5 Ways the Technology Behind Vapes Has Developed in the Past Twenty Years

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Technology has come a long way in recent years, making leaps that continue to amaze and inspire us. The world of vaping is not excluded from this. In fact, there have been numerous technological developments that have directly impacted how vapes are made and used.

In this short post, we’ll take you through five of the most significant, many of which you may not have even noticed! Vapes continue to become more user-friendly and innovative. We think that should be acknowledged, so let’s get into it!

1. Customizable Nictone Percentages

Though frequently asked questions in the vape community range from ‘Is vaping without nicotine safe?’ to ‘How much nicotine is too much?’, introducing customizable nicotine percentages was an undeniable benefit. It gives you complete control over how much nicotine you want to consume, with some vapes even featuring dials to alter the nicotine level between hits!

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2. New Flavor Capabilities

One of the most significant contributing factors to the market success of vapes is the sheer number of flavors available. From sweet to savory and everything in between, there’s something for everyone out there, with thousands of styles available from different vendors. This is all thanks to new and improved ways to flavor e-liquid.

3. The Introduction of Nicotine Salts

While the variety of flavors featured with traditional e-liquid is undoubtedly a big selling point, so is nicotine, which is precisely why nicotine salts exist. Newer technology allowed for the incorporation of nicotine salts into vapes. This allowed for higher nicotine levels and lower acidity, providing a new way to get a robust and smooth hit. Vapes with nicotine salts still provide delicious flavors; they just take it to the next level for the more experienced vapers out there.

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4. Improved Battery Life

Though it might seem hard to believe these days, when vapes (or e-cigarettes, as they were once known!) first hit the scene, they didn’t even have batteries. They certainly didn’t have the capacity to be recharged for continued use like some of the refillable ones do. Rechargeable batteries and increased battery capacity have made it so vapes can go for much longer than they ever could in the past, meaning you can enjoy more hits for longer!

5. Improved Compact Design for Disposables

Finally, the newer compact designs are a huge benefit, especially for more casual vapers. Technology continues to get smaller and smaller, which has directly impacted the appearance of vapes. They are more compact than ever, especially if they’re disposable, so you can easily slip them right into your pocket and go about your day.

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6. Temperature Control and Safety Features

Early challenges with overheating and burnt coils

In the early days of vaping, users often faced challenges related to overheating and burnt coils. Without temperature control technology, vape devices relied solely on the power settings chosen by the user. This lack of control often resulted in inconsistent vaping experiences and unpleasant burnt tastes. Users had to resort to manual adjustments and experimentation to find the optimal power setting, often leading to frustration and wasted e-liquid.

Technological advancements in the vaping industry brought about the introduction of temperature control (TC) features in vape devices. TC technology allowed users to set a specific temperature at which their coils would operate, typically within a range of 200-600°F (93-315°C). By monitoring the temperature of the coil, the device could automatically adjust the power output to maintain a consistent vaping experience. This innovation provided vapers with greater control over their vaping sessions, ensuring that the coil never exceeded the set temperature. As a result, users could enjoy more consistent flavor profiles, avoid dry hits and burnt tastes, and prolong the lifespan of their coils.

Safety features like short-circuit protection and overcharge prevention

With the increased complexity of vape devices, manufacturers recognized the need for enhanced safety features to protect users and their devices. One such feature is short-circuit protection. This mechanism detects abnormal electrical currents caused by a faulty coil or atomizer and automatically shuts down the device to prevent potential damage or accidents. Short-circuit protection plays a crucial role in maintaining the safety and integrity of the device and its battery.

Another important safety feature is overcharge prevention. As vape devices are powered by rechargeable batteries, overcharging poses a risk of battery malfunctions, such as swelling or even explosions. To mitigate this risk, vape devices now incorporate overcharge prevention mechanisms that monitor the battery’s charging level and automatically stop the charging process when it reaches its maximum capacity. This feature not only ensures the safety of the user but also helps prolong the lifespan of the battery.

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Benefits of regulated mods for a safer vaping experience

The introduction of regulated mods marked a significant milestone in vape technology, revolutionizing the vaping experience and promoting safer practices. Regulated mods are vape devices equipped with advanced electronic circuitry and safety features. One of the key advantages of regulated mods is the ability to precisely control various settings, including voltage, wattage, and temperature.

With regulated mods, vapers can fine-tune their vaping experience by adjusting these settings to their preference. This customization allows for consistent power output, eliminating the need for manual adjustments when changing coils or atomizers. Regulated mods provide a stable and reliable vaping experience, ensuring that users can enjoy their preferred flavor and vapor production consistently.

Furthermore, regulated mods come with built-in safety features such as short-circuit protection, overcharge prevention, and even overheat protection. These safety features enhance the overall safety of the vaping experience, providing users with peace of mind and reducing the risk of accidents or device malfunctions.

The availability of regulated mods has attracted a wider audience to vaping, including those who were previously hesitant due to safety concerns. The advanced technology and safety features integrated into regulated mods have helped establish a more secure vaping environment and foster responsible vaping practices.

There’s More to Come!

No one can say for sure where we’re going next with technology. Artificial intelligence seems to be all the rage at the moment, and although we’re not quite sure how that could relate to vaping, there’s no telling where this technological rabbit hole goes! One thing’s for sure, however, and that’s that the future of vaping is an exciting place to be.