How to Find Friends On Twitter?

Since social media are so popular today, having a profile on some of the most popular options like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn is a great way to stay in touch with people you know and meet new ones as well. When it comes to Twitter, it is one of the first online platforms, and it holds high popularity since it was first introduced back in 2006. The unique feature is that you are limited to only 140 characters, but there is also an option to share content from other websites as well by simply pasting a link that leads to another source.

While many people create a profile here to have fun and stay in contact with friends, there are also many advantages of making a business profile. You can improve your branding and attract more people, along with the chance to have better communication with your customers when you have a well-managed Twitter profile. Another benefit is that you can create a greater audience, improve your customer support, have a much better advertisement, and much more. However, establishing a popular profile is not so simple, and many factors can improve your reach.

The content you are sharing and the number of followers are the most important ones. Nonetheless, reaching a higher number of followers might seem difficult at the beginning, and that is the reason why you should consider buying followers to boost your profile. Read more about that feature, along with many other possibilities on this online platform.

Furthermore, even though this is an excellent way to improve your marketing strategy, the main focus of this network is to connect people and allow them to communicate and share tweets. There are several methods for connecting with friends here, and you can read more about that in the following article.


Search People by Name

The easiest method for finding people is to simply type their name in the search bar and check if they have a profile or not. If you can’t find someone, but you are sure that the person is active on this online platform, try adding a surname in front of the name, or the year of birth, since most people are using these combinations for their nicknames.

Check the Suggestions

If you are unable to find someone that you know in private life, you can try checking the suggestions chart since this website is using advanced algorithms that can recommend people according to friends list, type of content you are following or sharing, and more. There is an option called Who to Follow that will show you a list of people with similar interests and mutual friends.

Source: Twitter for Business

Allow Twitter to Use Your Contact List

This is another option that can successfully connect you with all of your friends. Almost every social network has this ability where you can allow the website to use the information from your phone contacts and connect you with people by using your phone number. Even though you can choose an option that will hide your contact number on your profile, the software can still use it to help you approach each person that you have on your contact list.

Search with Hashtags

While it is a great way to keep in contact with your friends, it is also an excellent method to meet new ones that share the same interests. The best way to find people with similar opinions is to search the lists by using hashtags. You can combine several of them to make the reach even more precise. For example, if you are currently in France and you love skiing, you can type the name of the city, activities you like, and some other phrases like drinking wine, riding a cable car, and many other terms related to this winter sport. After you type all those terms, you can see the list of people who are also searching by using the same factors.

Source: Meltwater

Check The Followers of Your Favorite Accounts

Another simple method is to check who is following the same accounts. You can use Twitter as sort of a dating app as well, and many people would tell you that it is even easier to contact someone over this network than with dating apps. In most cases, private profiles are following influencers and people who are sharing interesting content. Therefore, you can start following some accounts and start retweeting their content as a way of saying that you are interested.

The Bottom Line

As we already mentioned, the number of characters here is limited, but that is a unique feature that makes this website so special when compared to other platforms. Moreover, it is a great way to combine various activities and search for different things. For example, you can follow some educational accounts, news channels, influencers, funny people, and your friends altogether.

On the other side, if you have a business profile, be sure to avoid being annoying or difficult for your followers. It is not a rare case that some people think how being more active could improve their popularity because you have to focus on your content first. Also, you must find the right level between the intervals of your posts, and the quality of the content you are sharing. When it comes to businesses and promotions, the best way is to never share more than one tweets per day that are related to the products you are promoting.

Source: The Verge

If you manage to successfully organize your profile and attract more people, you should consider becoming an influencer, which is a very popular profession today. You can improve your monthly income by occasionally sharing posts related to companies that will hire you to create tweets and add their hashtags, links, pictures, and more. Some of the most popular people active on Twitter like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and many other celebrities manage to earn millions from sharing content over social media platforms. However, even people who are not so popular can create high engagement with others that will attract even more followers and a chance that some company might decide to hire you to promote them.