21 Essential Home Maintenance Tips

A well-maintained home means freedom from unforeseen damage and repairs. When you value and take pride in your residence, it clearly reflects in how prime and maintained your home looks.

Some cleaning chores are routine, but there are many other maintenance jobs that homeowners often overlook. Let’s bring your attention to some important maintenance tips that every responsible homeowner should follow.

1. Keep dryer vents clean

Dryer vents accumulate a lot of lint. Clogged vents mar the efficiency of the dryer in the long run. If ignored for too long, clogged dryer vents and ducts can cause fires. Make sure the vents are cleaned from time to time to prevent such mishaps.

2. Water damage vigilance

Water damage from flood and sewer backup can turn out to be incredibly expensive causing permanent damage to your furnishing and personal items. Make sure that you have taken appropriate measures to prevent water damage. In spite of all precautions, if you still encounter flooding in the house, we recommend calling for the emergency water damage restoration by Roto Rooter.

3. Control moisture levels

Your home can suffer a lot from unchecked indoor moisture levels. A humid environment can give rise to mold formation and also attract rodents and insects. If you live closer to the sea, you should install humidifiers inside your home.

4. Clean the chimney

While the chimney is smoking all winter, it remains out of use for the rest of the year. Build up in the chimney can cause fire, and therefore it is very important to get it cleaned up. You should get the chimney cleaned every fall.

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5. Efficient rodent and pest control

Rodents and pests in the house can be very dangerous. They can damage your belongings and also cause health problems. Schedule a pest control service to secure your home from these dangers. Also, don’t ignore basic precautions for keeping rodents and pests out of the house.

6. Check door and window seals

Make a habit to inspect seals on the doors and windows at least twice a year. Even minor cracks in the seal can affect the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling systems. They can also serve as an entryway for insects and flood water.

7. Gutter maintenance

Clogged gutters can bring along a host of problems. Water damage and health hazards from gutter overflow should never be taken on a light note. Get the gutter checked and cleaned at least twice a year. Follow these gutter cleaning tips to make life simpler.

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8. Care for the garbage disposal

Your garbage disposal loses its efficiency over time. A malfunctioning garbage disposal can lead to drain clogs. Clean the disposal with soap and water from time to time. If you notice weird humming noises from the equipment, get its motor checked.

9. Keep the garden maintained

Overgrown trees and roots near the house not only look shabby, they can also lead to unforeseen damages. Tree branches can harm the power lines and should be regularly trimmed. Likewise, overgrown roots can reach the sewer lines and clog them. You can also add cedar fencing to protect your garden from unwanted visitors like wild animals that can ruin your plants.

10. Exterior paint

Your home’s exterior walls are exposed to continuously changing weather. The paint of the walls can get damaged and cracked in a few years. This can give a rather bad appearance to the house. It is a good idea to touch up the exterior walls once every two or three years.

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11. Roof maintenance

Snowfall and ice in the winter months can spoil the condition of your home’s roof drastically. Maintain the roof on a regular basis and conduct extensive repairs in the fall season.

12. Sump pump check-up

The sump pump plays a crucial role in preventing flooding in your house. It is therefore critical that it should be up and running in the best form. Test the sump pump once every few months to be sure that it is functioning properly.

13. Water heater clean up

When the water heater is not in use, it can collect sediment deposits in the water tank. An easy way to clean the water heater is to flush out all the water from the tank in the fall season.

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14. Check the downspout

Downspouts can easily come loose. A damaged downspout will let water seep into the foundation of your house, and this could mean big trouble. Walk around the housekeeping a lookout for fallen downspouts. Arrange for immediate repairs if you come across fallen downspouts.

15. Maintain the fire extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are paramount for building safety. Every floor of the house should have at least one fire extinguisher. You should get the fire extinguisher checked annually for pressure and properly maintained.

16. Clean up refrigerator coils

The coils behind the refrigerator are hardly accessible as part of routine house cleaning. That’s the reason why they accumulate unbelievable chunks of dust and gunk. Make sure that you clean the refrigerator coils once in the while, to ensure that the refrigerator works at optimum cooling efficiency.

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17. Watch out for leaks

Minor leaks can wreak havoc if left unchecked. Take prompt measures to repair leaking faucets and toilets. Also keep an eye out for signs of hidden leaks like damp walls, peeling paint or wallpaper and mold growth.

18. Checkup for your electricity circuitry

As a homeowner, you should pay special attention to your electricity consumption and bills. Get the circuits checked by the electrician or buy a multimeter to test the voltage flowing through the wires and appliances.

19. Check the foundation

Major foundation problems can be prevented if you are attentive to early signs of damage. These include visible cracks and leaks near the foundation. Ignoring foundation problems can cost you heavily in the future.

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20. Check water pressure levels

Homeowners are usually quick to complain about low water pressure. But they are unaware the problem of high water pressure should deserve their attention too. High water pressure can damage home appliances and fixtures and should be kept in check.

21. Get your appliances serviced

A great way to save on your electricity bill is to maintain the appliances in great condition. You should get all electrical appliances including the air conditioner, washing machine, dishwasher etc. serviced by authorized agents, once a year at least.