Reasons Why France Will Win The 2024 Fifa World Cup Again


World Cup is getting closer and closer. The biggest football/soccer fans barely wait for the prestigious international tournament to start. Indeed, this year, it has an unusual schedule. However, some people claim it is actually quite good that something like that happened.

Anyway, people have already started to talk about the potential winners in Qatar. Logically, it is still difficult to determine who has the biggest chance to reach the finals and bring the title home. However, if you regularly follow this sport, then you will definitely agree that France is one of the biggest favorites to do such a thing.

Of course, France is not the only international team that has the highest chances. According to some online bookmakers, there are some other teams that have a small advantage. Anyway, in this article, we would like to focus a bit more on France. We would like to highlight all the reasons why France will potentially win the 2024 FIFA World Cup once again. Let’s go!

A lot of Young Players

The first reason why we believe this team can win the title is the big number of young players. Of course, many of you will say that these players do not have experience with international competitions. But, we would like to remind you that most of the youngsters that play for France are superstars. They already have experience with international club competitions. Apart from that, many of them are playing in the strongest football leagues in the world. Because of that, the lack of experience will probably be defeated by the energy and desire of young players to prove they can repeat the same scenario that happened 4 years ago.


Benzema Is Back

We do not want to say that one player can change anything in any team in the world. However, Benzema is currently the best player in the world. We won’t talk about the situation that happened in the past when Benzema was removed from the team. He is getting old, and he certainly is motivated enough to prove that the French team was missing him. Generally speaking, this is probably the last World Cup where he will be in a good shape. Because of that, with his experience and talent, he certainly will try to motivate the rest of the team and take care of youngsters that are still not experienced with the World Cup championships.

The Team Is In Good Form

Another thing that we have to highlight is that the French team is in pretty good form. If you followed the European Qualifiers, then you know that they remained undefeated until the last game. We are pretty sure they will continue with the winning strike. No one says that they will win 5:0 every single match. There truly are some good teams on the tournament. But, we are pretty sure they will easily pass the group.


They Were Champions Last Year as Well

People have different opinions about UEFA Nations League. Some people claim this competition is unnecessary while others agree this is a good preparation for other international competitions. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what opinion you have. All the active players that usually are part of the starting eleven play in this competition. Do you remember who was the UEFA Nations League champion in 2021? Well, it was France. That is the reason why we believe that the lack of experience for young players in France won’t be a big deal. When you look closer, they actually do have a certain experience that most players in the world do not have. Logically, players from countries such as Brazil and Argentina are probably a bit more experienced, but the difference is not big.

Are They the Biggest Favorites According to Online Bookmakers?

People like to bet, especially when crucial international competitions come. If you are willing to test your luck, you can use BetFanatics Maryland promo code, grab some bonuses and try to predict who will win the title. But, if you decide on that move, then you will realize that France is mostly not the main favorite to win the title. In some cases, it will be in second place, but most online bookmakers put France in third place.

The question is – which players are in the first two places? You probably won’t get surprised after hearing that Argentina and Brazil have more chances according to the majority of online bookmakers. Let’s analyze their chances a bit more.



Without any doubt, Brazil is the biggest favorite to win the FIFA World Cup 2024. This team has a lot to prove. First and foremost, most Brazilians haven’t forgotten a difficult loss to Germany 8 years ago. However, the team has changed, and a lot of young players have come to the team. This team is strong in literally every position. Becker is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. On the other hand, Neymar and Vinicius Junior are top-class players. Midfield is also essential. Their group is a bit tougher, but are pretty sure they will pass the group stage easily.


While most online bookmakers put Argentina in second or third place, we believe this team has the highest chance to win the title. The reason why we say that is simple. This amazing team hasn’t lost a game in the last 32 games. If they manage not to lose the next five, they will reach the national record. There is probably no reason to talk about the fantastic players that are part of their starting eleven. Also, their bench is impressive. But, we have to highlight that Messi hasn’t managed to win the World Cup yet. Just like most football fans, we are pretty sure this is the last chance for Messi to do such a thing. A true leader of Argentina will certainly manage to motivate all the players to work harder. We do understand that their defense is not the best you can find in the world. But, if Messi manages to share his passion and desire to win with defenders, we are pretty sure they will play better than ever before.