Do Contact Lenses Really Break?

Because contact lenses are very convenient to use and readily available, they’re believed to be one of the most popular vision correcting tools available so far. According to ContactLenses4US, although hard, contact lenses are pretty safe to use and rarely break or shatter in your eyes, they can still get ripped off if not taken proper care of. Take an example of gas or rigid gas permeable, they do not usually break on their own. Still if you have a broken one in your eye, you must get in touch with your ophthalmologist as it could graze your cornea and harm your eyes.

Do Contact Lenses Really Break?

It is very rare for those to tear in the eyes. Generally, the contact lens breakage refers to the ripped off or torn material. One of the most common reasons why contact lenses tear during wear is due to some fault in the product itself or sometimes it happens when the lens gets stuck on the foil and breaks when you try to pull it off forcefully. In this situation, the worst that could happen is a piece of lens that could get stuck underneath your eyelid. If this happens, open or close your eyes multiple times or use a rinsing solution to pull out the torn part.

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Can You Wear Torn Lenses?

Torn or ripped off lenses are obviously quite annoying. Not only are they painful and irritating but they can also harm your eyes in one way or the other. Torn contact lenses are not something very uncommon especially users who’re new to wearing them accidentally damage their lenses by mishandling their product. Also, they are more likely to tear apart as they become over worn. That is why it’s extremely important to replace them on time. Also, some materials tear quicker than others, so if you’re facing problems with frequent lens damage and tears, you should consult with your doctor to choose the right product.

No matter what causes lens damage, of course it’s not safe to use them even if it’s not bothering you much in your eyes. Keep in mind, a broken lens will have spiky corners that can scratch the cornea of your eyes. In addition to that, a damaged lens cannot retain the needed curvature and won’t perfectly fit your eye. It’s important to understand that if your lens doesn’t fix on your eye, it can impact your vision and harm your eyes.

How to Check if Your Lens is Damaged/Broken?

Before using contact lenses, make sure you first put it over your fingertip to check if it’s in good shape. Also, check it for any tears or cracks. In case you notice any damage, never try to put it into your eyes.

If your lens break after you have put it into your eyes, carefully remove and discard it. Make sure you properly wash your hands before you try to remove the lenses from your eyes. Also, use ample amount of solution to moisturize your eyes and find the torn piece with the help of your fingertip. It’s also recommended to always keep a pair of backup ones handy so that you can conveniently replace them when required.

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How to Deal with Torn or Broken Contact Lenses?

  • Never pinch or hold your lens forcefully from the center as it can cause a crack in the center
  • If you use contact lenses on a routine basis, make sure you keep your nails trimmed as it can damage the surface of your lens. Also, never use your fingernails to touch them especially when you’re a new user and not experienced enough to use or remove your lens.
  • When you remove your lenses and put them in the lens case, be certain there is enough solution for them to be covered. Be careful when you close the cap as you can easily create a tear if your lens is folded over the corner of the case.
  • Never stretch your contact lenses forcefully. Always replace your ones on time and follow the instructions provided by your manufacturer to extend the life of your lenses.
  • Inspect your lenses carefully each time you put them into your eyes. In case you find any tear, scratch or crack, immediately throw them away. Never use torn or damaged lenses as it can harm your eyes. Also, avoid using those that are too old or worn as they can impact your vision and can also cause eye infections.
  • Keep in mind, it’s not possible to recover dried out lens. In case your lenses have fully dried out due to lack of moisture, simply dispose them off as there is no other way to save them.
  • Immediately remove the torn lenses from your eyes even if it feels comfortable in your eye. In case, you feel there is still a part of the lens inside your eye, get in touch with your eye specialist right away to have it removed.
  • Always keep a backup pair handy that you can use if your lens tear apart due to some reason. Especially, if you’re a frequent traveler, you must have 2 or 3 extra pairs with you so that you can conveniently deal with any unexpected situation.

There is no denying the fact that contact lenses are one of the most basic essentials especially if you’re looking for a stress-free and comfortable lifestyle. Fortunately, contact lens damage is not very common and can only occur if there is some sort of mishandling or negligence on your part. However, you should immediately consult your doctor if your eye has become red or itchy. Also, if you think there is any part of the lens still left in your eye or if you have somehow scratched or damaged the cornea of your eye, you should seek immediate medical assistance to resolve your problems.

Last but not the least, always invest in high-quality lenses and solution as they generally come with prolonged life and deliver better results than other low-quality alternatives. Feel free to share any other tips you have to deal with contact lens tearing as we would love to hear back. For additional information about contact lenses, you can visit