Fun Facts About Toilets

We are planning a new bathroom or renovating an old bathroom and we are not sure which toilet to choose.

Earlier – until the late ’80s and even later there was a single toilet in white color and possibly 2 or 3 in different colors and there was no great choice. Today, the color is still often white, perhaps black in some cases, although it is quite rare and the offer in terms of the shape and other bathroom furniture is really very large.

Depending on the drainage of the toilet itself, we distinguish between floor and wall types. Both models are mounted on the floor only the difference is whether the drain is down or back into the wall. In most cases the floor is used while wall are used when there is no possibility to drain the sewer into the floor – usually in apartments, floors or the like.

Next time you sit down to your private, beautiful, clean porcelain toilet bowl – be thankful! For the most part of history, this was completely impossible!

Although they were first made in ancient Egypt, they were a luxury many centuries later. In fact, until the mid-1970s, individual toilets as we know them today were rare. It is an invention of the Western world, which is still a luxury in many countries in the East today. Just look at India.

This buyers guide can help you, and today we will present you the most interesting things about toilets.


Life’s work goes down the drain

It is estimated that more than 7 million Americans lost their phones by tossing their phones into the toilet. That’s a lot of wasted time, contacts, and possibly data. But for some, the situation is worse. Kanye West is reported to have suffered a major loss of data when his daughter threw his iPhone in the toilet in 2016. He kept his latest rap songs on it!

Always make sure you are alone

Australian toilets are known for being inhabited by a variety of scary, creeping things, and Australians often do not check what’s under the toilet seat. If you are scared of spiders, you may want to skip the next fact. Because the Black Widow is a particularly well-known culprit, although injuries are rare, they have led to fatalities. And there is a known case where a snake hid inside and fatally injured a man. So always beware!

Source: Elite Readers

Art for the sake of art?

The award for the most artistic toilet ever must be awarded to Marcel Duchamp, who rocked the world in 1917 by exposing it – on a pedestal! The “Fountain,” as he called it, is still considered a great moment in art history … it is one of the major avant-garde works of art in the 20th century.

It can be very expensive

The most expensive one in the world is the Hang Fung gold toilet, which is worth $ 5 million. It is located as part of the exhibition called “The Hall of Gold” in Hong Kong, and is exposed to the public, as you might guess, for viewing only and not for use.



In some parts of the world, people would do anything for a little warm air. Also, in extremely cold climates, fire is often significantly more accessible than fresh water. And that is why in some of the coldest places toilets with fire are used. They turn your waste into harmless, odorless ash!

Are the Lords in session today?

The House of Lords in the British Parliament is considered by many to be a bit old-fashioned. This chamber of dignitaries has sat for centuries and has rituals that go along with it. One of the most well-known and reputable places there is a work toilet that dates back to the 1870s. This is a rare example of a Braemar manufacturer. A brand that is so exclusive that during its famous days in slang it was called “Nobly”.

Source: St. Lucia News Online

The distance doesn’t help

There is no point in moving away, the bacillus can “jump” up to 2 meters. It has been proven that the release of water can lead to the spread of bacilli at a distance of 2 meters – that is why there is good reason to lower the lid.

World Toilet Day

Yes, there is such a thing. In fact, for a much more serious reason than you might think. World Toilet Day is November 19, and it focuses on bringing better restrooms to some of the billion people in the world who don’t have it. (40% of the world’s population does not have one).

Source: Day Finders


The movie “Psycho” was the first movie to feature the release of water in the toilet. This was too much for some Puritans who actually wrote to complain that portraying this act was rude and inappropriate!

“You got the wrong end of the stick”

The Romans didn’t have toilet paper, so instead they used a sponge soaked in water at the end of the stick – that’s where the English expression “you got the wrong end of the stick” came from – which means you have the wrong idea about something!

Source: Ciencia Histórica

Popularity in Japan

This is major news in Japan. Although it was a nation that used a hole in the ground, the Japanese fell in love with Western type during the years of American occupation and made their own. Now Japanese toilets, and especially the famous Toto brand, are technically the most advanced in the world, with heaters, cleaners, urine and faeces analysis, and even good music!

Theme park

South Korea has an entire theme park and museum dedicated to it! Better yet, the building that houses this collection itself have the form of a toilet! Definitely something to add to your wish list…

There are many more interesting things like the average person spending over 3 years sitting there, and many great stars mentioning it in their songs, like Johnny Cash in his famous song “Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart”.


We hope that we have made you laugh and that you have found interesting facts that you learned while reading this article.