6 Things to Look for When Buying a Heat Press Machine

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If you are currently considering buying a heat press for your business you are probably confused because there are so many options out there. And if you don’t know exactly what you should be looking for then it can be really challenging to make a good choice. The important thing to know is that heat presses on the market differ significantly in quality and durability, and also in price. So, before you make the final choice, it is a good idea to check out some of the key features of the heat press you are considering. After all, your business will largely depend on the results that the heat press can provide you. In case you are not familiar with this machine at all, don’t worry – below we share with you a few main things to look for when buying a heat press machine.

1. Precise temperature control

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The first thing to pay attention to when buying a heat press machine is whether it can provide precise temperature control. When you are developing a business based on printing graphics on T-shirts then you want to ensure that those graphics look amazing and achieve the desired effect. Well, this is only possible if the temperature of the heat press machine is optimal.

In case the temperature is too low, there is a possibility that the print will not stick to the T-shirt at all. On the other hand, at too high temperatures there is a possibility of creating unwanted outlines and stains. In both cases, the final result will not be satisfactory and you will not be able to deliver the T-shirt of the desired quality to the customer.

To prevent these undesirable situations, we suggest that you find a heat press that has precise temperature control, which means that you can easily control it, select the desired temperature and ensure that the final result is good enough.

2. Even heat distribution

Another important parameter to pay attention to with a heat press machine is whether it allows even heat distribution. Machines such as HTVRONT have this feature due to the fact that they have evenly distributed heating components, which prevents the appearance of cold spots. Cold spots are places where heat is not transferred from the machine to the T-shirt, which leads to uneven printing of graphics. Although this is one of the basic functions of the heat press, it does not mean that all machines have it, so we advise you to pay special attention to it. When looking for a heat press machine for your job, we suggest you consider HTVRONT or other machines that can provide fast heating, precise temperature control and its even distribution for the best final result.

3. Is it easy to put on pieces of clothing

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The next important thing you want to look for when it comes to your new heat press machine is whether it is easy to put a T shirt on it. Heat press is called that way because, logically, it can develop very high temperatures necessary for printing T-shirts and other pieces of clothing. When using a machine like this, you want to make sure that you can easily put a T-shirt on it without getting burned. This is possible with machines that have a wide enough opening that allows you to easily pull on the shirt and do the necessary work without any obstacles. Also, make sure that the press does not have any screws or bolts with which you could tear the clothes or damage them in some other way.

Heat press machine should be practical and easy to use so that you can use it every day and do the job in the fastest and most efficient way.

4. Even pressure distribution

In addition to even heat distribution, even pressure distribution is very important to make a piece of clothing look its best after printing. The important thing to know is that not all heat press machines have this feature, so it is crucial that you inquire about all the features that are important to you before you make a purchase. Even pressure distribution is a function that is enabled by the optimal design of the top plate and significantly contributes to the appearance and quality of the print.

5. How much space does it take up

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The size of the heat press machine is another of its features that really matters. Depending on how much space you have within your workplace, the dimensions of the heat press machine can be more or less important to you. The last thing you want is to place a large machine in your small workspace that will take up almost all the free space and prevent you from easily arranging clothes and disposing of those whose printing is finished. Think about what dimensions of the heat press machine would be appropriate for your workplace, and then confirm that you find the perfect one.

6. How easy is it to use heat press machine

And the last thing you want to think about before buying a heat press machine is how easy it is to use it. If you are just entering this business, a simple machine that meets your small printing needs will be enough. Buying a large heat press machine with complicated functions can be too much for you at this point, so we suggest that you inquire in time how much knowledge and experience you will need to successfully work on a particular machine. Of course, if you want to step up your T-shirt printing business, you can also consider a more complex machine that gives you more options. It all depends on your wishes and needs!


Buying an optimal heat press machine for your needs can be quite challenging if you are not familiar enough with this field. However, with the right information, you can quickly find the machine that will be perfect for your business. Pay attention to how precise the temperature control is and whether the machine allows for even temperature and pressure distribution. Make sure it is easy to pull the T-shirt and other pieces of clothing on the machine, what are its dimensions and how complex it is to use. Taking the time to get acquainted with all the important features will ensure that you find the most perfect machine for your business and deliver the desired product to your customers.