The Importance of UX Research for E-commerce Businesses


By definition, UX research is the observation and research of the needs and behavior of the target audience, to draw appropriate conclusions and improve the performance of a business. All data from the insights in this way gain context and meaning and can be applied in the further improvement of the services. The biggest application in e-commerce is in improving the overall consumer experience, but mostly because of the site design and the predictability of the next steps.

Every user wants to use a simple service, which can with just a few clicks to get what he needs. Therefore, it is good to make changes and adaptations in the design, to make them more user-friendly.

From this, we can conclude that UX research collects all the important data in one place, converts it into a usable form, and then applies it to the design.

On this website, you will find plenty of useful information related to this topic, and if you combine that knowledge with the one you get from our article, you will know how important is UX research. It’s simplifying e-commerce websites and makes them pretty friendly for those who use them.

UX is iation for user experience, so we can conclude that such research is entirely dedicated to users, without whom the existence of trade would not make sense. It also helps to personalize the user experience but also gives important conclusions about what users prefer and what has not been successful and needs to be adapted or withdrawn.

What do you get after applying the knowledge you gained through UX research?

1. Simple and predictable navigation


When people shop online, they want things to be clear, that the system works simply and logically, including easy searching between different categories. For example, when they want to buy cosmetics for the face, it would be good to be divided into categories or properly tagged, because those cosmetics include cleansers, mists, toners, serums, creams, eye serums, acne patches, and many other products and ingredients. This reduces the choice, ie they should not waste time searching through long lists and reading descriptions if they already know what they are looking for.

2. Improves the overall user experience

Many shoppers will give up if the site is unobtrusive. In fact, Only knowing exactly what they want and how to find it would be left. They also prefer online stores to be available on both desktop and mobile phones. Many companies fail in this area because they do not have a functional version for their mobile phone or tablet or it has bugs that make it difficult to buy. But almost everyone would come back to your site if you offered an optimized solution.

This includes loading speed. If it takes a long time, the customer will leave without buying anything. That’s why they say that according to estimates, every dollar invested in UX research and design, will return you a hundred times higher.

3. You gain the trust of customers


It is very important that the client trusts you. Of course, every buyer when he sees a well-kept store, with clearly stated prices and sorted products, is more likely to buy there, than somewhere where you can not find where the necessary products are. The visual impression is key to retaining your customers, and for them to stay, they must trust you. It also increases your credibility and conversion of clicks and visits to sales. And that is actually your goal.

4. Easy communication

Communication is not just a conversation between two people in order to exchange information. Today it has expanded to many more channels, which is considered as communication even the user’s conversation with your chatbot which serves to facilitate their experience.

You do not communicate with each customer individually, but with the voice, you give to your site. This means that the descriptions and directions must be clear so that everyone who reads them can understand what you mean.

5. Meeting customer expectations


When UX research is geared in the right direction, then you will be good enough to always be the primary choice, instead of any of your competitors. If you apply the obtained results correctly, you become more confident, you improve the security, accessibility, speed of the page, the accuracy of the data you have, but also you offer options that the user appreciates.

Let them know that they are important to you. You do this through the design and the way you establish that communication. They should have various payment and delivery options, for suggestions for similar products, to be accurate in the descriptions, to offer benefits and special conditions for the most loyal, but also to always state the prices transparently.

There is nothing better than when a customer finds what they are looking for easily and finds their favorite online shopping website. Follow the analytics on the site and use them to become something without which your users could not imagine their lives.



UX research exists to improve the interaction between you and your users. Thanks to the things we have listed in this article, you will understand the importance of such an analytical approach in creating a strategy and improving the functionality of your site.

In this business, customers are key in the whole process and in fact, when they do not exist, you will not even have the opportunity to show what you know and how committed you are to them.

If you apply the data you get through UX research correctly, then you can improve the design of the site, make it attractive, be consistent in what you do, tell your story, and invite your customers to join you. in her.

Consistency is key because no matter how much they want new things, people are actually constantly addicted to their habits. Do not make large and abrupt changes, especially not if they interfere with the functionality so far.