Email Filtering Services That Catch Spam Effectively

Nowadays, the collaboration of people within the company is combined with email filtering services. Email is still one of the most important services, so usually, everything starts from there. Hence, you ask yourself from the very beginning – how to organize an email for business using free or commercial services?


In recent years, the use of electronic mail has multiplied and has become an indispensable means of communication for an increasing number of people. More than a billion people use email, and about 300 billion emails are sent every day. Unfortunately, most of these messages are spam. We define spam as mass transmissions of unwanted mail, that is, a message sent to many email users without seeking their approval.


History of Spam

The first spam email was sent in 1978 when the marketing manager of a computer company posted a message promoting the company’s products. The commercial potential of spam is growing, along with the popularity of the Internet. In 1994, a group of U.S. attorneys flooded the discussion groups on USENET with a message that offered legal services to immigrants applying for US green cards. The mass publication has caused outrage, but the tactics have brought in more than $ 100,000 in revenue, and the modern spam industry was born.

Spam Spreads Thanks to Technology Development

With the development of online communications, spam from your inbox has spread to chat services, forums, blogs, websites. Spam is also present on social networks, where the average internet user spends most of their online time. Also, specific “modern” ways of advertising on websites can be considered as spam. What term would you use to describe a situation when you get three pop-ups with product advertisements, instead of the content you wanted, when opening a particular site? The story of the history, definition, and types of spam, as well as its financial impact, is quite broad and has not yet been fully written. However, we can say with certainty that the motivation to send spam is mostly money and easy money for spammers.


Use Business Email Within The Hosting Service

For small teams and companies, the solution in these situations would be to use an email account as part of a used hosting service that provides you with hosted email spam filtering services. The positives are based on the fact that the owner of the hosting account can create business email accounts that match the domain name. That results in creating other benefits such as dedicated email addresses for each department in the company, as well as special addresses for employees.

What Are The Benefits Of Business Email Hosting?

1. Security and privacy

The advantage of using the Business E-mail service is primarily reflected in the high degree of security and confidentiality of the data, as space and IP addresses are not shared with anyone. So, unlike shared hosting, there is no possibility of messaging delivery due to problems created by another user of the standard hosting service. Emphasis is placed on advanced SPAM and antivirus protection, which is an integral part of the service, which also includes daily monitoring of incoming and outgoing messages so that each email goes to the destination to which it was sent and vice versa.

Source: Email Hosting Services

2. Availability at all times

In today’s world of modern communications, speed, and crisis, the response can sometimes be critical to the business. With email accounts on a dedicated server, the availability of messages regardless of location or type of editing is out of the question, and modern Webmail access and full synchronization with mobile devices ensure maximum availability at all times.

3. Support

Every business requires assistance, and its task is to respond at a critical moment to solve a potential problem effectively. When encountering a problem, it is always essential to have an invisible friend on hand in the presence of available and professional support who can troubleshoot any issues and resolve concerns. Within the Business E-mail service, help is always there to allow all aspects of the email service to work at its best.

Source: Comodo blog

Spam Filters

All major email providers come with spam filters already installed. In short, these are software solutions that recognize and remove spam before it reaches you. If we take the percentage data – there would be as many as seven spam messages in your Gmail inbox on three legitimate messages. In practice, however, this number is much smaller, and this is precisely what spam filters are all about. Yet, not all providers have equally good spam filters. In this case, you may need to filter yourself by installing the software on your computer. Also, certain antiviruses come with implemented spam filters, but unfortunately very rare in the free versions.

Email Servers And Their Role

The email server includes other tools that are synchronized to make the service fully functional. When it comes to email clients, users are most trusted by big players like Apple or Microsoft, though Google’s tools are also popular. The e-mail server is a window of communication for business users, and the features it supports can be crucial when choosing. Companies like DuoCircle can offer you excellent protection using their exceptional tools. Thanks to them, you can take advantage of cloud-based email gateway filters that will allow you to use your business email with 99% security safely. Let’s take a look at what other accessible servers offer.

1. ZeroSpam

Source: Capterra

That is one of the most popular email filtering services that most often provide services to large and medium-sized enterprises. Considering it’s a cloud-based online spam filter – you don’t need to install anything on your computer. The software is fully compatible with the Office system and gives you excellent protection from fishing as well. That is a paid software, but you have the option of a free trial. You will be more than satisfied. In addition to that, ZeroSpam collaborates with reputable companies like TechData, CPU, Cybersquad, etc.

2. Spambrella

Source: Twitter

This software is widely popular with users. It is suitable for both resellers as well as end-users. This software offers multi-layer spam filtering. Also, this is a cloud-based service with training programs and excellent technical support. Spambrella does not belong to freeware products, but you have the option of a free trial.

3. SpamTitan (TitanHQ)

Source: TitanHQ

A blend of knowledge, years of business, and the combination of modern technology – that’s the way SpamTitan could be described in one sentence. This software is suitable for almost all kinds of entrepreneurs. It is because this software scans your email addresses, but also links and attachments. SpamTitan will block any possible threat it may encounter. This company was established in 1995 and has long established itself in this area of business. TitanHQ is, in addition to all its benefits, a very affordable spam filter. Like the others, SpamTitan offers its potential customers a one-month free trial of the software.