How to Make Essay Writing Fun- Class 9 English


In class 9th, you will learn new concepts that are slightly advanced, or we can say, are slightly in detail. Class 9 English will also be a bit higher than what your teacher has taught in class 8. As you know, English is an essential subject and language every child should understand in today’s time. Good English can help you to build a successful future ahead. If you can frame English conversations easily, you can talk to any of your colleagues or your classmates with ease.

But how can you boost your English speaking and comprehension skills? It is an important question as many students are stuck on how to enhance their English effectively. By now, you know that it is essential for you to have a good hold on the English subject. But the next question that arises here is, how can you do that? How can you improve your English?


First, let us understand why people have a good hold on this language. Take an example from your surroundings. Your teacher, your senior, or even your parents who have good English. What do you observe in all of them? If you notice anyone who has a good hold in the English language, you will usually find them reading or writing. Reading English books, newspapers, magazines, etc., can help you open up your imagination. When you read any story, you start imagining the characters described in the story. As you go ahead, a whole story goes on in your mind. It will help you to picture things more conveniently. This practice helps you to become creative enough to think out-of-the-box situations.

Similarly, casual writing helps you to give words to your imagination. What you imagine, what you picture, needs to be converted into the proper form so other people can also access your creative thinking. When you pen down your thoughts, you can eventually take a good hold of the language effectively. It is the importance of writing. Writing is of many types. Mainly it is of two types, where you will be given a topic, and you have to structure an essay or a paragraph from it. Sometimes, writing lengthy essays could be a boring task. Many of you find it highly time-consuming to write an essay on a given topic. But there are ways through which you can make these essay writings fun.

Here we have concluded some of the fun yet fruitful tips you can take to make your essay writings a fun task. These essential tips are as follows:

  1. First, try to understand the literal meaning of the topic. Many times, students do not understand the actual definition of the given topic. Because of this lack of understanding, they could not generate ideas to write an interesting essay. Always try to understand what the topic is demanding. What is the real meaning of the topic, and what is it trying to convey? This understanding will support you in generating creative and innovative ideas for your essay writing.
  2. Sit for a few minutes and think about what situations are there, where the topic can be in use. Every innovative thought comes from the observation of real-life incidents. When you deeply observe what is happening in your nearby places, you will get the creative ideas that help you write an engaging essay. An in-depth observation can do wonders in every aspect of your life. Sit and see how and why people are doing their purpose, why things are changing around you. Broad thinking will help you to open up your mind making way for creative ideas.
  3. Try to discuss it with any of your friends or your family members. If you observe, discussing something can help your mind to open up. Different people will have different points of view. You will get to know the other ways to think about the same topic. When you listen and let their thoughts sink in your mind, your innovation will start. Have people’s points of view and write whatever you feel is new for you. These points can give you highlights for your essay.
  4. Read your course chapters thoroughly and solve questions related to them. Now you will wonder how solving questions and reading chapters can help your essay writing a fun task? The topics and poems you have in your NCERT English book are according to the CBSE guidelines. When you read these topics thoroughly and solve their questions, it will help you to add your creativity to your responses. There is a chance that you will find a highlight point from these responses that will help you to make your essay more engaging. You can also get the answers from Vedantu NCERT class 9 solutions pdf. By reading and observing the tone of these solutions will help you effectively. You will know which format should be used to make the response or an essay more interesting.
  5. Boost your thoughts while writing an essay. You can hype and show off your thoughts to the world by adding them on paper. Do not think that you will ever overdo when it comes to writing what you think. Feel free and boundless to pen down your imagination. Do not think that adding so much innovation can ruin the essay. The more you add to your innovative thing, the more your essay will become creative. Let the flow of your imagination and creativeness go with the flow. Write whatever comes to your mind.
  6. Do not worry about the mistakes. When you write an essay, no doubt there will be mistakes. No one is perfect. Keep in mind that everyone makes errors. There is no need for you to get worried if you are also performing the same. It is a process. You will learn from your flaws only. Keep practicing, and you will succeed in writing a highly engaging essay for sure.

Essay writing is a fun task as it is a platform to pen down all your imagination and create something new. Take these essential tips and start expressing your creativeness to the world.


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