens when you like 5 different people and they all sound amazing. When you date online or via an app, it’s hard to choose and settle just for one because many people will sound like the one. Our advice is – date them! Go on dates, see who you like and if you click with them. Just don’t lie to them and tell them they are the only person you’re talking to. They are doing the same thing, so they will understand.

You will meet great people

Even if you don’t find love right away, you will meet great people online. The time when only weirdos and pervs were online is long gone. People like you are looking for the same thing you are. On apps like you can talk to others, have fun and if you don’t like them as a partner, you can find friends and form long-lasting friendships.

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Talking to strangers is not scary

Despite the popular belief, talking to strangers is not scary. You are just getting to know each other, there is so much you can talk about! New thoughts, new ways of perceiving the world. And that is so fun! If you cannot find something to talk about, it’s time to move on to the next person.

One more thing, once you become proficient in talking to online dates, you will have no problem talking to anyone else. This is a great way to boost your people skills.

Falling in love is still hard

Just because you’re on a dating app it does not mean you will fall in love right away. Online dating still requires vulnerability and to open up your heart to someone. It’s much easier to get drunk and end up with someone who won’t hurt your feelings, but if you want to find a relationship and love, you will need to be prepared to get hurt. Even if you do get hurt, you’ve survived much worse and now you are one step closer to meeting the one. And yes, you can miss someone you’ve never met.

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It’s not just about you

If you get rejected or if someone suddenly stops talking to you, you should remember it’s not because of you. You’ve rejected people that were amazing and your rejection did not make them any less awesome. Chances are, you didn’t want to continue talking to them or seeing them because you got too busy, you clicked better with someone else or they just weren’t the best option FOR YOU. That does not mean they are not going to be the best option for someone else. The same applies to you.

If the person looks mediocre online, they will be the same offline

Don’t waste your time thinking that someone will be a lot better offline than they are online. If the person is “meh” online, chances are they are worse in real life. Yes, it’s all about giving someone a chance, but don’t waste those chances on people who are just not right for you. And, people are always better when they are imaginary, so don’t make the cold, harsh reality even worse.


Timing and compatibility

It’s not just about compatibility, the timing is important as well. Make sure the other person is looking for the same thing you are. If you want a relationship, be open about it. Maybe the other person is just looking for fun and if you want more, don’t waste your time and risk getting hurt.

Look up from your smartphone

Don’t wait for a good face to pop up on the screen of your smartphone. When you are out, try to give real people a chance as well. When you look up from your smartphone, you will notice a world you didn’t see before. And have courage – if you like someone, go and buy them a drink, don’t wait for their face to show on the dating app.

Online dating is hard, fun and it will make your life better. If you don’t find love, you will find friends. And if not, you will learn new things, get new skills and become a better person.

Just remember, when you move things from online to offline, always be cautious. Meet at a public place, stay safe and if you don’t like the person, there are other fish in the sea! Good luck and have fun!