How Much Does It Cost to Get a Custom Neon Sign for Your Business?

Installing a neon sign for advertising your business is a great idea. Every company owner wants to get the attention of their customers. It is possible only when representing your brand differently. The neon sign looks eye-catching, and you can customize it as well.

You have to think about what your business does and how you can represent it to the world. It is a LED sign which is available in different colors and designs. Visit to get your customized neon sign and get the attention of the world. Many people think that it is an expensive way of advertising the brand. But its price depends on various factors. If you want others to know about your business, then it can help you a lot.

It is necessary to have an outdoor sign that gives meaning to your work. Nothing matters whether your business is big or small. In the following write-up, we will discuss the cost of getting the custom sign for your business.


Why Should You Customize Neon Sign?

You can get plenty of designs available in the market, but your business needs something unique. Therefore, you have to think differently, and hence, customization is the best option. You know everything about your business, and you know how to advertise it.

Investing your money in a luminous LED neon sign is the perfect thing you can do for your company. Before knowing the cost of the sign, you must know the importance of the customization of the logo. Whenever anyone sees the LED, the person must get an idea about your business to make them approach you.

Creating a custom logo neon sign for your business will attract more customers to your store. It will also advertise your services and represent your brand.

Custom neon signs come in a wide array of type, size and color – they can be indoor, outdoor and change in color also. According to Chris from custom neon signs are most often ordered by businesses (“about 65% order custom”) but 35% are individuals wanting custom signs for home or event use.

Factors On Which the Cost of Neon Sign Depends


1. Size

It is a primary factor that can vary the price of the neon sign. If you want to own the bigger sign, then it may cost you a lot. It is because it requires more material for constructing it and more labor to work on it. The process of assembling the big sign is quite challenging. Therefore, you have to spend more money on creating the LED sign.

Sometimes, many customers overestimate the size without knowing their needs. In many cases, small signs are better because they are easy and less expensive to create. You must think about the design that gives uniqueness to the brand.

2. Complexity

The complexity of your logo can also determine the cost of neon LEDs. If your design involves more curves or multiple colors, get ready to spend extra money on it. As compared to traditional designs, the customized ones are a bit expensive. The manufacturer takes enough time to work on it instead of providing the readymade designs.

Make sure that you keep the design simple because being overcomplicated can be a massive disadvantage. Before you buy any design, you should always use the rendering tool to get the perfect shape and design. You can also hire any company that can do that job for you.


3. Time of Production

After finalizing your design, you have to give the order to the manufacturing company. The team will tell the estimated time which is required to create your sign. It may vary as per the size and design.

The company will design and manufacture your logo as a neon LED and deliver it to you at a specific time. If the item takes a lot of time, then it can increase the cost. Sometimes, many customers ask for fast delivery, and hence, they pay additional money to get their product on time.

Ask for the Price of LED Neon Sign

Whenever you appoint any company to design and create a neon sign for your business, you must ask for the cost estimation. The company will calculate all the mentioned factors and approach you with the price.

There is a possibility that you have to spend more than expected. During the delivery of the time, the cost can get increased or decreased as per the final output. Make sure that you give a better idea of your logo to maintain the uniqueness of your brand.


Consider Your Budget

Having a neon sign is a common need for every business. Therefore, you should consider your budget before you give an order for the LED. It is easy to manage the size and complexity of the logo when you have a budget for it.

You can choose the construction material to manage the price of the LED sign. If you are low on budget, you can go for cheap tubes. But consider high-quality LEDs because they will last longer. Create a budget that is perfect for getting the desired neon sign. You can also customize the cost of the logo.

Why Is It Worth to Spend Money on Neon Sign?

A neon LED sign is the best way to advertise your brand and reach your customers. It is worth spending money on this item. You can show the uniqueness of your business and get the attention of your consumers. Make sure that you appoint the best company to do this job for you.

Gather all the information and prepare a suitable design for your brand. Broadcast its meaning to the world through this sign. Prepare your budget and spend money on it as desired. Remember that it is worth spending money on the neon LED sign.


The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, it is worth spending money on advertising your business by creating a neon sign. But many people do not know how much it costs. There are many factors mentioned that determine the price. You must be ready with the design and budget of your brand’s logo. Hire a manufacturer who can do this job and negotiate the amount with you.

It is easy to customize the design and price of the sign as per your needs. You can spark your business by reaching the audience and sharing what your company does. With the help of a neon sign, your customers can know your brand and approach you.